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Ye Olde Job Seekers' Guide to Doths & Doth Nots of Saying Thy Thank You

Holiday Edition YE OLDE JOB SEEKERS GUIDE TO DOTHS & DOTH NOTS OF SAYING THY. r, THANKYOU" DOTH NOT BE A TURKEY! It's all too easy to get caught up in the job search and forget how important a simple “thank you" is. Follow these helpful suggestions for expressing your gratitude, so that you make a good impression on your potential employer. DOTH OSendeth a Handwritten Note Back in pilgrim times, handwritten notes were cutting-edge communication tools. While this might not be true today, a handwritten, snail mail delivered note can add a personal touch to your post-interview thank you. 91% of HR managers consider a thank you note arriving after an interview "very helpful" or "somewhat helpful" Less than 10% send a thank you note Connecteth Through Social Media If not for ye olde social networking, the pilgrims and Native Americans would have never connected to form the first Thanksgiving. Take advantage of your modern day social platforms and create a database of your connections. 61% of individuals use Linked in as their primary professional networking site Sendeth an Email Before you start prepping your turkey and stuffing, make sure to immediately follow-up with a brief email to thank your interviewer for their time. Even if you already dropped your handwritten thank you note in the mail, it's important to follow up as soon as possible. 87% of HR managers agreed that an email is appropriate to send after an interview Getteth Thou Creative If you have a vegetarian in the family, you know sometimes you have to do some creative cooking (tofurkey anyone?). A unique expression of gratitude, like a thank you video, just might help you stand out from the competition. I thanketh thee for thy time and hopest thou wilst hire me. Online videos are 5.33x more effective than text Payeth Attention to Thy Time Frame You want your thank you note to appear faster than it would in the pilgrims' time. This means correspondence should take place on the same day and your handwritten note should be put in the mail directly after your interview. 59% of job seekers send a thank you note to their interwiewers within the first two days after their interview DOTH NOT Sendeth Thank You Gifts Just because Thanksgiving is the season of turkey, doesn't mean your potential employer wants one. It's never proper to send a gift after an interview, and it could potentially position you as a candidate who participates in bribery. GForget to Sayeth Thank You It's Thanksgiving, the moral of the season is to give thanks. Forgetting so show your gratitude could get you labeled as a candidate who lacks follow-through and isn't serious about the opportunity. 22% of hiring managers say they're less likely to hire a candidate if they don't get a thank you after the interview Showeth Up at the Office Surprise! No one likes an unexpected dinner guest during the holidays. Don't impose on your potential employer by dropping in to say your thank you. Sendeth Something Too Long It shouldn't take the employer the same amount of time to read your missive as it does to prepare a thanksgiving feast. Respect the time of the person receiving your thank you by keeping your note clear and concise. S Call the Day After Tis I, he who hath met thee last morn Just like during the feast, the first person to begin eating is usually considered rude. An immediate follow-up call can be interpreted as too aggressive. Let a simple thank you note and email do the talking. YE OLDE SOURCES » * ノ

Ye Olde Job Seekers' Guide to Doths & Doth Nots of Saying Thy Thank You

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As a job seeker that just finished an interview, the way you say, "thank you," to an employer can make or break your chances of getting the job. This is a rundown on what type of thank yous leave a g...


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