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How to Impress in Your Video Interview

Job Hunting Tips How to Impress in Your Video Interview 意 Interviewing is tough! As you'll soon discover, preparing for a video interview is not much different from preparing for an in-person interview. Here are some tips to get you from sitting in front of a webcam to sitting in your own office at your new job! Do Your Homework Before firing up your webcam, here are the things you should do to prepare for your live or one-way video interview: "Bosses Suck!" You like this. 1 CLEAN UP YOUR SOCIAL NETWORKS Why? of employers use social networks 91% to screen prospective employees. of employers begin screening social media immediately after receiving an application. 47% of employers have rejected a candidate based on unsavory social media postings. 67% It's not all bad ... Make sure your social networks represent your of employers have professional brand hired candidates 68% based on positive social media profiles. 2 RESEARCH the COM PANY V Look at the company's website for information on their goals and values. Do some digging online and see what the press is saying. Are they expanding? What challenges are they facing? Be conversant about the company's issues. Not doing enough research and "winging it" are 2 of the 10 most common mistakes that job seekers make. 3 KNOW the JOB DESCRIPTION . . . and HOW YOU FILL IT Read and reread the posted job description. KNOW WHAT YOU APPLIED FOR! Come up with relevant examples from your past work experience and qualifications that apply directly to the job you hope to land. Why? 44% of employers say candidates don't have enough relevant experience. S.0.S 4 REACH OUT to YOUR NETWORK Figure out if you know anyone in the company. If so, ask them for an informational interview to learn more about the organization's needs. Why? of all external-hire sources in 2011 28% were from employee referrals, by far the largest percentage. 5 PRACTICE COMMON QUESTIONS Most interviewers will ask you several common questions about your career aspirations and experiences. Have answers prepared for these questions. TOP 3 Most Common Interview Questions: 1. Tell me about yourself. 2. Why did you leave your last job? 3. What do you know about our company? Before Your Close-Up The time is almost here and your computer is warmed up and ready. Here's what to do immediately before speaking to your interviewer or recording your answers: 1 SHUT OFF YOUR PHONE! Anything that beeps, vibrates, or rings needs to be turned off. 2 CHECK YOUR CONNECTION Be sure your connection is working properly so your video interview runs smoothly. Use wired ethernet if possible instead of Wi-Fi. 3 BE ON TIME Just because you're not physically walking in the door doesn't give you the excuse to be late. Tardiness is a terrible first impression. 4 SET THE STAGE Make sure your surroundings are clean, professional, and well lit. This is true whether your interview is live or if you are recording a one-way video interview. 5 PRINT YOUR NOTES Print all relevant notes so you don't have to worry about typing or scrolling during your interview. During Your Interview Now it's time for your interview. Your webcam is on and you're ready to impress. Here's how: 1 DRESS FOR SUCCESS If you want a great job you have to dress the part. of employers said dress and grooming 75% strongly influence their opinion in an interview setting. of employers aren't looking for 70% candidates who dress trendy. Leave the bright colors in your closet. 2 USE EXAMPLES Use concrete examples of your past successes to show how you can bring value to the company. 1, Dian,D addy, blah la i blah, bla ity b. ah ...bbah, bla lah, 3 KEEP IT BRIEF Make sure your answers are relevent and short, n, bladdit hah, blabah h blah b especially during one-way interviews. NO RAMBLING! 4 AVOID SALARY The interview is not the time to start discussing money. WAIT until an offer is extended! 5 BE AWARE of YOUR NONVERBALS How you are judged on first impression: 7% Nonverbal Communication 55% 38% Voice Quality What You Say 6) ΜΑΚE ΕΥE CONTACT Eye contact is vitally important in video interviews, whether you can see the person on the other end or not. TIP: Look into the camera instead of the computer screen 67% of employers said bad eye contact was one of the most common candidate mistakes. 7 BE FRIENDLY Employers are looking for candidates who will easily fit into the company. DON'T LOOK GRUMPY! 38% of employers said lack of smiling was one of the most common candidates mistakes. After the Interview Your interview might be over, but that doesn't mean your job is secured. Here's what to do after your video interview: 1 SEND A 'THANK YOU' NOTE V As soon as possible after the interview, send a thank you note to the interviewer. V Make sure to mention a topic covered during the interview. Restate your qualifications and your interest in the position. 2 WATCH YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA You might be excited, but you likely don't know how your potential employer feels about social media. Keep mum on details until you know the company's social media policy. of employers screen candiates' 27% social media profiles after an initial conversation. 3 FOLLOW UP Before you shut down your webcam, ask when you can follow up. Then abide by this time frame. Follow these tips and you'll go from video interview superstar to brand new employee! spark Hire SOURCES:

How to Impress in Your Video Interview

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Video interviews are unconventional and can be tricky to figure out because although it has many similarities as an in-person interview, there are unique points to a video interview that a job candida...


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