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Facts You Didn’t Know About Gamification Industry

FACTS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT GAMIFICATION INDUSTRY P-B 20% GAMIFICATION The concept of using game mechanics, constancy, and economics to incentivize users and audiences for engagement and motivation, encouraging them to accomplish sundry challenges. "GAMES ARE THE NEW NORMAL" AL GORE Employees can dynamically assess their performance Enriches knowledge WHY IS Accentuates knowledge, training & development GAMIFICATION IMPORTANT? Augments accomplishment for the employees and the Improves emotional understanding and cordiality between people company Builds employee involvement and participation L. Technology Work Design WHERE IS Enterprise Communities Environment Education GAMIFICATION USED? Government Marketing Social Good News Health "Gamification is design that places the most emphasis on the human in the process. In essence, it is human focused design. Yu-Kai Chou WHAT ARE THE CORE DRIVES OF GAMIFICATION? According to Yu-Kai Chou, a pioneer and keynote speaker in gamification industry: Empowerment of Creativity & feedback Development & accomplishment Epic meaning & calling Ownership & possession Social influence & Unpredictability & curiosity relatedness Scarcity & impatience Loss & avoidance HOW HA s COMPANIES USED GAMIFICATION? 33 million Webpage hits 119,000 Volkswagen Ideas Launched 'people's car project' allowing customers to design their own cars 500,000 Within 3 months Votes obtained 150,000 MTV Videos viewed 'My chart' allows users to produce their video charts based on different game dynamics Within 2 weeks blurb IQ 95% BlurblQ Introduced 'interactive video interruptions' Increase in recollection 915% 1400% Increased interaction increase in click through rate AUTODESK. 54% Autodesk incorporated a learning program in the free trial, and offered both in-game and real world prizes Trial usage increased 15% 29% Buy clicks increased Channel revenue increased CISCO. "|"|" Cisco improved its virtual global sales meeting and call centers through gaming stratagems 15% 10% Call time reduced Sales improved WHAT ARE THE TOP GAMIFIED APPS AND WEBSITES? SmartyPig Fitocracy MindBloom Managing Finances Nike+ Mental Health and Fitness SaveUp eBay Sneakpeeq Recyclebank Fuelgood E-Commerce Environment Mobee SuperBetter To-Doist Karma ChoreWars HabitRPG Household Activities, Epic Win Goals and General Productivity Task Hammer tvtag Xbox Live Viggle Starbucks FourSquare Entertainment Travelling and Food CWT To Go #Nwplyng Red Robin TrueBlue Badges ADDITIONAL FACTS AND STATISTICS Vendors assert that through gamification strategies engagement metrics can have 100% to 150% increase. A study by GIGYA showed that gamification improves: 13% Engagement by one-third Online commenting 22% 68% Sharing on social media Content discovery By the end of 2015, it is expected that Gamification market will grow to $1.6 billion Over 50% of organizations with advanced and original processes, will use gamification in those processes "When you have a game like platform where knowledge is applied, knowledge becomes a resource. The more you know, the better you are at the Eugene Sheely game. ZILLION SOURCES: DESIGNS f /ZILLIONDESIGNS y @ZILLIONDESIGNS 8* +ZILLIONDESIGNS in /COMPANY/ZILLIONDESIGNS O--- -----

Facts You Didn’t Know About Gamification Industry

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The concept of using game mechanics in non-game contexts to achieve challenging tasks was named ‘Gamification’ by Nick Pelling in 2003. It gained popularity in 2010 when several online platforms b...


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