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17 Ways To Find Negative Keywords For Your AdWords Campaign

17 WAYS TO FIND NEGATIVE KEYWORDS FOR YOUR ADWORDS CAMPAIGN AdWords Keyword Tool SEARCH The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is a great way to find negative keywords. Simply type in your potential keywords, and you will be able to find hundreds of variations or new keywords you want to exclude. The Search Terms Report If you've been running your AdWords campaign for more than a month and using broad match, broad match modifier or phrase match keywords chances are that you're sitting on a goldmine of possible negative keywords U JUNE U • Broad Match • Broad Match Modifier • Phrase Match The keywords listed in your Search Terms report are all keywords that have resulted in a click from your ads. Excluding irrelevant searches can, therefore, be highly effective. 3 Ü Ü is like Google on steroids. Üs query English/USA astedEd its You can type in any keyword and get a list of all the keywords that Google would normally suggest as related keywords. ReCAPTHA" Suggest These keywords are listed as Google Suggestions because people have searched for them in the past, and you can, therefore, be 99% sure that they will happen again. 99% 4 Geography Lists Ш Cities Counties States Countries Area Codes Related Movies D| IMDB Go to ........ Examples: omega juicer Diamond Bracelet "Beetle Juice" "Diamonds are Forever" Lyrics from Popular Songs| ☆ Go to LEO'S LYRICS Excerpts from songs: "like diamonds in the sky' Band or artist names Category Pages on Wikipedia Wikipedia is a natural place to look for negative keywords because it is built on a complicated system of interlinking connected keywords Below is an example of a category page for the word pumps. You can apply the same process to look for more ideas. Pages in category "Pumps" The following 121 pages are in this category, out of 121 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). F cont. - Follower plate pump - Froth pump - Fuel dispenser - Fuel pump P cont. • Pulsometer pump • Pump inducer • Pumpjack · Affinity laws • Air pump · Airlift pump · Airsmith (HVAC) · Archimedes' screw · Artificial lift · Artificio de Juanelo · Axial-flow pump · Axial piston pump · Gallons per watt-hour • Gas lift · Gear pump • Quasiturbine - Radial piston pump • Reciprocating pump - Rope pump - Rotary compression • Rotary vane pump - Rotodynamic pump - Roundabout PlayPump • Rushton turbine B Н · Beer engine · Bilge pump · Boiler feedwater pump · Bush pump - Hand pump · Handy billy - HCNG dispenser •High efficiency glandless circulating pump · High-density solids pump - Honda pumps - Honeywagon · Humphrey pump • Centrifugal pump - Chain pump Sakia Celebrities Especially for: MOVING Moving Company Finance Consultants Products or other types of campaigns that might attract searches like: *Justin Bieber moving to Californla *Lady Gaga tour in debt *Kobe Bryant omega juicer Alternate Meanings Several words can have the same meaning or mean something completely different when you add one word to it. Insect Elevate in the air A tied ribbon Used to shoot arrows FLY FLY B O W в о w B ("p) www An internet company Best internet connection for business purposes I NTER NET cOM PAN CO M PANY I NTER NET 10 Search for Other Meanings on Google Include your keyword and then add results related to your niche that you want to exclude: plumber plumber salary plumber supply plumber crack plumber snake plumber san diego plumber san jose plumbersurplus plumber jokes plumber houston plumber atlanta 11 Related Services or Products You Don't Carry Keywords within your niche are often overlooked when it comes to finding new negative keywords. Excluding brands, product categories and products/services that you don't offer can be very effective: Does Sell: Doesn't Sell: BATTERY Marine Pumps Air Conditioners Batteries Generators Antennas Does Offer: Doesn't Offer: Sprinkler Repair Service Installation Gardener Services Parts *** Competitor websites, word lists and directories are amazing places to find negative keywords (and regular keywords) for this purpose 12 Q&A Websites Quora YAHOO! ANSWERS Linked in Answers Use Yahoo Answers, Quora, LinkedIN Answers and other niche related Q&A websites to search for your negative keywords. 13 Communities in Your Niche or Broad 8+ Pinterest Google Communities Facebook LinkedIN Groups Groups If you offer services that are prone to attract Do-It-Yourselfers, then visiting general, or niche DIY DIY websites can be very rewarding. Forums of any kind are also great for finding negative keywords for an e-commerce campaign. 14 Abbreviations: States, Stocks| ABRE ATONS is a great place for finding acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms. Examples: GÈD WCW General Education Diploma World Championship Wrestling 15 Any Negative Associations If your product is closely related to companies or products that are highly popular (negatively) in the media using the brand names as negative keywords can be effective. Examples of these can be within the BP Oil bp Many advertisers most likely appeared for the keyword BP oil or BP spill prevention. Spill disaster we saw a couple of years back. 16 Any Major and Minor Media Outlet CNN CNN, CNBC, USAToday, ESPN, etc. should be excluded if you're in an industry where your keywords can be used for information. CNBC 17 Your Current Negative Keyword List Last, but not least, your negative keyword list is a huge opportunity for you to find additional negative keywords. A good old brainstorm for related negative keywords based on the list you already have can help you expand your list 2-5 times in a matter of hours. Helping Small Businesses Succeed Through Innovative Search Engine Marketing Strategies WHITE E SHARK Get more insights from White Shark Media at: E @WhiteSharkMedia e 30

17 Ways To Find Negative Keywords For Your AdWords Campaign

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With this infographic, we bring you 17 creative ways to find the most effective negative keywords.


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