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The 100 Most Expensive Keywords on Google

THE One Hundred MOST EXPENSIVE KEYWORDS ON GOOGLE THESE KEYWORDS HAVE THE HIGHEST COST-PER-CLICK OF ANY OTHER IN GOOGLE'S ARSENAL. HOW TO SELL A STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT SAN BERNARDINO CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER MESOTHELIOMA CLAIM LANCASTER PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER AUSTIN TX AUTO INSURANCE FORT MYERS DUI LAWYER CATEGORIES OF KEYWORDS CASH STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER IN MIAMI NASHVILLE AUTO ACCIDENT L LUMP SUM STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT OFFSHORE INJURY ATTORNEY HELP WITH ALCOHOL PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY SOUTH FLORIDA STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT BUYER LOS ANGELES MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER ACCIDENT ATTORNEY PHOENDX MBA ONLINE CLASSES WITH THE HELP OF OREGON ACCIDENT ATTORNEY PERSONAL INJURY AUTO ACCIDENT SETTLEMENT TRUCK INJURY LAWYER ジ PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER MESA AZ THE BEST CAR ACCIDENT LAWYERS CAR ACCIDENT LAWYERS IN LOS ANGELES semruSH MOTORCYCLE LAWYER LOS ANGELES HOW TO GET THE BEST CAR INSURANCE RATES NJ INJURY LAWYER WHAT IS STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT WE FOUND THE 100 MOST EXPENSIVE KEYWORDS ON GOOGLE. UTAH PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY BUY STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS SEMI TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYER FLOOD RESTORATION CHICAGO STATES WITH MOST CAR ACCIDENTS AUTO INSURANCE CORPUS CHRISTI TX 00 HONOLULU LAWYER DENVER WATER DAMAGE CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS HOUSTON TUCSON PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS COMPANY HOUSTON TRUCK ACCIDENT ATTORNEY STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT CASH BEST BUSINESS SMARTPHONES IHAVE A STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT AND INEED CASH NOW WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION DALLAS STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT RATES CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS IN LOS ANGELES TAMPA PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS DRUGS & ALCOHOL: 4 SAN ANTONIO AUTO ACCIDENT LAWYERS CRIMINAL ATTORNEY AUSTIN TEXAS DALLAS TX CAR INSURANCE SETTLEMENT PAYMENTS Top 10 San Antonio car wreck attorney $670.44 Accident attorney Riverside VA $626.90 Personal injury attorney Colorado $553.08 Top personal injury attorneys $551.32 Motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles $551.11 Structure settlements $539.82 Car accident attorney Orange County $507.54 Austin drug rehab $463.05 Orange County accident attorney $450.91 West Palm beach criminal lawyer $435.81 Top 11 - 50 Sell settlement $424.56 Honolulu lawyer $340.84 18 wheeler accident lawyer $419.59 Denver water damage 1340.71 El Paso accident lawyer $414.18 Car accident attorneys Houston 338.48 Fort Myers DUI lawyer $410.96 Structured settlement cash $336.84 How to sell a structured settlement $407.90 Best business smartphones $336.31 San Hernardino car accident lawyer $395.12 Structured settlement rates $335.95 Lancaster personal injury lawyer $392.66 I have a structured settlement and I need cash now $335.71 Mesothelioma claim $390.93 Dallas TX car insurance 4329.30 Austin TX auto insurance $388.58 Settlement payments $329.03 Accident attorney Phoenix $384.34 Accident and injury attorney $326.76 Personal injury attorney South Florida $374.40 Selling structured settlement $325.04 Structured settlement buyer $373.50 San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer 321.14 Oregon accident attorney $367.34 Structured settlement lump sum $320.80 Truck injury lawyer $358.29 Water damage Clearwater FL $318.24 The best car accident lawyers $356.81 CNA structured settlements $316.54 Motorcycle lawyer Los Angeles $354.13 Los Angeles auto accident attorney 313.85 What is structured settlement $353.25 Orange County car accident lawyers $313.49 National structured settlements trade association $349.79 DUI attorney Orlando $313.36 Buy structured settlements $346.72 Water damage service $310.39 Flood restoration Chicago $346.49 How to get cheaper auto insurance $309.32 Top 51 - 100 Auto accident lawyer Denver $307.78 Water damage restoration Dallas $289.93 Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer $272.42 Selling a structured settlement $306.08 Houston truck accident attorney $289.18 Offshore Injury attorney $271.73 Water damage restoration San Antonio $305.84 Structured settlements company 288.85 Lump sum structured settlement $270.61 Auto accident attorney Fort Lauderdale *304.50 Tucson personal Injury lawyers $288.63 Cash structured settlements $270.52 Automobile accident attorneys $303.73 Auto Insurance Corpus Christi TX $286.77 Mini MBA programs online $269.95 Car accident lawyer Fort Lauderdale $302.20 States with most car accidents 8283.33 Colorado car accident attorney $269. 45 Sell structured settlement annulty *301.28 Semi truck accident lawyer $282.54 Sarasota personal injury attorney $269.25 Water damage repair service $299.58 Utah personal Injury attorney $278.55 DUI lawyer tempe $269.24 Offshore lawyers $295.66 NJ Injury lawyer va277,83 Babson College online MBA $269.10 Cash for structured settlement $295.56 How to get the best car insurance rates $277.69 Drug rehab NYC $268.63 Water damage Tampa $295.37 Car accident lawyers in Los Angeles $277.67 Personal injury lawyers Phoenix AZ $268.47 Auto accident attorneys in michigan $293.54 Personal Injury lawyer Mesa AZ $275.73 South Florida personal Injury attorney $267.49 Orange County drug rehab $293.18 MBA online classes $274.47 Personal Injury lawyer Denver CO $266.44 Criminal attorney Austin Texas $291.80 Personal injury auto accident settlement 274.05 Denver car accident attorney $266.13 San Antonio auto accident lawyers $291.64 Nashville auto accident lawyer $273.72 Personal injury attorney Kansas City MO $265.80 Car accident attorneys in Los Angeles 291.16 Personal injury lawyer in Miami 1273.42 Michigan accident attorney $265.60 Tampa personal injury lawyers $290.04 Help with alcohol 273.33 78% relate to Legal 8% relate to Water Damage NSIVE KEYWORDS: 6% 1 4% 1 3% | 1% relate to Insurance relate to Drugs & Alcohol relate to Online Education relate to Business Services WHAT'S THE COST OF THE Тop Keywords? LEGAL San Antonio car wreck attorney Accident attorney Riverside CA Personal injury attorney Colorado 553.08 S 670.44 626.90 Structure Settlements Sell settlement How to sell a structured settlement $539.82 $ 424.56 $407.90 WATER DAMAGE Flood restoration Chicago Denver water damage Water damage Clearwater FL $346.49 $ 340.71 318.24 INSURANCE Austin TX auto insurance Dallas TX car insurance How to get cheaper auto insurance $388.58 $329.30 309.32 DRUGS & ALCOHOL Austin drug rehab Orange County drug rehab Drug rehab NYC $463.05 293.18 $286.63 S 78% OF KEYWORDS RELATE TO Law Firms Three out of every four people looking for attorneys use online resources, and one out of three people in the US will seek legal counsel in their lifetime. San Antonio car wreck attorney Accident attorney Riverside CA Personal injury attorney Colorado $670.44 626.90 $553.08 $670.44 San Antonio car wreck attorney $626.90 Accident attorney Riverside CA $553.08 Personal injury attorney Colorado RELATED TO LAW, SEARCHES FOR Structured Settlements & Lump Sums MAKE UP 20% OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE KEYWORD LIST Structure Settlements Sell settlement How to sell a structured settlement $539.82 $ 424.56 $407.90 58% OF KEYWORDS ARE Location Sensitive California, Colorado, Texas, & Florida are the most targeted states. Accident attorney Riverside CA $626.90 Motorcycle accident attorney Los Angeles $551.11 Car accident attorney Orange County $507.54 Personal injury attorney Colorado $553.08 Denver water damage $340.71 Auto accident lawyer Denver $307.78 West Palm Beach criminal lawyer $435.81 Personal injury attorney South Florida $374.40 Water damage Clearwater FL $318.24 Austin drug rehab $463.05 El Paso accident lawyer $414.18 Austin TX auto insurance $388.58 26% OF KEYWORDS RELATE TO 8% OF KEYWORDS RELATE TO Auto Accidents Water Damage 38% include phrase: Cars (highest CPC: $670.44) 30% Include phrase: Auto (highest CPC: $313.85) 16% Include phrase: Motorcycle (highest CPC: $551.11) 16% Include phrase: Trucks (highest CPC: $419.59) $346.49 Flood Restoration Chicago $340.71 Denver water damage $318.24 Water damage Clearwater 6% OF KEYWORDS RELATE TO 4% OF KEYWORDS RELATE TO Insurance Drugs & Alcohol (REHABILITATION, SPECIFICALLY) $388.58 Austin TX auto Insurance $463.05 Austin drug rehab $293.18 Orange County drug rehab $286.63 Drug rehab NYC $329.30 Dallas TX car insurance $309.32 How to get cheaper auto Insurance Sources Lawyerist LifeHealthPRO BAIN & COMPANY O Data supplied by Created by Webpage FX semruSH OUT OF 1 ACCIDENT AND INJURY ATTORNEY SELLING STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT ACCIDENT LOS ANGELES AUTO ACCIDENT ATTORNE DUI ATTORNEY ORLANDO INSURANCE: WATER DAMAGE CLEARWATER RI STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT LUMP SUM CNA STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS WATER DAMAGE: 2 SAN DIEGO MOTORCYCLE LAWYER LEGAL: 78 WEST PALM BEACH CRIMINAL LAWYER STBS EL PASO ACCIDENT LAWYER 18 WHEELER ACCIDENT LAWYER AL SETTLEMENT ORANGE COUNTY CAR ACCIDENT LAWYERS HOW TO GET CHEAPER AUTO INSURANCE AUTO ACCIDENT LAWYER DENVER WATER DAMAGE SERVICE AUSTIN DRUG REHAB NATIONAL STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS TRADE ASSOCIATION ORANGE COUNTY ACCIDENT ATTORNEY CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEY ORANGE COUNTY SELLING A STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT STRUCTURE SETTLEMENTS WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION SAN ANTON FORT LAUDERDALE AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS AUTO ACCIDENT ATTORNEY FC MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT ATTORNEY LOS ANGELES TOP PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEYS CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER FORT LAUDERDALE PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY COLORADO ACCIDENT ATTORNEY RIVERSIDE CA LSTRUCTURED SETTLEMENT ANNUITY SAN ANTONIO CAR WRECK ATTORNEY WATER DAMAGE REPAIR SERVICE PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY KANSAS CITY MO MICHIGAN ACCIDENT ATTORNEY OFFSHORE LAWYERS CASH FOR STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT ERSONAL INJURY LAWYER DENVER CO SOUTH FLORIDA PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY DENVER CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEY WATER DAMAGE TAMPA AUTO ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS IN MICHIGAN PERSONAL INJURY LAWYERS PHOENIKAZ ORANGE COUNTY DRUG REHAB ONLINE EDUCATION: 3 BABSON COLLEGE SARASOTA PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY DRUG REHAB NYC auSINESS SERVICES:, COLORADO CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEY MINI MBA PROGRAMS ONLINE DUI LAWYER TEMPE ONUNE MBA

The 100 Most Expensive Keywords on Google

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This infographic looks at the keywords that have the highest cost-per-click for pay-per-click advertising on Google's ad platform, AdWords.




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