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What's the World's Deadliest Creature?

What's the world's deadliest creature? Hoping to stop the spread of deadly diseases, scientists in Florida plan to release millions of genetically modified male mosquitoes engineered to keep their partners from producing offspring Freshwater snails in tropical and subtropical climates can carry schistosomiasis, a deadly parasitic disease SORRY SHARKS, MOSQUITOES HAVE YOU BEAT. HERE ARE TOTALS RANKED BY NUMBER OF HUMAN DEATHS PER YEAR 755,000 MOSQUITOES Deer can be deadly when they run in front of motor vehicles 200,000 SNAILS 94,000 SNAKES Trypanosomiasis, a sleeping sickness carried by the tsetse fly, occurs mostly in rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa 61,000 DOGS 12,000 ASSASSIN BUGS 3,250 SCORPIONS 2,000 TSETSE FLIES 1,000 CROCODILES 300 ELEPHANTS 100 DEER 00 30 JELLYFISH The assassin bug carries Chagas' disease, which damages the heart and nervous system From car accidents to murder, humans kill more humans each year than any animal does-approximately 1.6 million Dogs with rabies are still killers in Asia and Africa Nearly 90% of hippopotamus attacks on Sharks may be scary, but they killed only three people worldwide in 2014 humans are deadly Proportion of deaths represented above SOURCES: WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION; PLOS MEDICINE; ACTA TROPICA; GATES NOTES; WWF; TRAFFIC INJURY PREVENTION; NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION ILLUSTRATIONS BY HEATHER JONES FOR TIME

What's the World's Deadliest Creature?

shared by HeatherJones on Jul 14
Sorry sharks, mosquitoes have you beat. Here are totals ranked by number of human deaths per year




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