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Dietary Lectins and Your Health

DIETARY LECTINS AND YOUR HEALTH Overconsumption of dietary lectins can cause Food poisoning Digestive problems Leaky gut Autoimmune disease HIGH LECTIN FOODS GRAINS & ANIMAL FOODS Buckwheat / Millet / Quinoa Barley / Bulgur GRAINS & GRAIN PRODUCTS Oats Kamut / Rye / Spelt / Wheat Rice, Brown / White Milk / Kefir / Sour Cream Frozen Yogurt / Ice Cream GRAIN-FED ANIMAL FOODS Cheese / Fish / Poultry/ Meat Cottage Cheese LEGUMES Beans Mung Cacao Beans Peas LEGUMES Chickpeas Peanuts Kidney Beans Soys Lentis NUTS, SEEDS & OILS Almonds NUTS Cashews / Pine Nuts Hazelnuts Pumpkin Seeds SEEDS Chia Seeds Sunflower Seeds Peanut Canola / Corn OILS Safflower Cottonseed / Grapeseed Sunflower FRUITS & VEGETABLES Corn Pumpkin FRUITS & NIGHTSHADES Cucumbers Squash (Any Kind) / Zucchini Eggplant Tomatoes Peppers Agave Artificial Sweeteners SWEETENERS Sugar Sucralose LOW LECTIN FOODS GRAINS & ANIMAL FOODS GRAINS & GRAIN PRODUCTS GRASS-FED ANIMAL FOODS Amaranth Grass-Fed Diary Wild Rice Grass-Fed Meat WILD-CAUGHT SEAFOOD Chicken (Pastured), Turkey (Kosher) POULTRY Egg Yolk (Omega-rich) Water Fowl Ostrich NUTS, SEEDS & OILS Coconut / Chestnut, NUTS Pecans / Pistachios / Walnuts Macadamia Flax SEEDS Sesame Hemp Red Palm Coconut / Olive / Sesame OILS Avocado Rice Bran Macadamia Nut Walnut FRUITS & VEGETABLES Apples Nectarines LIMIT THESE FRUITS Blueberries / Cherries Plums Citrus Pomegrates UNLMITED OTHER FRUITS Raspberries / Strawberries Kiwi UNLIMITED VEGETABLES Monk Fruit Stevia / Xylitol / Erythritol (Nutresse) SWEETENERS Yacon Artichoke Syrup THERE ARE NO LOW-LECTIN LEGUMES 3 WAYS TO REDUCE OR NEUTRALIZE LECTINS SPROUTING SOAKING AND COOKING FERMENTING Longer the duration of sprouting, the more lectins are deactivated. This allows beneficial bacteria to eat the lectins, reducing lectin activity. Boil them to inactivate lectins. Sprouting won't work on certain types of seeds or legumes like lentis and alfalfa. Dry heat won't inactivate lectins. Authority Diet References:

Dietary Lectins and Your Health

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Dietary lectins can be harmful to your health. Learn what overexposure to dietary lectins can cause, what foods contains the most and least dietary lectins. Finally learn how to inactivate die...



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