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Death in the Skies

UNCOVERING THE SECRETS OF MEGA SHARK DEATH IN THE SKIES A key weapon in Mega Shark's arsenal is its air attack. This skill is witnessed in Mega Shark vs. Giant octopus, where Mega Shark successfully takes down a plane cruising at cloud level. Let's take a closer look at how this majestic, yet deadly creature would seemingly defy physics to complete such a feat. It takes around 20 seconds for Mega Shark to reach the plane. It must then disable the plane and bring it down in a deadly descent. 1500M SIZING IT UP Based on rough estimates, Mega Shark is twice the size of Megalodon, a prehistoric shark that ruled the seas during the Oligocene epoch and Neogene periods. Within approximately 6 seconds Mega Shark has already travelled over 1km into the air. 1000M BURJ DUBAI 828M CN TOWER 553M 500M MEGA SHARK MEGALÓDON GREAT WHITE 40M 19M 103t 6M 240t 7t 4 Mega Shark breaks the surface at a launch speed of 709.2 km/h. YACHT 7M Mega Shark first spies the plane when it is about 10 km horizontally away from the launch point. COLLATERAL DAMAGE With the extreme acceleration A NEED FOR SPEED required, relatively smaller marine objects would be hauled to the surface in Mega Shark's wake. 2 Mega Shark descends to a depth of at least 1500m to To attack an aircraft 2000m above sea level, Mega Shark needs to gather a launch speed of make a rush ascent. 709.2 KM/H COMPARE THAT TO OTHER FAST STUFF: BULLET TRAIN TOMAHAWK MISSILE At a minimum depth of 1500m Mega Shark must then accelerate rapidly to reach its breaching target speed. 443 KM/H 880 KM/H © STEPHEN TAUBMAN 2010

Death in the Skies

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Mega Shark couldn't really eat a plane, right? Wrong! Science can demonstrate how this aquatic death merchant isn't limited to the seas. There's almost no where that you're safe from this titan's w...


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