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The Most Dangerous Fruits & Vegetables For Dogs

DANGEROUS STOP Stone fruits, also called drupes, have choking pits that make them unsafe for our canines. Cyanide is sometimes found in the leaves, stems and pits of plums, apricots and peaches. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES FOR YOUR DOG! STOP STOP by Nuts are generally not easily digested and can give your dog an upset stomach and a gastric intestinal distress. Grapes and Raisins Garlic, Onions & Chives al| belong to the Allium Genus family and can damage your pet's red blood cells and result in a lethal may cause a sudden kidney failure in your dog. Neither should you use them as treats or diarrhea and vomiting may occur within 24-48 hours. anemia, whether they were cooked or raw. Avocados contain a toxin called Mushrooms, although looking and smelling nice, can be extremely dangerous. Some mushrooms cause liver Persin that most dog breeds are sound to. However, if you let your dog ingest too much of it, your dog may face vomiting and poisoning. failures, hallucinations sudden death or in the best case, vomiting. All Rights Reserved © 2015 Raw Potatoes are dangerous for dogs if they ingest the sprouts or the green parts. Indeed, the Solanin found in raw potatoes causes diarrhea, drooling and vomiting.

The Most Dangerous Fruits & Vegetables For Dogs

shared by Lazhar on Apr 09
This infographic tells you about the most dangerous fruits and vegetables for dogs. Not all of them are lethal (such as garlic for instance) but in large quantities, they could have a devastating effe...




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