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Low Energy Density Foods: An Easy Road to Staying Fit and Healthy

LOW ENERGY DENSITY FOODS: AN EASY ROAD TO STAYING FIT AND HEALTHY CONSUMING A DIET HIGH IN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES IS ASSOCIATED WITH LOWER RISKS FOR NUMEROUS CHRONIC DISEASES, INCLUDING CANCER AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE. A number of research studies support the conclusion that replacing foods of high energy density (high calorles per weight of food) with foods of lower energy density, such as frults and vegetables, can lead to a succesful and sustainable welght management. The key polnt is that frults and veggles are not only good for your health but also for your welght. ENERGY DENSITY ENERGY DENSITY: ENERGY DENSITY IS THE RELATIONSHIP OF CALORIES TO THE WEIGHT OF FOOD (CALORIES PER GRAM). Egg 1.4 ckal / gram Chocolate Coated Doughnut 3.7 ckal / gram MEDIUM ENERGY HIGH ENERGY Steak Top Sirloin 2.6 ckal / gram Vanilla Frosting Cake 4.5 ckal / gram Roasted Turkey (2 slices) 1.0 ckal / gram LOW Carrot 0.4 ckal / ENERGY FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ARE EXCELLENT 3 SUBSTITUTES FOR HIGH ENERGY DENSITY FOODS. FOOD VOLUME IT'S THE VOLUME, NOT THE CALORIES, THAT MAKE US FEEL FULL. Short-term studies indicate that the volume rather than the calorie content of food people eat at a meal is what makes them feel full and stop eating. At the same calorle level, foods with low energy density provide a greater volume of food. 324ckal 4.5 OZ 1 Peperoni Pizza slice 324ckal 1 Tomato + 25.7 OZ 1 Cucumber + 1 Carrot + 2 Roasted Turkey Slices + 1 Egg + 1 Slice of Bread + 1 Bell Pepper Red + 1 Broccoli WATER ADDED TO FOOD INCRESEAS VOLUME AND THUS ITS OVERAL IMPACT ON FEELING FULL. Roasted Chicken Chicken Soup 75ckal 214ckal 4.9 OZ 8.5 OZ FRUITS CAN ENHANCE SATIETY, 6. ESPECIALLY WHEN CONSUMED WHOLE. Orange Juice 1 glass Whole Orange 112ckal 62ckal ADDING VEGETABLES TO MEALS ENHANCES THE 7 FEELING OF BEING FULL, IF 200G OF VEGETABLES WERE ADDED AT LEAST. inlivo RESOURCES Ness AR, Fowles JW. Fruit and vegetables and cardiovascular disease: a review. Int J Epidemiol 1997:26:1-13. Block G, Patterson B, Subar A. Fruit, vegetables, and cancer prevention: a review of the epidemiological evidence. Nutr Cancer 1992:18:1-29. Duncan KH, Bacon JA, Weinsier RL. The effects of high and low energy density diets on satiety, energy intake, and eating time of obese and nonobese subjects. Am J Clin Nutr 1983;37:763-7. Rolls BJ, Bell EA, Waugh BA. Increasing the volume of a food by incorporating air affects satiety in men. Am J Clin Nutr 2000;72:361-8. Bell EA, Castellanos VH, Pelkman CL, Thorwart ML, Rolls BJ. Energy density of foods affects energy intake in normal-weight women. Am J Clin Nutr 1998;67:412-20. Rolls BJ, Bell EA, Thorwart ML. Water incorporated into a food but not served with a food decreases energy intake in lean women. Am J Clin Nutr 1999,70:448-55. Yao M, Roberts SB. Dietary energy density and weight regulation. Nutr Rev 2001;59:247-58. Grunwald GK, Seagle HM, Peters JC, Hill JO. Quantifying and separating the effects of macronutrient composition and non-macronutrients on energy density. Br J Nutr 2001;86:265-76. Haber GB, Heaton KW, Murphy D, Burroughs LF.

Low Energy Density Foods: An Easy Road to Staying Fit and Healthy

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High energy density foods and low energy density foods: what are they? A number of research studies support the conclusion that replacing foods of high energy density like cakes, doughnuts and pastrie...




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