Top tips to help your business through social media platforms. Use this key tutorial to expand your business via Twitter. Agencia SEO -
There are roughly 187,000 verified Twitter accounts, but what exactly does this entail? Learn how to get your account verified and the benefits that come with it with this guide.
Police-involved killings have made national headlines over the past few years. Each time they do, a wave of anti-police sentiment sweeps the nation. Using more than 1.2 million tweets, we show where in the U.S. people approve or disapprove of law enforcement the most. We also take a look at how Americans’ feelings about the police fluctuated in the nearly two years since Ferguson, Missouri, resident Michael Brown was shot to death by Officer Darren Wilson.
Our Infographic for Twitter's 10th birthday profiles who uses Twitter; what devices they use to tweet and what other social networks Twitter users use.
Social media enthusiasts and whiskey connoisseurs in particular will enjoy the infographic embedded within this post below. While the social media landscape hasn’t evolved much since the last time I mixed alcohol and marketing together, new players such as Snapchat have emerged, whereas sites such as Google+ are clinging onto relevance.
It is hard to imagine modern life without social media. Although it is everywhere nowadays, we don’t always fully realize its possibilities. When we hear the “social network”, some imagine net-addicts, others think about cyberbullying; some think about chatting with friends; others think about news feeds that update constantly. However, we rarely think that social network can be really useful. And not only in communicating with people from the whole world who share the same interests. A lot of networks can be used for education.
We combed through more than 200 million tweets to find who mentioned a U.S. location and used an emoji in order to figure out which states follow the trends and which march to the beat of their own drum.
A comprehensive, up-to-date collection of social media image dimensions you won't find anywhere else.
This infographic was created for anyone who uses Twitter on a regular basis and wants to improve their ability to reach more users with their tweets. This guide covers the intricacies of tweet timing, hashtags, and content so that you maximize your effectiveness on Twitter. If you use Twitter regularly, this is worth bookmarking.
Now that another year has ended and 2016 has begun, it has become quite evident that the aforementioned platforms, and new ones that have emerged (such as Pinterest and Instagram), have become crucial to web marketing strategies for certain businesses. Is a portion of your marketing budget for 2016 dedicated to paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms? Is tweeting and community management even a part of your digital marketing mix in the new year?


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