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The Race to Search Engine Supremacy: A History of How and What We Search Online

The internet is an enormous place with a nearly unlimited amount of information in the form of websites, web pages, files and so on. How do you even begin to sift through them all? Search Engines. This infographic from Internet Marketing Ninjas takes you on a journey through the history of the search engine and those that have stood the test of time. Next, discover which search engines had the most traffic and searches over the last several years. Finally, take a glimpse into the keywords we searched for the most over the last decade.
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Two Faces of Googlebot

Over the years, many efforts have been made to better understand Google’s behavior and motives. Today, we want to share with you some of our insights into Googlebot’s behavior, based on what we think is one of the most robust studies on the subject to date.
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SEO Success Pyramid

This infographic provides information for a successful SEO link building campaign. It starts by putting the most important element, trust, at the top of the pyramid and then working it's way down to the foundations and roots of successful SEO campaigning.
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