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Cheapflights - Australian Big Things

Aussie Big hings IT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL BEHAVIOUR IN AUSTRALIA TO CELEBRATE YOUR FAVOURITE THING BY BUILDING A GIANT VERSION OF IT. Aussies are known for plenty of weird things: loving the taste of Vegemite, shortening every single word in the English language and putting beetroot in hamburgers. But maybe the weirdest of all is their love for Big Things - giant roadside structures that can be found all over Australia. With over 15O Big Things scattered across the country, they can turn up just about anywhere, but to make things easy, we've created some popular categories to look out for. THE BIG FRUIT THAT STARTED IT ALL THE BIGA BANANA COFFS HARBOUR It helps to think of this category as an epic fruit salad. Aussies started the Big Thing craze with a humblebrag: fruit. According to legend, it all began with the Big Banana. THE BIG BUNCH THE BIG PINEAPPLE THE BIG APPLE THE BIG CHERRIES THE BIG BANANA OF BANANAS NAMBOUR, QLD BATLOW, NSW YOUNG, NSW COFFS HABOUR, NSW COFFS HABOUR, NSW THE BIG MANGO THE BIG THE BIG THE BIG MANDARIN THE BIG ORANGE BOWEN, QLD WATERMELON STRAWBERRY MUNDUBERA, QLD BERRI, SA WANTIRNA SOUTH, VIC KOONOOMOO, VIC IF YOU BUILD BIG FRUIT BIG BUGS ARE SURE TO FOLLOW This is where it starts to get weird. It's like all these giant bugs started crawling out of the big pieces of fruit that Aussies had built everywhere. This category is also known as Big Creepy Crawlies likely to give you a Big Bite/Fright! THE BIG SPIDER THE BIG BEE THE BIG REDBACK SPIDER THE BIG WORM THE BIG MEAT ANT URANA, NSW KINGSCOTE, SA EIGHT MILE PLAINS, QLD BASS, VIC AUGATHELLA, QLD BIG STUFF FROM THE DEEP Just because they mostly live out of sight is no reason to forget these guys. Honourable mention goes to The Big Dead Fish (positioned on the roof of the Fishy Pub). THE BIG MURRAY COD THE BIG CROCODILE THE BIG OYSTER THE BIG BOXING THE BIG PRAWN TOCUMAL, NSW DAINTREE, QLD CEDUNA, SA CROCODILE EXMOUTH, WA HUMPTY D00, NT THE BIG THE BIG TROUT THE BIG CRAB THE BIG TURTLE THE BIG LOBSTER BARRAMUNDI ADAMINABY, NSW MIRIAM VALE, QLD FORSTER, NSW KINGSTON SE, SA NOMANTON, QLD THE BIG YABBY THE BIG WHALE THE BIG ABALONE THE BIG DEAD FISH CLAYTON BAY, SA KINKA BEACH, QLD LAVERTON NORTH, FISH CREEK, VIC VIC BIG STUFF THAT IS BAD FOR YOU Stanley EST? Stanley WINE WINES AUSTRALIAN AUSTRALIAN 400,000 UTRES 40 00: s Less a public service announcement and more a tribute to the national pastime of drinking, these Big Things are pretty hazardous to your health. Cheers! THE BIG WINE BARREL THE BIG RUM THE BIG CIGARETTE THE BIG CIGAR BUNDABERG, QLD ВOTTLE MYRTLEFORD, VIC CHURCHILL, VIC BUNDABERG, QLD THE BIG BEER CAN THE BIG WINE BOTTLE THE BIG STUBBY THE BIG WINE CASK COBAR, NSW POKOLBIN, NSW LARRIMAH, NT MOURQUONG, NSW BIG STRANGE THINGS And finally, the category that defies all others, containing all that stuff that is just so weird, you have to actually see it to believe it. People who come across Big Things in this category usually have one of two responses: Foreigners: Why? Aussies: Why not? THE BIG BIN THE BIG POO THE BIG THUMBS UP KALGOORLIE BOUL- DER, WA KIAMA, NSW SCOTTSDALE, TAS THE BIG DEAD FISH THE BIG TAP THE BIG MAGIC FISH CREEK, VIC COWES, VIC MUSHROOM BALINGUP, WA BIG THINGS DECOMMISSIONED Sadly, not every Big Thing becomes the next Big Thing. It's a tough and judgemental world out there, and for whatever reason, some Big Things just aren't. The last known photo of the Big Paperclip surfaced online in 2007, but its fate remains a mystery. The Big Slurpee was dismantled in 2009, with parents everywhere hoping it will be replaced with the Big Bottle of Fresh Spring Water. THE BIG PAPERCLIP THE BIG SLURPEE WEST END, QLD COFFS HARBOUR, NSW THE NEXT BIG THING Fans of the Big Things movement know it's more than a passing blight on the cultural landscape, rather it's a lifelong testament to the famed Aussie sense of humour, which leads us to the final part of the story - the future. The Big Bogan! The small NSW town of Nyngan has proudly put a pin in it, with planning well underway for the construction of the Big Bogan, a giant cultural stereotype replete with iconic bogan attributes including thongs, singlet and, naturally, an Esky. SOURCES Brain Freeze Time!, Sept 10 2023 By Jonas / If You Were My Agency / http:/ Big Thumbs Up, Scottsdale / Australian Pictorials / Fireworks Vector design Designed by Freepik And then along came a spider, June 1 2009 By John Conroy / Border Mail/ -came-a-spider/ The Big Prawn, Exmouth / Kedron Cruisin / Alcohol in Australia, Bridal Shower Party 2014 / Emaze / Cheapflights" TM

Cheapflights - Australian Big Things

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Aussies are known for plenty of weird things: loving the taste of Vegemite, shortening every single word in the English language and putting beetroot in hamburgers. But maybe the weirdest of all is th...


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