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A Valentine's Day Guide for Wandering Hearts

Valentine's Bay ♥GUIDE FOR Wandering Hearts LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION. Some places are meant to be shared. CITY LOVERS. Paris, France A short waltz and a kiss along the river Seine, lock hearts with thousands of lovers on the bridge between Notre Dame and Pont de l'Archevêché before climbing the Eiffel Tower. This is the city of love. i love new york! New York City, United States Re-enact your favourite rom-com in the middle of Times Square and watch the city light up at dusk from the top of Empire State Building. Love is in the air. Venice, Italy Grab a bottle of champagne and take a gondola down the endless maze of channels making up this historical city. It's February so you might want to take a blanket. Fez, Morocco This medieval desert city has been dubbed the "soul of Morocco" more than once. Indulge in a traditional lamb tagine on a of-top patio, wander the artisan-filled streets and stay in restored arbled riads and dars. Genious. Barcelona, Spain Does flamenco, paella and a champagne breakfast on a hot air balloon sound like your kind of thing? Tapas are meant to be shared and so is Barcelona. NATURE LOVERS. The Great Barrier Reef It has a reef shaped like a heart, millions of fish and 600 palm-fringed, tropical islands for exploration, indulgence and long afternoons in the hammock. The Swiss Alps Take your loved one on a ride on the 100-year-old Jungfraubahn, do a scenic helicopter flight over the alps or spend the night in an igloo. There will be plenty of opportunities to pop the question here. Kruger National Park More than 70% of the world's cocoa beans are produced on African soil. That's a lot of chocolate. Celebrate love around a campfire in Kruger National Park with your valentine. Expect magical wildlife, blood-red sunsets and memories you both will cherish for a lifetime. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. Different strokes for different folks. I DO. R. ADM ONE 60213 France South Korea North Korea 3 2 FEB. 14 14TH OF EVERY MONTH NOT OFFICIALLY ACKNOWLEDGED The French take their love so seriously not Expect to be busy on the 14th of every Rose Day, Photo Day, Hug Day and Movie Day are just the beginning. Singles death them A son With Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il's birthday celebrations falling on February 16, there's little time for courtship and self-indulgence. South Korean pop culture is said to be making its mark here so can make a request to the President to marry a deceased partner on the condition that they can prove previous marriage plans. If you're not dead sure about getting hitched, just stick with flowers. get together on April 14th to eat black bean noodles and commiserate each other's misfortune. things might be looking up. BE MINE Argentina Germany Japan 4. JULY 13 - 20 FEB. 14 FEB.14 / MAR. 14 February 14 is all about the man. Girls Why settle for a day when you can have a week? The tango-loving Argentinians have set aside an entire week in July to Apart from the stock standard roses and chocolate, Germans have turned pigs into their own little Valentine's cupid. Drawings, statues and all kinds of representations are fine. give chocolate to all men around them ranging from love interests to co-workers. Luckily, roles are reversed on 'White Day' a month later. exchange candies and kisses during what's been dubbed "sweetness week". China Taiwan Usa 8. AUG. 2 AUG. 2 FEB. 14 Love is a number's game. One rose The seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar is set aside for American men spend twice as much as women on Valentine's Day gifts. Chivalry is not dead, after all. means "one love", 11 roses means "a a visit to the Temple of the Matchmaker favourite" and 99 roses means "forever". One hundred eight roses means "marry to pray for luck in love, happiness and marriage. IN FACT, IT'SA DEALBREAKER me", but we're sure you'Il ask before she's finished counting. 53% of American women would break up with a boyfriend if they didn't get anything on Valentine's Day. Ouch. LOST IN TRANSLATION. Sometimes one language isn't enough. SAUDADE PORTUGESE A strong feeling of missing someone you love. YA’ABURNEE ARABIC Lit: “You bury me". A love so deep you can't imagine life without your partner. RETROUVAILLES FRENCH Lit: “Re-discovery". The joy of re-uniting with someone after a long separation. ONSRA BORO (INDIA) The bittersweet feeling of those who know their love won't last. MAMIHLAPINATAPAI YAGHAN (TIERRA DEL FUEGO, ARGENTINA) A look between two people in love that expresses unspoken but mutual desire. KOI NO YOKAN JAPANESE The feeling of anticipation of falling in love with someone you just met. GOING THE DISTANCE. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. LOVE YOU DECLINE ANSWER Skype Date Handwritten Letters Share your favourite takeaway, exchange gifts in front of the webcam and daydream about your future together. The pen is mightier than the tweet. Take a hint from some of the world's most famous lovers and pour your heart out on an old piece of goat skin. FEB 15 Send Flowers Postpone the Bay This is Valentine's Day 101, Romeo. Just get her some flowers. Have a meet-up planned? Schedule a delayed Valentine's Day with dinner and a fancy hotel to celebrate the power of two in style. BY AIR Valentines Bay VGUIDE FOR Wandering Hearts NEWPORT Book a Hight! Actions speak louder than words and in the game of long distance love, nothing ensures longevity like good old quality time together. "The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart." HELEN KELLER Topaluk. 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A Valentine's Day Guide for Wandering Hearts

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The ultimate cheat sheet for travelling lovers. Learn the customs, locations and lingo to celebrate the power of two wherever you are this Valentine's Day.


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