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The Balance of Britain's Breaks

Mo BALANCE The BRITAIN'S BREAKS Charging your card at home or abroad can help recharge your battery. Make sure you pay off your full balance monthly for a balanced lifestyle. XXXXXXX XXXXXX*xxxx XXXXXXX 55,600,000 CREDIT CARDS IN THE UK IN 2010. THAT'S ENOUGH TO BUILD A TOWER £27,500,000,000 42km tall 135 Boeing 747s WAS SPENT ABROAD BY BRITS ON CREDIT & DEBIT CARDS IN 2010. ENOUGH TO BUY OVER THAT'S FIFTY TIMES BIGGER THAN THE TALLEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD 50x Burj Khalifa Dubai Spending Online MEN WOMEN 18% 17% SINGLE Percentages of people that regularly use their credit cards for online purchases 30% 27% MARRIED Education gets the ball rolig £531 On average, people with a higher level of education use their credit cards more often and spend more on their cards. Number of uses per month £384 11 10 £281 £303 Doctorate Level Or Professional £246 University Degree £201 £207 A-levels Further Qualification Total monthly spend GCSE £188 or equivalent Primary only Incomplete Secondary No Formal Education Level Schooling Hottest holiday destinations for plastic payments 60 People travelling to Nordic countries are most likely to use their credit cards for travel expenses and hotels. 50 40 30 20 of travellers using credit cards per destination What kind of holiday do we like the best? Number of children in household Beach Holidays Holiday Centre Lake & Mountain Coach Theme Park City Break Tour 31% 44% 22% 40% 24% 33% FOR WHAT HOLIDAY TYPE DO WE SWIPE? City break tourists are more likely to use their credit cards during their trip. Those winding down in holiday parks and centres are least eager to do so.. SOURCES: TESCO Bank (17 June 2011) GB TGI 2012 O Kantar Media UK (January 2011 - December 2011) (UK Cards Annual Report 2012) ltilitittitttu

The Balance of Britain's Breaks

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Did you know that if we were to stack all of the credit and debit cards in the UK, we’d have a tower 50 times taller than the Burj Khalifa, tallest skyscraper in the world? That’s a lot of cards. ...


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