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The Ultimate Guide To Holidaying With Your Pet

The Ultimate Guide To Holidaying with Your Pet Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Holiday Destination 1 Have you researched the area to see if there are any Are there any vets nearby to the hotel or within close pet-friendly restaurants or proximity to the destination? cafés nearby? Is the hotel you'd like to stay in pet-friendly? If you are planning on flying, does the airline allows pets or have any specific pet requirements? 3 If isn't, the hotel offer a (or know of a local) How are you planning on pet-sitting service? travelling there? Travelling By Car? Here's What To Do Before The Road Trip 1 Get your pet used to Visit the vet. being in the car. Take your pet on short Always check with your vet journeys in the car with you. This will help them get used to being in the car, and will help ensure they to see if your pet is healthy enough to be taken on a long journey. If your pet has recently had treatment, 2 Get your pet comfortable with a portable litter box. your vet may advise to wait a certain period of time before travelling with them. don't feel scared or If you're bringing a portable litter box, make sure you stressed on the trip. get your pet used to using it before the trip so they feel content with using it. Never leave your pet 4 Plan your route. alone in a hot car. During warm weather, the inside of your car can Make sure you plan your road trip route to ensure actually reach a temperature of almost 50°C in just a matter of minutes. If you stop to fill that there are sufficient rest stops every 2 or 3 hours. This will be important for you anyway, up the car or take a break, but even more important keep your pet accompanied or take them with you. for your pet. Travelling Abroad By Plane? Here's What To Do Before The Trip 1 Get your pet microchipped Check for any airline requirements. and vaccinated. Always check with the airline to found out what pet policies or Before you travel abroad with a pet, you need to get them microchipped and vaccinated. Visit the vet and check that your requirements they have in place for travelling with pets. Many Other tips: pet is up to date with its vaccination and any flea or airlines have carrier size requirements to0 • Fly direct when possible. worm treatments. Find out if it i safe to take them abroad and whether they need any specific medication packed. • Always put your contact details on your pet's Consider the size and carrier. breed of your pet. 3 Book your flight way in Always take into consideration the size and breed of your pet. If • Pets must be at least 8 weeks old to fly. they are small enough to sit in a • Always feed them within a couple of hours before checking in. advance. carrier, they can usually sit near you on the plane. If they are large, they will be kept elsewhere, and they may find this scary and stressful. Pets such as short-nosed dogs like Many airlines only tend to allow a few pets on each flight at one time, so make sure you book ahead. • Always keep water to hand to ensure they remain pugs or bulldogs may also experience breathing problems at high altitudes. hydrated throughout the flight. 6. Choose the right time of Pack a pet passport or official day to travel. veterinary certificate. You should try to travel during the night throughout summer months, and during the day in winter months to avoid exposing vaccination dates. This must include your pet's date of birth, their microchip number and dates, and their your pet to extreme temperatures. What To Pack In Your Pet's Holiday Luggage Your pet's favourite toy - to play with on both the journey and the holiday. A clear and accurate photo of your pet - keep one on your phone as well as having a physical printed version in case one gets lost. Up to date identification tags - including an address, a contact number, and any other details that could be useful such as whether they have any allergies. up bags - certain countries can be Pack incredibly strict on this. Always Pack A Pet First Aid Kit - Including: A pet first aid book Splints Copies of your pet's medical Scissors and vaccination records Gauze sponges for Tweezers cleaning wounds Sterile gauze bandages Cotton balls or swabs Rubbing alcohol Foil emergency blanket Sources helpucover

The Ultimate Guide To Holidaying With Your Pet

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Find out everything you need to know about holidaying with your pet, with this handy infographic from helpucover.




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