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50 Facts about Sydney, Australia

50 AMAZING FACTS ABOUT SYDNEY AUSTRALIA Sydney, Australia receives millions of tourists internationally and within the country each year. And this is for good reason. This diverse city - culturally, ethnically, and historically, boasts a wide range of things to do. * SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE * The strength of Sydney Harbour Bridge was tested before its opening by placing 96 railway engines on the bridge.? When the Sydney Harbour Bridge was built the chosen paint colour was grey because it was the only colour they offered in a large enough quantity to paint the bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is known to be the widest long-span bridge as well the highest steel arch bridge in the world." * UNIQUE FACT ★ The Sydney Harbour Bridge is nicknamed "The Coat Hanger" because of its arch-based design. Sydney has the deepest natural harbour in the world with 504,000mega litres of water, * FUN FACTS * SYDNEY TOWER SYDNEYSIDERS DISTRICTS FAMOUS FILMS The Sydney Tower stands tall at 324.8 metres. It is the second Residents of Sydney are colloquially referred to as "Sydneysiders." 7 The Sydney general area is broken up into 38 separate governmental districts over a physical area of around 1,687 square kilometres. Frost/Nixon, The Great Gatsby, Independence Day, The Matrix, Planet of the Apes, tallest observation tower in the Southern hemisphere and its possible to dine at the revolving restaurant at the top of the tower. 6 are some of the famous films shot partially in Sydney. SYDNEY MORNING HERALD HOME AND AWAY MARDI GRAS CRICKET MORNING HERALD Cricket is a favoured sport in The Sydney Morning Herald is Australia's oldest Most of the exterior shots Sydney has a significant gay and lesbian community. Every year it holds the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras tended by hundreds of thousands of people." for Home and Away are shot at Palm Beach.0 summer and big matches have been held at the Sydney Cricket Ground since 1878,2 newspaper. It has been published since 1831'3 * SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE * It took 14 years to complete Sydney Opera House. By 1973 10 thousand construction workers The roof of the Sydney Opera had worked on the project.14 house is covered with more than one million tiles." The total cost was $102 million, which was more than 14 times the originally predicted price. 15 LO|A Sydney is home to Opera Australia, the 3rd busiest The Opera House's sails were built using cranes specifically made for the job." opera company in the world.8 * FUN FACTS * E45.8 °C The Express Walkway at the Domain Car Park, is 207 Cricket, Rugby League, AFL and Rugby Union are popular sports in Sydney. AFL or "Aussie Rules as it is On January 18, 2013 Sydney had its hottest recorded day. It was 45.8 °C during a prolonged heat wave. 21 Once known as Redleaf Pool, Murray Rose Pool is a private meters in length and travels at 0.67 meters per second. 19 harbourside pool named after the Olympic swimmer who took his first strokes there 22 known has a local team calledthe Sydney Swans - they are the only team who play in New South Wales. 20 THEATRE TICKET Sydney is the 12th most expensive city with property prices averaging over USD8000 per square meter.25 For each decade since 1961 Sydney's first commercial theatre opened in 1832 and nine more began offering performances by the late 1920s.3 World Record for the largest In 2007 1,010 women wearing bikinis went to Bondi Beach. the population of Sydney has increased by more than 250,000. The 2011 population was 4.391,674.26 The event set the Guinness swimsuit photo shoot.24 VOTEL GEORGE STREET Billy Thorpe, AC/DC, Johnny O'Keefe, The Easybeats, and Richard Clapton are George Street in Sydney is the oldest street in the whole of Australia January 26th is Australia day. The anniversary commemorates the ships arriving in Sydney carrying a load of Convicts.30 Australia was the second country to give women the vote, following New Zealand.?" 29 some of the bands/artists who began their careers in Sydney. 28 * UNIQUE FACTS * B'a HOSPITAL DANGEROUS IDEAS CROWN STREET FASHION SHOW SAILING REGATTA A Duck Fashion Show is held annually in Sydney, where ducks are attired with fashionable wares.33 The pacemaker was originally invented in Sydney at Crown Street Women's hospital by Dr. Mark Lidwill in 1926. He connected a newborn baby's electrodes as it was suffering from heart problems. However, due to ethical concerns Dr. Lidwill declined recognition for his invention. The Festival of Dangerous Ideas is an annual event that brings leaders and culture creators throughout the world to Sydney to discuss important contemporary issues. 31 The Australia Day Regatta is the oldest continuously-conducted annual sailing regatta in the world. The event began in Sydney in 1837.4 32 * FOOD FACTS * Meat Pies are one of Australia's staple dishes. Pies usually have a beef, pork, or mutton filling with a dense and thick dough casing.7 Around 35 million packs of Tim Tams are sold each year. The popular biscuit is made up of two layers of chocolate-malted biscuit, with a light chocolate filling and melted chocolate between the layers.36 Sydney got the record from the the Guinness Book of Records for producing the longest line of pizzas at 221 meters was broken in the Italian quarter of Leichardt 200835 The Sydney Fish Market is the largest market of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and the world's 3rd largest fish market.39 Damper Bread is aniconic and traditional Australian soda bread made by swagmen, drovers, and travellers. It's traditionally baked in the coals of a campfire.* The Lamington called the "National Cake of Australia." The National Trust of Queensland even named the lamington one of Australia's favorite foods. Kangaroo has been a preferred source of meat throughout Australia since 1845. It was sold at an "extraordinary" nine pence per pound.40 This square-shaped sponge cake is coated in a layer of chocolate icing and desiccated coconut.43 The Dagwood dog is an iconic Australian food often eaten ANZAC biscuits were originally made to send to the Australian and at festivals. It is essentially a hot dog on a stick, dipped in batter, and then deep-fried. New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) serving in Gallipoli. They are usually made with rolled oats, flour. desiccated coconut, and sweeteners.42 Oysters were found in abundance on Sydney's shores from 1804. By 1834 Sydney had special oyster rooms and salons. 44 * HISTORICAL FACTS * At the official opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on March 19, 1932, a man with a sword mounted the bridge on a galloping horse.45 The Mint Building on Queen Street was originally built to be a hospital in 1814. It was called the Rum Hospital because the builders who worked on the project did not get money for A census taken in 1828 found that half the population at the time was made up of convicts. Further, former convicts were said to make up about half of the free population. " construction." The first inhabitants of Sydney were indigenous Australians. Experts believe, due to Radiocarbon dating, that people have lived in Sydney for over 30,000 years.4 In 1838 it was declared illegal to swim at public beaches during the day. This law was enforced until 1902.49 After phasing out the Australian 1 and 2-cent coins in 1991, they were melted down and used in the Sydney 2000 Olympics as Bronze Medals. 50 CHECK OUT ALL THE FACTS AND MORE! 18 http// 35 19 https//en wikipedia org/wiki/Australian_rules football_in_New. 36 http/ theiroum Com/sydney/eat/40-foods-australians-call- airfaresflights. 20 https//en footballin_New South 37 http://www.australia austn-food- d-drink COMPARE. THEN FLYI 21 30 (food SOURCES 22 secrets-77-murray-rose-pool-nsw/ 39 23 https://enwikipedia org/wiki/Sydney 40 http//www.ustralia austn-food-and-drink 1 24 41 -dagwood-dogs html 2 http//www. foodandtravel.comau/new-south-wales/fascinating- facts-about-sydney 25 http// 42 26 http//www.absgovau/AUSSTATS/absa.nsf/mf/31050.65001 3 -australia 43 http://travel.cnncom/sydney/eat/40-foods-australians-call- their-own-651613 27 http// 4 http// 28 https://en.wikipedia org/wiki/Culture of_Sydney#Popular_culture 44 http //www.australia govau/about-australia/australian-story/ austn-food-and-drink 5 29 http // 6 http://www.foodandtravel.comau/new-south-wales/fascinating -facts-about-sydney 45 http //www foodandtravel.comau/new-south-wales/fascinating -facts-about-sydney 30 31 0ww a nnventioris-that-changed-the-worid 7 https://enwikipedia org/wiki/Sydney 46 http://www.foodandtravel.comau/new-south-wales/fascinating- facto facts-about-sydney 8 https://www.experienceoz 9 https://enwikipedia org/wiki/List_of_films_shot_in_Sydney 10 https://en wikipedia org/wiki/Home_and Away 11 https://enwikipedia org/wiki/Sydney_Gay_and Lesbian_Mardi 32 au/topics/history-culture/ 47 htm 33 http//www.incrediblethings com//style-and-gear/yes-duck- fashion-show 48 http//www.smh.comau/news/national/settlers-history-rewritten/ 2007/09/14/1189276983698html 49 http// htm Gras 34 http // 50 about-sydney/ 12 https://en wikipedia org/wiki/Sydney 13 https//en wikipedia org/wiki/Sydney 14 https//www.experienceoz.comau/sydney-facts 15 https://www.experienceoz.comau/sydney-facts 16 http//www.telegraph.couk/travel/destinations/ australiaandpacific/australia/sydney/10317099/Sydney-Opera- House-40-fascinating-facts.html 17 http://www.telegraph co uk/travel/destinations/australiaand pacific/australia/sydney/10317099/Sydney-Opera-House-40- fascinating-facts híml

50 Facts about Sydney, Australia

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Sydney is an amazing city - this infographic lists over 50 facts about the food, culture, history and transport within Sydney, Australia


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