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Australia's Greatest Rivalry: Sydney vs Melbourne

AUSTRALIA'S GREATEST RIVALRY SYDNEY VS MELBOURNE WEATHER Take the weather with you . Sydney Melbourne 23° 21° January average Sydney Melbourne 13° 10° July average Sunny side wins! SYDNEY WINS! It's just hotter. With less wind. And less cold. And better. COST OF LIVING 100 Which city is cheaper to live in? 20 Sydney Melbourne $3.73 $3.82 Cup of coffee Sydney Melbourne $3.73 $3.82 Pint of beer Sydney Melbourne $2.93 $2.67 Loaf of bread Sydney Melbourne $2,389 $1,671 Rent per month Saved on rent MELBOURNE WINS! They're both expensive but Melbourne, by the nose on the moths in your wallet. POPULATION How many people live there? Sydney Melbourne 4.8' 4.4 million million So close SYDNEY WINS! Some might argue quality over quantity, but anyway you slice it, Sydney has more people. Melbourne is set to add the Population Award to its crowded trophy case in 2056. CITY HIGHLIGHTS Which city can really draw a crowd? travelling Sydney Sydney Opera House The Harbour Bridge Darling Harbour Taronga Zoo Melbourne QUEEN VICTORIA MARE Queen Victoria Market MCG Block Arcade Federation Square EVEN! Too close to call Sydney might be better all year, but Melbourne knows how to bring them in when it wants to. BEACHES Where'd you go to sunbake? Sydney Melbourne 5 of the top 25 sandy beaches in Australia Whilst not in the top 25, St Kilda features a historic pier and a colony of penguins! (Lonely Planet) (TripAdvisor) It's all about Bondi! SYDNEY WINS! Sydney is victorious, by an absolute sandy mile. FOOD Where would you rather have your last meal? Sydney Melbourne Sydney has 7 of the best restaurants in Australia (World Rankings) Attica is the highest-ranking restaurant in Australia (World Rankings) EVEN! Too close to call This is one of the biggest first world problems Australia has - choosing which world-class restaurant to stuff our gob at. TOWERS Is it the size that matters? 309m Sydney Tower Sydney 297m Eureka Skydeck Melbourne Mine's bigger! SYDNEY WINS! Sydney has the tallest structure but you can't live in the Sydney Tower. Melbourne's Eureka Skydeck is Australia's tallest building you can live in. SPORT Which city is more passionate about their sport? COLLING WOOD SWANS Sydney's biggest club Melbourne's biggest club SWANS COLLINGWOOD 40k 80k members members Melbourne takes pride MELBOURNE WINS! Melbourne for sheer number of fans, plus Australian Open, F1 Grand Prix, Rip Curl Pro, Motorcycle GP, Melbourne Cup... COFFEE Who do you trust with your caffeine hit? Sydney Melbourne Cafes in the top 10 in Australia Cafes in the top 10 in Australia (BeanHunter) (BeanHunter) Home to the nation's best baristas MELBOURNE How frustrating is it whenyou want a medium roast Ethiopian half and half flat white and can only get a Jamaican Arabica blend made with skinny milk. It's a real fly in the ointment. WINS! CONVERSING What are the common phrases? Sydney Melbourne "There's a new cafe "My bonus was only $40k this year. that opened that serves cocktails I've had to cut back on wine..." in a snow globe." "Beach babes will "She lives south be brimming down at Bondi today." of the river... So we broke up." "I've been doing "I'Il have the gluten-free kale, goji and quinoa salad, and an organic coconut juice." Movember since April." Hipster charm wins the day! MELBOURNE They might complain about the price of avocado, but you can't beat hip WINS! and laid-back Melbourne talk. TRAVEL DESTINATIONS Which city travels more? Sydney Melbourne SYONEY MELBOURNE 02/2015 AUCKLAND DHELI 2010 AMSTERDAM TURKEY ISTANBUL 09/2013 DUBLIN PARIS More travelled Melbournians are more adventurous with top searched destinations such as Colombo and Istanbul, but Sydneysiders travel more with 30% more searches and they are more likely to choose European destinations for their travels. SYDNEY WINS! Sources Cost of living Population ng-state-20150625-ghoj27.html Top cafes in Australia Melbourne has been voted as having the world's best coffee 865534856 Top 25 beaches- Australia St Kilda Foreshore Attica restaurant World Rankings Sydney restaurants World Rankings t51-100 List of tallest structures in Australia tallest_structures_in_Australia Cheapflights+ Designed by Cheapflights WIVd BONDI MANLY COOGEE SHELLY ST KILDA

Australia's Greatest Rivalry: Sydney vs Melbourne

shared by travelgirl on Feb 12
So which city is better: Sydney or Melbourne? Tough one. You decide...


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