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What About 25?

What about 25 You must be at least 25 to rent a car Car rental companies WILL rent to customers under 25... BUT WITH RESTRICTIONS AND FEES Underage fees apply for each day of the rental. This fee (and the minimum age allowed - it can range between 18 and 21) varies by company and often by location. 25 12 16 18 21 you can you can Vote in elections Gamble Buy a gun Mp Buy alcohol you can Serve in the US House Buy tobacco A Rent a hotel room mm of Representatives you can get a Hunting License you can get a Driver's License Join the military Have your car insurance premiums lowered Go to prison Rent a vehicle WHY DOES IT TAKE THE MATURITY LEVEL OF A US REPRESENTATIVE TO RENT A CAR? THE ANSWER IS: INSURANCE ACCIDENT RATES DROP SIGNIFICANTLY AFTER 9 YEARS OF DRIVING 16 - 19 20 DRIVERS OVER THE AGE 25, 20 - 24 14 ARE HALF AS LIKELY TO CAUSE AN ACCIDENT THAN BEGINNER DRIVERS 25 - 34 INSURANCE PRICE IS ADJUSTED PER DRIVER BASED ON A COMBINATION OF FACTORS 9. AGE RANGE ACCIDENTS PER YEAR per 100 drivers NUMBER OF MARITAL STATUS AGE GENDER ACCIDENTS LOCATION A HOW TO SAVE THE MOST MONEY ON CAR INSURANCE 1 OLDER = SAFER Drivers between the ages of 50 and 65 generally have the safest records. 2 GIRLS RULE Women are statistically safer drivers. 73% of all people killed in car accidents are men. 3 TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE A married person will pay less than a single person with an identical driving record. 4 GET OUT OF TOWN Statistically there are more cars on the roads in cities and the probability of hitting one rises. Rural areas pay less for car insurance. FULLY COVER YOURSELF The biggest cost drops for those aged 25+ have full coverage. STOP 6 HITTING THINGS The more recent accidents you have the higher risk you are to an insurance company no matter anything else. SO, WHAT NOW? GET THE WORD OUT! GET A FREE QUOTE! SHARE THIS INFO WITH YOUR FRIENDS AUTOINSURANCECENTER.COM Autolnsurance CE N TE R

What About 25?

shared by NowSourcing on Jul 10
What's so special about age 25?


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