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The Cost of Bike Sharing

The Cost of Bike Sharing How Injury Prevention and Safety Measures Can Avoid Unnecessary Costs In New York, 1,000 pedestrians hit by cyclists require hospital treatment every year. The average lifetime costs of injuries incurred by a pedestrian/cyclist collision are $96,098 for the pedestrian and $17,831 for the cyclist. Pedestrian/ Cyclist Collisions Cost of Insurance The average cost of injuries to cyclists in the US is $38,009 per individual. The total cost of injuries to The average cost of bicycle insurance is $250-300 per year. cyclists in the U.S, is $5 billion per year. If the cyclist retains a personal injury attorney, the standard rate is 33% of the settlement. Bike Share Costs Cost of Bike share programs will charge riders for damage to or Injury loss of bike share bikes. Since bike sharing is still new, there isn't much data on the costs of bicycle insurance liabilities in cases of injury and defective equipment. Crashes remain rare incidents. A 2010 study in Finland found that 216 cycling injuries treated in the emergency room cost 580,000 euros, which is more than $800,000 (2,700 euros or $3,737 per patient). Repair cost varies depending on the damage. A replacement bike costs from $100 to $10,000. The average cost to repair a car after any collision is $4,000. *These numbers reflect all collisions between non-motor vehicles and pedestrians; bicycle-pedestrian collisions contribute to these costs but do not account for all costs. Cost of Bike Sharing Services in Major US Cities Major cities across the country are implementing bike sharing services. Membership options range from 24 hours to annual memberships. Hubway O eb citı bike DIVY aopital Gikashore $80/year $20/month $12/three days $6/day $75/year ($84/year if spread over monthly installments) $95/year $25/week $9.95/day $75/year $7/day $10/day for reloadable key ($7/day added) $25/month $15/three days $7/day Minimum Costs to a Safe Rider Typical cost of bike safety equipment: Misc. bike equipment: Water bottles ($22) and water bottle cages ($12 for two cages) Helmet ($25-75) Bike shoes ($60-70) Rear and forward lights ($80) Sunglasses ($50-200) Rear view mirror ($15) Reflective items (a sheet of reflective stickers can be as little as a few dollars, while jackets and messenger bags can be over $100) Tire patching kit ($3) basic hand Safe Riding Tips LEFT Safe Tips For Different Riding Environments RIGHT If cycling during a rainstorm During the winter At night If you're a driver • Use flat pedals so you • Keep in mind the vulnerability of a cyclist; even if they're wearing a helmet they're no match to a driver in a car. • Know the rights and responsibilities of cyclists on the road • Check for cyclists when turning: *especially when turning right • Give cyclists at least three feet of clearance • Look before opening your door to exit your car to avoid hitting bicyclists with your car door. can wear proper winter boots while riding • Avoid packing your pedals with snow and ice • Let a little air out of your ties for more grip, or, use • Wear waterproof and insulating clothing • Wear glasses or goggles with clear or yellow lenses • Avoid puddles with rainbow patches (indicates oil and slick conditions) • Wear bright or reflective clothing • Use LED lights, attached to either your bike or your clothes (or both) • At busy interactions, hop off your bike and walk through crosswalks snow tires • Don't try to shift gears as often as you would in normal conditions; instead, find a gear that works for you and spin your tires occasionally if • Afterwards, make sure your brake pads are well-maintained and use extra lubricant on bike chains. necessary. Bike sharing is a wonderful way to travel at a low cost and without having to purchase and care for a bike; by purchasing the right safety equipment, following the rules of the road, and practicing safe riding, you can minimize your risk of accident and your potential liability in case of a collision. Presented By COONEY & CONWAY Sources ty-flair-our-favorite-reflective-cycling-gear bicycletouring- ings-of-bicycle-commuting/ bicycletouring- logld=10551&langld=-1&orderBy=3&search Term=&beginlndex=0&pageSize=1 cy-fee-of-a-personal-injury-lawyer cord-in-cities-more-dangerous-than-nyc ance-5-myths-and-misconceptions?t=coverage-policy-issues&page=5 Cycling%202-18-11.pdf 2&parent_category_rn=400902&top_category=400902&categoryld=400025& metaData= signals NEW YORK WASHINGTON D.C. CHICAGO BOSTON

The Cost of Bike Sharing

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Learn about the potential costs of bike share programs in regards to injury, safety and medical costs associated with accidents. Since bike sharing is so new, many people don't understand the risks.


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