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10 Tips for Sharing the Road with Trucks

10 LIVES AT STAKE 400,000+ Large Truck* Accidents Per Year SHARING THE people dead 3.675 in 2010 HOAD WITH 529 2,790 truck other vehicle pedestrians, occupants [cars, light trucks, motorcycles] occupants cyclists. TRUCKS fatal or injury truck crashes A 9/10 involve passenger vehicles 1/9 traffic fatalities result from collision with a large truck Be alert and practice patience around big trucks to prevent accidents 1/3 fatal crashes Avoid Blind Spots between cars and large trucks occur in these four blind spots, so consider them Make sure the truck driver can see you in his mirrors. danger zones: REMEMBER: Passenger vehicles are 2.7x more likely to rear end large trucks than vice versa, mostly due to poor visibility. Rear-ending if you Sideswipe if the driver tries to slam the brakes Rear-ending and/or underride (car slides under the trailer) change lanes 2: Pass Trucks with Caution Pass on the left side for maximum visibility, and maintain a consistent speed. Truck brakes suddenly 3 MDSL. High wind Tire blowout Don't Linger 1 Near the Truck Car slides under the trailer Give trucks plenty of space to avoid these dangerous Tire shreds fly through your windshield Truck rolls over scenarios: Following distance should be at least 4 seconds Total stopping distance: Braking distance Reaction distance Perception distance Don't Cut Trucks off +1 +1 Brakes Move foot to the brake pedal Be sure to leave plenty of buffer room when you pull in front of a truck. Large trucks simply can't stop as quickly as cars. take effect Realize the need to brake 80.000 pound 5.000 pound -140 feet at 55 mph -300+ feet at 55 mph During a turn, rear wheels follow a shorter path than the front wheels. The longer the vehicle, the greater the difference. GOOD TO KNOW: 5 Allow Space Between Trailer and Corb You may see truck drivers move away from the curb ("swing wide") when preparing to turn right. Don't rush into this space to make your own turn--you could end up hit or trapped between the truck and curb. O Padice Pationce Try to be predictable. Avoid making erratic moves if a truck isn't going as fast as you'd like. Never try to speed around a truck that's backing up. Dim your lights when you come within 1 block of an oncoming vehicle. RULE OF THUMB: 7. Lower Your Brights Bright headlights reflecting off large side mirrors can blind the truck driver. 2 seconds of blindness at 55 mph Truck travels more than half the distance of a football field. Signal at least 3 seconds before you make your move (earlier when traveling at high speeds). RULE OF THUMB: 8. O Signa Signal Sooner Trucks require more time and distance to slow down and stop, so signal early when changing lanes, stopping, or turning near a large truck. 9 1 Merge With Care Avoid merging in front of a truck when traffic ahead may stop or slow. If a truck passes you, decelerate slightly to minimize passing time. In 2010, distraction contributed to: 10. Nearly 2/10 injury crashes 9/10 fatal crashes The most common distractions: Pay Attention ttttt Passengers daydreaming Distracted drivers Cell phones are dangerous drivers. REMEMBER: Semi trucks are generally safer than cars, and they get in fewer accidents. But a collision between a car and a large truck can be deadly due to force and weight. Reaching for an item Rubbernecking BROUGHT TO YOU BY *Commercial trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds are considered "large trucks." **Passenger vehicles include cars, vans, SUVS, and pickup trucks weighing 10,000 pounds or less. Sources: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Traffic Safety Facts Research Note (February 2012) DRIVER Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: - Large Truck Crash Overview 2010 (June 2012) - Rear-End Large Truck Crashes - Driver Distraction SOLUTIONS. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute, Q&A: Large Trucks (September 2012) The Leader in CDL Training.

10 Tips for Sharing the Road with Trucks

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Passenger vehicles are at fault in over 80% of accidents between cars and semi trucks. View 10 tips for safely sharing the road with trucks and learn how to avoid accidents with semis.


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