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15 Facts About Trucking

15 TRUCKING FACTS 2021 Since 1980, the trucking industry has reduced exhaust-based emissions by about 95 %. co2 Trucks need 40% more time to stop than cars because of the their bigger weight. Truck drivers often feel lonely so 40% of truck drivers take their pets with them on a trip. The trucking industry is expected to grow about 21% over the next 10 years. more jobs + more good moving = happy country! 93% 7% Women compose 7% of all truck drivers in the United States. 50 100 If you piled up all the US trucks over one another they would kiss the moon. Logistics carry 91% of lumber and wood, 83% of all the farming & agriculture produce, 92% of the prepared dairy, foods, & canned items, and 65% of the pharmaceutical essentials. 83% 91% Farming & agriculture produce Lumber and wood 92% 65% Canned items & dairy foods Pharmaceutical essentials 67.7% 81.3% 72.5% Compared to other freight industries such as rail, trucking moved 72.5% of domestic U.S. freight 67.7% of U.S. freight to Canada, and and 83.1% of U.S. freight to Mexico. All the trucks combined consume 5.8 million barrels of oil every day. It was hardly 1.6 million barrels of oil per day in 2010. 1.6 M 5.8 M 2010 2021 Thanks to clean diesel technology, 60 modern-day trucks put out the equivalent emission of a single truck from 1988. || Want to save gas? 45 35 Driving your truck at 65 miles per hour 15 rather than 75 leads to 27 percent lower fuel usage. mph The average trucker will drive over 100,000 road miles per year. That works out to nearly 40 trips across the United States. Truck driving is a massive industry in the U.S.,with 3.6 million employed as professional drivers and 7.95 million working in the transportation field in some 5.8% way. of the overall United States workforce. A commercial truck used about 20,500 gallons of fuel per year, compared to about 500 gallons for a standard car. Consider that the next time you feel the pain at the pump! The trucking industry pumps more than $30 billion in the economic system through direct jobs like drivers and helpers. Sources: • O • O FREIGHTECH

15 Facts About Trucking

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Transportation industry is one of the largest in the world, and here are 15 interesting facts about trucking you probably didn't know.






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