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Young Teens and the Digital World

Do you know what your kids are doing online Our Young Teens and the Digital Landscape 5,500 primary school students from around the U.S. completed a survey on digital citizenship, privacy protection, cyberbullying, and information and communication technology (ICT) use. 'Millennials' in the sample were primarily 13 to 15 years old. 13 years 14 years 15 years 16 years 17+ 30% 30% 20% 12% 8% WHERE DO KIDS ACCESS THE INTERNET? 62% home 25% mobile 16% at School Time • Female teens tend to spend more time online 31% < than 1 hour 40% 1-3 hours • Older teens are more likely to spend more Spent 16% 3-5 hours than 3 hours online . Those online 5+ hours a day tend to admit they 'spend too much time online' but don't think 13% MORE than Online 5 hours they will change DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR KIDS ARE DOING ONLINE? of students agreed/strongly 17% agreed that their parents had NO IDEA what they do online For those whose parents have no idea what they do online: • More likely to write something hurtful in an email • Less likely to help a friend who was being bullied online by going to an adult IS CYBERBULLYING A BIG DEAL? 1/3 of our students think cyberbullying is a big deal in their school For those whose believe cyberbullying is a big deal: • More likely to be Caucasian and female • Students who think it is a big deal are more likely to ask for help from adults and less likely to post/tag pictures without permission Most young teer by telling an adult would help a friend being cyberbullied Most of the students wouldn't write something hurtful in an email THE NEED FOR DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP In order to identify which students are most likely to benefit from digital citizenship education, researchers used factor analysis to group related variables together into larger constructs or topics. POOR DIGITAL RESPONSIBLE DIGITAL CITIZENS CITIZENS Includes behaviors such as Frequently Changing Passwords, Good Privacy Protection, Reporting Inappropriate Online Behavior to Adults. Includes behaviors such as "Sexting", Poor Privacy Protection, Poor Reputation Protection. Students high in this group are Students high in this group are MORE LIKELY TO: MORE LIKELY TO: NOT help a friend being cyberbullied by going to an adult Help a friend being cyberbullied by going to an adult >15 ở posts and tags friends" pictures WITHOUT <15 batore posting friends' pictures years years Report their schools make too much of Report their schools are on track about CYBERBULLYING CYBERBULLYING Have parents without post-secondary EDUCATION Understand that sending explicit texts could put them in jail EDUCATION Have parents with post-secondary parents DON'T KNOW Only download songs and movies Underestimate the risk of LEGALLY sexually explicit text messages what they parents KNOW do online Download songs and/or movies WITHOUT PAYING what they do online Report that they are Report that protecting their privacy is their OWN RESPONSIBILITY NOT PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for protecting their privacy online So now While many students do behave in a safe what: and responsible way when online, there is a clear need for targeted and engaging education to change unfavorable attitudes and behaviors surrounding digital citizenship, and encourage kids to speak up when they witness unacceptable behavior. Digital citizenship is a key predictive factor in determining dent wellnes and college readiness. EverFi is committed to providing data and insights on this subject and uncovering ways to help our students achieve their full potential. EVERFI IS THE LEADING EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM THAT TEACHES, ASSESSES AND CERTIFIES STUDENTS IN CRITICAL LIFE SKILLS. OUR COURSES HAVE EVERFI TOUCHED THE LIVES OF OVER 4 MILLION STUDENTS ACROSS 3,800 SCHOOLS.

Young Teens and the Digital World

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Young millenials, their attitudes, and behaviors surrounding information and communication technology (ICT).


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