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Teen Communication

Strategies to Develop Teen Communication Skills Dr. Patricia Fioriello You can see the major problems caused by a lack of teen communication skills and how it influences their capability to keep and make friends. Teens that are deficit of social communication are at risk of behaving in an unhealthy manner within relation- ships as well. You must have noticed teens that lack communication skills also face problems asserting ) themselves. They usually get into conflicts and also get swayed easily by peer pressure. And when these teens become adults they may experience various situations that test their capability to act in respect- ful and healthy manner. Modeling Six Strategies Teens mostly look to teachers and par- ents to see how they are interacting and look at them for cues. Modeling like con- fronting anyone with a problem, striking up conversation in a class, or being as- sertive. Afterwward, just debrief with the students as to what you did and why. Rehearse situations Role playing offers them the chance to practice how to act in a situation that is non-threatening. You can try this by playing scenarios such as asking someone out on date, turning down a cigarette or providing help. The best thing is to let the teen play both parts. Read facial expressions, body lan- guage and gesture cues Try pointing out the cues and help the teens to practice and recognize possible messages. Pacing, inflection and tone of voice are spoken messages that should also be taught to be identified. Understanding another perspective Teens usually have a tough time under- standing another perspective. You can give them a chance to reflect on another point of view by questioning. For instance ques- tions like "Why do you think he is turning away?" or "Why do you think she is making a face like that?" If you ask questions like this, it will help the teen build empathy. Provide feedback Observe the student in dif- Ferent situations and then share with him/her whatever you observed. This will help them to know areas where they require improvement. Both negative and positive feedback are essential and also offer suggestions, if Teamwork activities necessary. Another way of improving communication skills is by including teamwork activities. Visit our website to find out how team- work activities help the teenager.

Teen Communication

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Six strategies to develop teen communication skills by Dr. Patricia Fioriello.


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