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Understanding Smartphone Users in Australia

Understanding Smartphone Users in Australia Digital gadgets are changing the way we live our lives. Smartphones are one gadget that could influence our choices in day-to-day life, i.e. the way we interact with people, consume information and possibly influence our purchasing behaviour. To shed some light on the behaviour of smartphone users and their interactions with the device, i-Link has conducted a poll study amongst our LiveTribe research panelists (N = 679)*, specifically targeting mobile phone owners in Australia. *Note: All respondents were polled via our proprietary research panel – "Live Tribe". The sample was drawn representatively to match the national distribution for age, gender and location in Australia, with application of soft representative quota controls thereafter. Device ownership of Australian consumers * According to our recent study, the smartphone penetration rate in Australia is 52%, i.e. 1 in 2 mobile phone owners are smartphone users. Mobile Phone Non-smartphone /Feature phone Smartphone* 52% 100% 48% *Note: A smartphone is defined as a mobile phone with PC-like functionality and offers advanced capabilities such as web browsing, access emails, can download and run apps, with a high megapixel camera, GPS enabled, etc. * Other personally-owned devices are as follows: Digital Camera Desktop Game Console GPS Device MP3/MP4 Player Tablet 38% e-Book Reader Laptop 78% 79% 66% 47% 42% 23% 13% Base: All respondents (N = 679) Demographic composition of Australian mobile phone users * The majority of generation X and Y are adopters of smartphones. They made up 71% of the total smartphone owners. * Income plays a significant role in the purchase of a mobile phone. Incidence of smartphone ownership is more likely to increase with income. Smartphone Users Non-smartphone Users Male 49% 50% Female 51% 50% Gen Y (18-30 y.o) 31% 15% 71% Gen X (31-47 y.o) 40% 26% Baby Boomer (48-66 y.o) 22% 39% 60% Lucky Generation (67-87 y.o) 7% 21% Higher Income Household ($10OK+) 25% 13% Middle Income Household ($40K - $99,999) 42% 35% Lower Income Household (Less than $40K) 17% 36% Don't Know/Prefer not to say 16% 16% Base: Smartphone Users (n = 352) Base: Non-Smartphone Users (n = 327) Top smartphone operating system and brands * Android and Apple phones are more popular amongst Australians than other smartphones. * iPhone is the most preferred smartphone brand (37%), followed by Samsung and HTC. Leading OS Top 3 Brands ios SAMSUNG hTC Apple iPhone 37% 28% 14% Android 46% Apple ioS 37% Windows Phone 4% Nokia 7% Blackberry Os 3% Sony/Sony Ericsson 4% Symbian OS 2% 3% Blackberry Other OS 1% 3% LG Don't Know 7% 5% Other Brands Base: Smartphone Users (n = 352) Smartphones are a multi-functional device, mainly used for entertainment, communication and information seeking Apart from the basic phone functions of making or receiving calls and texting (SMS), the majority of Australian smartphone owners use their handsets for various purposes : * To keep themselves entertained via multimedia activities (86%) * Utilising the phone features such as organiser (75%) and navigation (64%) * Engaging in various online activities, particularly web-browsing (73%) and downloading / using an app (63%) * Staying connected with people (82%), consuming information (76%) and engaging in shopping-related activities (61%) Taking pictures or videos with phone's camera 72% Playing downloaded games 49% Listening to music collections stored in mobile phone 47% Keep Entertained 86% Watching video collection stored in mobile phone 30% Using the Organiser (e.g. calendar, alarm clock, notes, task management, etc.) 75% Maps - Using navigation / GPS 64% 20% Scanning a QR code 17% Editing or transfer files (any format) 17% Using a voice command feature Smartphone Features 86% 14% Using the near field communication (NFC) Web browsing 73% Download / use an app 63% Do online banking 46% Listening to online music / radio 33% 26% Sharing photos in photo sharing sites 25% Playing online games Online Activities 85% 21% Watching online videos / TV programs via website 5% Make a donation to a charity online Send and / or read emails 66% Access social networking sites 55% Instant messaging 53% Staying Connected 82% 11% Video chatting Used a search engine for specific information interested in (e.g. a product / service, travel guide, sports, recipe, etc.) 60% Daily updates - Weather forecast, horoscope, RSS Feeds, etc. 53% News Read news on online newspaper or magazine portals 38% Stay Informed 76% 27% Read online content in blogs, forums, etc. Locate a retailer or a store 42% Browsing or looking for a product via online shopping websites 40% 26% Make a purchase through website 22% Read a customer review 22% Compare prices while shopping in-store Shopping-related Activities 61% 19% Make a purchase via a downloaded app 13% Use special offers / coupons sent to me based on my location 7% Write a customer view Base: Smartphone Users (n = 352) Australian smartphone users are multitasking with their device Smartphones have become embedded in the daily life of many Australians. Smartphone users are carrying their handsets everywhere they go, and the urge to multitask takes over even when they are relaxing or taking a time-out. Specifically, smartphones are used at the same time when carrying out the following activities . * Slightly more than two-thirds use their smartphones while waiting for someone, lying in bed at home or while commuting * 1 in 2 smartphone users use their handsets while waiting in line, shopping, watching TV/video/DVD or walking from one place to another. While waiting for someone Watch TV, a video or DVD /In a waiting room Listening to music 46% 51% 69% Using the internet via a PC (desktop/laptop) or Tablet 39% Waiting in line 54% Listening to the radio 29% Using the bathroom 26% Killing Time Moment 82% Media- Related Activities 79% Reading - Newspaper, Magazine 23% Taking a smoking break Playing video games 21% 18% Reading a book 18% At the cinema While commuting (on a bus or train, in a car as 11% passenger, etc.) 66% Check the phone while lying in bed 67% Walking from one place to another 51% On-The-Go 77% Cooking/doing household chores At Home 77% 38% While you are driving a car or motorbike Playing with kids 18% 14% Gardening or DIY 14% While shopping 53% Eating 47% Hanging out with friends 43% Time Out At a social gathering /function 72% 36% Playing sports/while exercising (jogging,cycling,working out at the gym,etc.) 16% Walking my dog 15% Base: Smartphone Users (n = 352) Most used smartphone apps category * The 5 most popular apps category installed / downloaded are "games", "maps / search / navigation", "social networking", "weather" and " music". * Gaming leapfrogged other smartphone apps as the most used apps in the past 30 days (60%), followed by "social networking" (58%). * Also, half of the apps users have used an apps to check weather (55%), doing map search / navigation (54%) and performing financial-related activities via their smartphone (50%). %24 Maps/Search /Navigation Social Networking Games Weather Communications Banking/ Finance Music Currently Installed Apps 79% 79% 72% 72% 63% 58% 58% Used in 60% 54% 58% 55% 41% 38% 50% past 30 days NEWS Entertainment News Tools/Utilities Photography Shopping/Retails Business Video/Movies Currently Installed Apps 53% 53% 53% 44% 39% 38% 35% Used in past 30 days 29% 38% 33% 29% 24% 18% 20% Books & Reference Health & Fitness Lifestyle/ Dining/Food/ Restaurant Travel Education/ Learning Sports Other Apps Currently Installed Apps 35% 31% 30% 29% 24% 24% 8% Used in 12% 17% 22% 13% 9% 10% 5% past 30 days Base: Apps Users (n = 221) 1 in 5 smartphone users scanned QR codes on their phone * The top reason for scanning a QR code is to get additional information (58%) * Interestingly, some consumers would scan one out of simple curiosity (20%) Get more information (about the company, product info, event,special deal, etc.) 58% To get a coupon/ discount/free gift 23% Just curious to know what it would do 20% Gain access to exclusive content 20% Can't Remember 12% Make a purchase after scanning a QR code 19% QR-code enabled mobile surveys (associated to the survey's URL) 13% To enter a contest or a prize draw 19% Base:QR Code Users (n = 69) Purchase intention of a new smartphone within the next 2 years * Close to half of all mobile phone users are considering buying a new smartphone. * Current smartphone users have significantly higher purchase interest (58%) than non-smartphone users (35%). * Potential conversion to smartphones - One-thirds of non-smartphone users have shown interest in buying a smartphone as their new handsets. All Mobile Phone Users Non-smartphone Users Smartphone Users Base: Mean Score: Top2 Boxes: N= 679 3.31 47% n= 352 3.65 58% n= 327 2.94 35% 30% 20% 9% 28% 27% 26% Definitely would buy 28% 25% 30% Probably would buy 12% Neither/Uncertain 15% 5% 18% Probably would not buy 11% Definitely would not buy 16% Potential Market Share of Smartphone OS Platform * Android and Apple iOS will continue to be the most preferred smartphone OS, even amongst intenders. Windows Phone 7% Blackberry OS 2% 1% Symbian OS ios 1% Other OS Android Apple ios Don't Know 23% 36% 31% Base: Smartphone Intenders (n = 319) Smartphones are an essential device amongst many Australians The smartphone has revolutionized the way we live, work, play and communicate, and many have grown reliant on their handsets. It has transformed consumer behaviour, media consumption, the way we keep ourselves entertained, seek information and navigation, shop and multitask. Understanding today's smartphone users would assist business in demystifying market trends and consumer usage behaviour, thus developing strategies to gain a long-term relationship with consumers. Written by : The i-Link Team Sample Source : i-Link| the online research company LiveTribe

Understanding Smartphone Users in Australia

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Digital gadgets are changing the way we live our lives. Smartphones are one gadget that could influence our choices in day-to-day life, i.e. the way we interact with people, consume information and po...


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