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The Guide to Tracking Your Health and Fitness Online

Greatist COMPLETE GUIDE TO TRACKING YOUR FALTH & FITN ONLINE Keeping track of all things related to your health has never been so easy! The Internet and smartphones give you instant access to all the health apps you could ever hope to use. Studies have shown that: You can lose twice the weight by tracking what you eat. You can find patterns in weight gain. You can find patterns in energy levels. WHY TRACK YOUR HEALTH? BENEFITSOF TRACKING According to Online Fitness Log YOU'LL BE MORE MOTIVATED 2 4 IT GIVES YOU MORE ACCOUNTABILITY Being able to look back at Many sites offer forums where When someone else can see how well you are sticking to your goals, it can really help you stay on track. your progress will keep you on you can find fitness or diet track. partners. 34 YOU'LL BENEFIT FROM PLANNING Just setting a goal isn't good enough to reach it. You'll need a plan. + Calculators can help you figure out how to reach your goals. Eхample: Planning If you want to lose weight by a specific date, a diet calculator can tell you how much to lose per day or week and how many calories you should consume. Tracking a health habit, whether it's drinking more water or doing a certain amount of cardio every day, makes it easier to follow. 4 2 CONSISTENCY THE BEST Websites offer convenient ways to track health and can be a handy way to connect with others who have similar health goals. Many sites offer a range of services rather than focusing on just one, and forums are frequently available. OF THE WEB SPARKPEOPLE Includes forum, diet plans, and food and fitness tracking -► Also offers recipes Offers trackers for everything from meals and glucose levels to fitness and weight DIET.COM Also offers recipes FITDAY.COM Provides tracking for calories, exercise, and weight loss * WETRA Keeps track of your weight on a daily or weekly basis Sends the tracking info to your doctor for a more customized diet plan Encourages you to meet goals by setting up monetary stakes to achieve them STICKK Invites your friends to support you through your weight goal Provides tools for tracking and monitoring your health LIVESTRONG goals LS Keeps you inspired through personal stories and videos Is a fitness social network for detailed tracking, online accountability, and motivation DAILYBURN Has both online and mobile tools for keeping you on track Helps by turning exercise into a FITOCRACY reach fitness goals game Earn points, tackle challenges and compare with others GOING. MOBILE HEALTH WITH YOUR Not surprisingly, mobile phones are one of the best options for tracking health and fitness. In fact, you'll find literally thousands of apps available for this very purpose, so you can pick and choose. Here are some of our favorites: MULTIPLE PHONES DAILYBURN MY FITNESS PAL RUNKEEPER Offers multiple apps with different functions Provides tips on food intake, exercise, and calories, as well as your goals Tracks exercise, including calories burned and distance traveled Uses photos of food to estimate calories you eat Customizes your Training Plan for diet and exercise IPHONE APPS FOOD DB FOOD IPHONE LIVESTRONG'S HUNDRED INFORMATION NUTRITION CALORIE PUSHUPS Provides nutritional info on Lets you improve your fitness level and track DATABASE TRACKER Lets you check calorie amounts in foods from Tracks calories and fitness goals all types of foods improvements with its six-week One of the most popular new calorie-tracking apps for iPhone hundreds of program restaurants IPOD TOUCH APPS HEALTHY YOGA STRETCH A+ WEIGHT TRACKER HEALTHY U Allows you to follow along with an Enter your daily weight to track your overall progress Create a healthy meal plan tailored to your needs instructor Calculate BMI and Includes music and take notes Learn more about nutrition images ANDROID APPS SPECTREK SUPPA TIME POCKET YOGA FIRST AID Makes running a game by hunting ghosts Helps plan meals for bodybuilders ASSIST Provides yoga instruction tips in the palm of your hand Covers all basic and others first aid Uses camera, GPS, and games to get fit Schedules your supplements, meals, and workouts procedures Offers more than Includes video links for necessary techniques 140 poses in yoga There are many cool new gadgets on the GADGETS•FOR market these days to help you keep track HEALTH of your fitness. One of the biggest benefits is that they will measure factors Like heart rate and blood pressure and then record it online for you to monitor. There's virtually no work left for you to do! FITBIT WIFI BODY SCALE Tracks your movements through a band Measures your weight Provides progress checks online Sends your information online, where it will track and is viewable on your computer, iPad, or mobile phone MYTREK M NIKE+ Measures calories burned, distance, training, and pulse through armband Shares your running stats on Facebook Displays results on your mobile phone Lets friends cheer you on or challenge you to a race from anywhere ZEO Monitors your sleep patterns with graphs and reports 7:00 SOURCES health/1676/

The Guide to Tracking Your Health and Fitness Online

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Today with smartphones and a plethora of apps, it's never been easier to stay fit and eat healthy. This infographic provides information about the varios health and fitness apps available, explains ho...



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