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The Ultimate Adobe Creative Cloud Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Adobe CC KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS CHEAT SHEET A QUICK AND EASY REFERENCE TO THE MOST IMPORTANT KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS ON ALL SEVEN OF THE MOST POPULAR PROGRAMS ON ADOBE CREATIVE CLOUD Ai Ps Id Fw FI Pr Ae Ai 20 스 esc F1 F2 F4 FS F10 FI2 2$ & 1 2 3 8 delete lasso tool blond tool free transform rotate tool text tool magic wand mesh tool eye drop refect tool pen tool tab drect selection scale tool hand tool ellose tool bucket tool enter : caps lock н return zoom scissors selection tool brush rectangle tool Iine segment pon shift shift х N. alt alt command Hcommand fn control option option Tools SHORTCUTS Selection Eraser Shift + E Shift + E Column Graph Direct Selection A Scissors Slice Shift+K Shift+K Group Selection Shift Shift Rotate Hand н Н Magic Wand Y. Y. Reflect Zoom Lasso Scale Toggle Fill and Stroke Pen Width Shift+W Shift+W Default Fill and Stroke D. Add Anchor Point Warp Shift+R Shift+R Swap Fill and Stroke Shift+X Shift+X Delete Anchor Point Free Transform Gradient Convert Anchor Point Shift +C Shift +C Shape Builder Shift+M Shift+M Color Type Live Paint Bucket None Touch Type Shift +T Shift +T Live Paint Selection Shift+L Shift+L Toggle 3 Screen Modes Line Segment Perspective Grid Shift+P Shift+P Show/Hide All Panels Tab Tab Rectangle Perspective Selection Shift +V Shift +V Show/Hide All But Toolbox Shift+Tab Shift+Tab Ellipse Mesh Increase Diameter Paintbrush B B Gradient Decrease Diameter Pencil N. Eyedropper Symbolism Tools: Increase Shift+} Shift+) Blob Brush Symbolism Tools: Decrease Shift+( Shift+{ Shift + B Shift + E Blend Artboard Shift+0 Shift+o Symbol Sprayer Shift+S Shift+S Toggle Drawing Mode Shift+D Shift+D Ps esc 100% % s0% & 70% 7 opacity - switch @ 20% opacity 10% # 30% 40% 60% 80% 90% open tabs opacity it to 3 opacity 4 opacity 5 °Ancity opacity opacity opacity delete screen zoom out zoom in quick mask magie wand history brush shape tool dodge tool eraser rotate tool text tool eye dropper т tab path select clone tol paint bucket hand tool healing brush 3d tools lasso tools enter : hide/ hide show guides grids caps lock н return zoom 3d camera トキ B. shift N. / shift alt alt control option command 6 Hcommand option Tools SHORTCUTS Tools Tools SHORTCUTS SHORTCUTS Move tool V, 0 History Brush tool 3D Object Rotate tool Rectangular Marquee tool V, 0 Art History Brush tool" 3D Object Roll tool K Elliptical Marquee tool A, 1 Eraser tool 3D Object Pan tool Lasso tool Background Eraser tool 3D Object Slide tool к Polygonal Lasso tool Magic Eraser tool 3D Object Scale tool Magnetic Lasso tool Gradient tool 3D Camera Rotate tool Magic Wand tool Paint Bucket tool 3D Camera Roll tool Quick Selection tool Dodge tool 3D Camera Pan tool Crop tool Burn tool 3D Camera Walk tool Slice tool Sponge tool 3D Camera Zoom N N Slice Select tool Pen tool Hand tool н Eyedropper tool Freeform Pen tool Rotate View tool Color Sampler tool Horizontal Type tool т Zoom tool Ruler tool Vertical Type tool т т Note tool Horizontal Type mask tool т т Count tool т Vertical Type mask tool т т "Spot Healing Brush tool в Path Selection tool A A Healing Brush tool Direct Selection tool Patch tool Rectangle tool Red Eye tool" Rounded Rectangle tool "Brush tool Ellipse tool Pencil tool Polygon tool Color Replacement tool Line tool Mixer Brush tool" в Custom Shape tool "Clone Stamp tool Pattern Stamp tool" ld 29 스 esc F6 F7 F10 add anchor delete anchor %23 2$ & delete free transform eye drop rotate tool text tool gap tool reflect tool { } tab direce selection гесрo frame tool ellpse tool measure tool enter caps lock return toogle f/ stroke zoom scissors seloction tool content pen rectangle tool cotlector tood shift shift alt alt fn control option command 8 R command option Tools SHORTCUTS Tools SHORTCUTS Selection tool V, Esc V, Esc Eyedropper tool Direct Selection tool Measure tool Toggle Selection and Direct Cmd+Tab Ctrl+Tab Gradient tool Page tool Shift+P Shift+P Scissors tool Gap tool Hand tool н н Pen tool Temporarily selects Spacebar (Layout mode), Spacebar (Layout mode), Add Anchor Point tool Hand tool Opt (Text mode), or Alt (Text mode), or Delete Anchor Point tool Opt+Spacebar (both) Alt+Spacebar (both) Convert Direction Point tool Shift+C Shift+C Zoom tool Type tool т Temp selects Zoom Intool Cmd+Spacebar Ctrl+Spacebar Type On A Path tool Shift+T Shift+T Toggle Fill and Stroke Pencil tool (Note tool) Swap Fill and Stroke Shift+X Shift+X Line tool Toggle between Formatting Rectangle Frame tool Affects Container & Rectangle tool Formatting Affects Text Ellipse tool Apply Color , [comma] [comma) Rotate tool Apply Gradient - [period] [period] Scale tool Apply No Color Shear tool Switch between Normal View Free Transform tool and Preview Mode Frame Grid tool (horizontal) Frame Grid tool (vertical) Gradient Feather tool Shift+G Shift+G Fw esc F10 F12 Nselection pointee show slces & hotspots 2$ & pointer J'tool 3 4 8 %3D delete magle wand blur tool text toot knite tool rectangle tool eye dropper treeform tool pen toot eraser { т tab rubber stamp rectangle hotspot lasso tools subselection pointer stroke / fil color full screen mode paint bucket hand tool sice tool enter : caps lock return crop tool pointer tool swap stroke / brush tool Ine tool marquee tool shift V. B' shift alt alt fn control option command H command option Tools SHORTCUTS Path Scrubber tool - additive V, 0 V, 0 Pointer tool V, 0 Redraw Path tool Select Behind tool V, 0 Path Scrubber tool - subtractive Brush tool B в Subselection tool A, 1 A, 1 Eyedropper tool Scale tool Marquee tool Paint Bucket tool Skew tool Oval Marquee tool м Gradient tool Distort tool Lasso tool Eraser tool 9-slice scaling tool Polygon Lasso tool Blur tool Freeform tool Crop tool Sharpen tool Reshape Area tool Export Area tool Dodge tool Slice tool K. Magic Wand tool Burn tool Polygon Slice tool Line tool Smudge tool Hand tool H. Н Pen tool Rubber Stamp tool Zoom tool Rectangle tool Replace Color tool Hide/Show Slices Ellipse tool Red Eye Removal Default Stroke and Fill Colors Polygon tool Knife tool Y. Swap Stroke and Fill Colors Text tool т т Rectangle Hotspot tool Toggle Screen Mode Pencil tool Circle Hotspot tool Vector Path tool Polygon Hotspot tool FI add key frame add hlank key frame Symbol & 1 3 4 8 delete free transform 24 retation eraser tool type toel геслnole width toot oye dropper pen tool { } т tab gradient transform object drawing sub select Ink bottle hand tool palnt bucket lasso tool enter play caps lock Н return zoom tool conven seloction Ine tool bone tool previous frame noxt anchor polnt shift M. shift aoto previous alt alt goto next command 3 command fn control option option Tools Timeline SHORTCUTS SHORTCUTS Play Enter Enter Arrow Paint Bucket Rewind Cmd 0 Ctrl O Sub Select Dropper Previous Frame Lasso Eraser Next Frame Line Hand н н Goto First Scene Home Home Pen Magnifier Goto Last Scene End End Add Anchor Point Free Transform %3D Goto Previous Scene Page Up Page Up Delete Anchor Point Fill Transform Goto Next Scene Page Down Page Down Convert Anchor Point Object Drawing Text T. т 3D Translation Tool G Oval 3D Rotation Tool Rectangle Global Transform Frames Oval Primitive Deco Tool SHORTCUTS Rectangle Primitive Spray Brush в Pencil Y. Bone Tool м м Brush Bind Tool Add Frame F5 F5 Ink Bottle Delete Frame Shift F5 Shift F5 Add Keyframe F6 F6 Add Blank Keyframe F7 F7 Make Symbol F8 F8 Pr esc 스 camera 2 camera 3 camera 4 camera camera 9 delete zoom out zoom n go to in point go to in point track tool side tool pen tool trim back trim twrd play around eject rowind slip tool mark in mark out tab Snap orvom clear in point clear out point record shuttle left shuttle right open caps lock G. н return zoom tool rate stretch razor tool solection tool ripple edit toot roll edit tool marker overwrite shift shift prev edit alt alt prev trame prev edit next frame command H command option fn control option 1 media start media end Playback & Navigation Keys Basic Editing Keys SHORTCUTS SHORTCUTS Shuttle left (tap twice for faster RW) Selection Tool Stop K Razor Tool Shuttle right (tap twice for faster FW) Ripple Edit Tool в в Move one frame +/- UR Arrows LUR Arrows Track Select Tool Play / Stop Space Space Roll Edit Tool N Render Enter Enter Zoom In/Out Mark In Point Snap (turn on/off] Mark Out Point Slide Edit Tool Zoom In Rate Strech Tool к K Zoom Out Pen Tool Ripple Delete Selected from Timeline Delete Delete Insert & Overwrite Tool <,> く > Copy & Paste SHORTCUTS Project Commands SHORTCUTS Copy Cmd V Ctrl V New Project Cmd-0 Ctrl-0 Cut Cmd C Ctrl C New Sequence Cmd-N Ctrl-N Paste Over Cmd B Ctrl B New Bin Cmd-/ Ctrl-/ Duplicate Cmd A Ctrl A Import Cmd-I Ctrl-I Paste Attributes Opt-Cmd-V Alt Ctrl V Import From Media Browser Cmd-Opt-I Ctrl-Alt-I Undo Cmd-z Ctrl Z Export Cmd-M Ctri-M Redo Cmd-Shift-Z Ctrl Shift Z Save As Cmd-Shift-S Ctrl-Shift-S Clear In & Out Opt-X Alt X Close Project Cmd-Shift-w Ctrl-Shift-W Speed/Duration Cmd-R Ctrl-R Select All Cmd-A Ctrl-A Deselect All Cmd-Shift-A Ctrl-Shift-A Ae oftect controls easy ease out display 30 view 1 display snapsho display display snapsho Internupt help doseloct all Layer switches 30 viow 2 30 view 3 running script esc 14 F12 room zoom maximize or restore panel 5 delete set marker set marker set marker set marker set markor set marker set marker set marker set marker set marker mask & shape rotate property roperties wit kovtramas layer in point position property move in move out effects property pan behind toggle out point polnt 1 polnt compostion tab T toxt tool scroll to current timeline mask feather property anchor point property scale property pen tools hand tool previous audio levels zoom in single safe zones enter rename property caps lock return scroll topmost selection tool beglooiog ef Work ara end of work zoom out zoom in 100% Zoom prepertes shift shift B brush tool IN alt seloct prov A layer II play / pause move keytrame 1 frame later move keytrame seloct next fn control option command command option Tools SHORTCUTS Cycle through tools Opt-click tool button Alt-click tool button Activate Pan Behind tool in Tools panel in Tools panel Activate and cycle through mask and shape Activate Selection tool tools (Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Activate Hand tool н н Ellipse, Polygon, Star) Temporarily activate Hand tool Hold down spacebar Hold down spacebar Activate and cycle through Type tools Cmd+T Ctrl+T or the middle mouse or the middle mouse (Horizontal and Vertical) button. button. Activate and cycle through pen tools (Pen, Activate Zoom In tool Add Vertex, Delete Vertex, and Convert Activate Zoom Out tool Option (when Zoom Alt (when Zoom In Vertex) (CS5.5, and earlier) In tool is active) tool is active) Activate and cycle between the Pen and Activate Rotation tool Mask Feather tools (CS6) Activate Roto Brush tool Option+W Alt+W Temporarily activate Selection tool when a Cmd Crl Activate and cycle through pen tool is selected Camera tools (Unified Camera, Temporarily activate pen tool when the Cmd+Option Ctrl+Alt Orbit Camera, Track XY Camera, Selection tool is selected and pointer is over and Track Z Camera) a path (Add Vertex tool when pointer is over Activate and cycle through Cmd+B Ctrl+B a segment; Convert Vertex tool when pointer Brush, Clone Stamp, and is over a vertex) Eraser tools Activate and cycle through Puppet tools Cmd+P Ctrl+P Temporarily convert Selection Ctri (in shape layer) Cmd (in shape layer) Temporarily convert Selection tool to Shape Option (in Alt (in shape tool to Direct Selection tool Duplication tool shape layer) layer) INFOGRAPHIC BY How to Build A Money Making Blog In 8 hours .... |-a * co * co

The Ultimate Adobe Creative Cloud Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

shared by LanaMc on Apr 24
Hundreds of keyboard shortcuts for the Adobe Creative Cloud all in one big cheat sheet.




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