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2015 Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Ps 2015 ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CC KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS CHEAT SHEET esc % 50% & 70% 7 opacity 100% opacity - switch 10% opacity 1 @ 20% орacity # 30% орacity 3 > 40% орacity 60% open tabs 80% opacity 90% орacity 9 opacity opacity 8 fit to delete zoom out zoom in quick mask magic wand rotate tool text tool shape tool eye dropper dodge tool pen tool eraser } tab Q W R. paint bucket enter hide / hido / show show caps lock A D G H. ; guides grids return zoom crop tool selection tool brush 3d camera marquee tool > shift V B shift alt alt fn control option command H command option Tools SHORTCUTS Tools SHORTCUTS Tools SHORTCUTS Move tool V, 0 History Brush tool Y Y 3D Object Rotate tool K K Rectangular Marquee tool V, 0 Art History Brush tool" Y Y 3D Object Roll tool K K Elliptical Marquee tool M A, 1 Eraser tool E 3D Object Pan tool K K Lasso tool M Background Eraser tool E E 3D Object Slide tool K K Polygonal Lasso tool Magic Eraser tool E E 3D Object Scale tool K K Magnetic Lasso tool Gradient tool G G 3D Camera Rotate tool N Magic Wand tool Paint Bucket tool G G 3D Camera Roll tool N Quick Selection tool Dodge tool 3D Camera Pan tool N. Crop tool Burn tool 3D Camera Walk tool Slice tool Sponge tool 3D Camera Zoom N N Slice Select tool C Pen tool P Hand tool H H Eyedropper tool Freeform Pen tool P Rotate View tool R R Color Sampler tool U Horizontal Type tool T Zoom tool Ruler tool Vertical Type tool T. Note tool Horizontal Type mask tool Count tool Vertical Type mask tool T T PHOTOSHOP SHORTCUTS CHEAT SHEET BY "Spot Healing Brush tool J B Path Selection tool A Healing Brush tool P Direct Selection tool A Patch tool J P Rectangle tool U Red Eye tool" J B Rounded Rectangle tool U U "Brush tool B Ellipse tool U Pencil tool B Polygon tool Color Replacement tool B Q Line tool Mixer Brush tool" B Custom Shape tool U How to Build A Money "Clone Stamp tool S Making Blog In 8 hours Pattern Stamp tool" S Image Commands SHORTCUTS Layer Commands SHORTCUTS Adjustments > New> Levels. Cmd+L Ctrl+L Layer Shift+Cmd+N Shift+Ctrl+N Curves Cmd+M Ctrl+M Layer via Copy Cmd+J Ctrl+J Hue/Saturation Cmd+U Ctrl+U Layer via Cut Shift+Cmd+J Shift+Ctrl+J Color Balance Cmd+B Ctrl+B Create/Release Clipping Mask Opt+Cmd+G Alt+Ctrl+G Black & White. Opt+Shift+Cmd+B Alt+Shift+Ctrl+B Group Layers Cmd+G Ctrl+G Invert Cmd+l Ctrl+l Ungroup Layers. Shift+Cmd+G Shift+Ctrl+G Desaturate Shift+Cmd+U Shift+Ctrl+U Arrange > Auto Tone Shift+Cmd+L Shift+Ctrl+L Bring to Front Shift+Cmd+] Shift+Ctrl+] Auto Contrast Opt+Shift+Cmd+L Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L Bring Forward Cmd+) Ctrl+) Auto Color Shift+Cmd+B Shift+Ctrl+B Send Backward Cmd+[ Ctrl+[ Image Size Opt+Cmd+l Alt+Ctrl+l Send to Back Shift+Cmd+[ Shift+Ctrl+[ Canvas Size Opt+Cmd+C Alt+Ctrl+C Merge Layers Cmd+E Ctrl+E Record Measurements Shift+Cmd+M Shift+Cmd+M Merge Visible Shift+Cmd+E Shift+Ctrl+E View Commands Select Commands SHORTCUTS SHORTCUTS Proof Colors Cmd+Y Ctrl+Y Select All Cmd+A Ctrl+A Gamut Warning Shift+Cmd+Y Shift+Ctrl+Y Deselect Cmd+D Ctrl+D Zoom In Cmd++ Cmd+= Ctrl++ Ctrl+ Reselect Shift+Cmd+D Shift+Ctrl+D Zoom Out Cmd+- Ctrl+- Inverse Shift+Cmd+l or Shift+F7 Shift+Ctrl+l or Shift+F7 Fit on Screen Cmd+0 Ctrl+0 All Layers Opt+Cmd+A Alt+Ctrl+A 100% Cmd+1 or Opt+Cmd+0 Ctrl+1 or Alt+Ctrl+0 Find Layers Opt+Shift+Cmd+F Alt+Shift+Ctrl+F Extras Cmd+H Ctrl+H Refine Edge Opt+Cmd+R Alt+Ctrl+R Show > Modify > Target Path Shift+Cmd+H Shift+Ctrl+H Feather Shift+F6 Shift+F6 Grid Cmd+ Ctrl+ Guides Cmd+; Ctrl+; Rulers Cmd+R Ctrl+R Filter Commands SHORTCUTS Snap Shift+Cmd+; Shift+Ctrl+; Lock Guides Opt+Cmd+; Alt+Ctrl+; Last Filtor Cmd+F Ctrl+F Adaptive Wide Angle Opt+Shift+Cmd+A Alt+Shift+Ctrl+A 3D Commands Camera Raw Filter Shift+Çmd+A Shift+Ctrl+A SHORTCUTS Lens Correction Shift+Cmd+R Shift+Ctrl+R Liquify Shift+Cmd+X Shift+Ctrl+X Show/Hide Polygons > Vanishing Point Opt+Cmd+V Alt+Ctrl+V Within Selection Opt+Cmd+X Alt+Ctrl+X Reveal All Opt+Shift+Cmd+X Alt+Shift+Ctrl+X Render Opt+Shift+Cmd+R Alt+Shift+Ctrl+R

2015 Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

shared by LanaMc on Apr 21
One of Adobe Photoshop’s strengths is that it makes extensive use of keyboard shortcuts; but, there are so many that it’s difficult to remember them all. So, I’ve created a “cheat sheet” tha...




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