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Top Online CRM and Social CRM Apps The Most Important Online CRM and Social CRM Apps What is CRM and Social CRM Software? Q Web-based CRM and Social CRM apps are key for a good customer relationship and are popular Software as a Service solutions. This infographic puts the most important online CRM and SCRM solutions on a landscape and guides you through your buying decision making process. CRM solutions help a business to manage customer relationships - the application will automate the CRM process and help you organize your customer information leaving you more time to concentrate on strategy. CRM tracks all customer information in a database and allows you to input all interactions to better understand your customer needs. Q See what are the most important apps and compare how they perform in terms of size, popularity, social media presence, mobility, ease of integration and trust factors. Social CRM solutions provide, apart from customer management, the ability of interaction among all users and integrate customer-driven dynamic channels such as social networks. Contenders aplicor* Autotask Brightpearl THE SOCIAL MELP DEEK Makes IT business run. Better." by Aplicor by by Autotask Corporation by Brightpearl CPsule Commence satisfaction Highrise The Most Trusted Name in CRM by Zestia Ltd by Commence Corporation by Get Satisfaction by 37 Signals Infusionsoft. intelligent sales technology Maximizer Software Simply Successful CRM Less Annoying CRM by Infusionsoft, Inc. by by Less Annoying Software by Maximizer Software ORACLE Microsoft Dynamics CRM *nimble NETSUITE CRM ON DEMAND by Microsoft Corporation by NetSuite by Nimble by Oracle PipelineDeals Sage CRM salesforce salesnexus > ONLINE CRM AND EMAIL MARKETING by PipelineDeals by Sage Technologies Limited by by SalesNexus SAP shputlet sproutsocial SUGARCRM. by SAP by Shoutlet, Inc. by SproutSocial by SugarCRM WORK zendesk ZOHO CRM etc LOVE YOUR HELP DESK by Workbooks by WORKetc by Zendesk by Zoho Kingdom of Customer Relation SproutSocial • • Aplicor Online CRM Ocean of Customer Relation Nimble • • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online o SalesNexus Online CRM and Email Marketing Zoho CRM O Get Satisfaction Capsule CRM • WORKetc • Less Annoying CRM Shoutlet • Autotask Commence Highrise CRM • SugarCRM • SAP CRM On demand Workbooks Zendesk o Hosted CRM Salesforce Infusionsoft Netsuite CRM+ Maximizer CRM O Sage CRM SOCIAL CRM • Brightpearl • PipelineDeals CRM / SCRM MIX Archipelago of the CRM and SCRM Encounter • Oracle CRM OnDemand CRM Mixture SCRM Traditional CRM apps that incorporate social Apps that incorporate real-time data which is generated directly from the customer and which are based on a two-way engagement model Traditional CRMS are based on historical data, a one-way engagement model and company defined processes elements Age and Size of Software Companies Smll Medium Large Zendesk Number of employees Sprout Social 37signals Workbooks Get Satisfaction 1999 Oracle NetSuite SugarCRM Nimble Microsoft 1977 Corporation Less Annoying Software Commence Corporation 1998 Zoho Infusionsoft Shoutlet WORKetc Zestia Ltd Maximizer 1996 Software Autotask Corporation SalesNexus Aplicor InsideSales Pipeline Deals Brightpearl 1975 1988 SAP Sage 1972 1981 1995 70's 80's 2001 2002 | 2003 2004 2006 2007 2009 S,06 1986 First Contact Management Software was introduced 2003 The Web becomes social with MySpace, Delicious, Secondlife and Facebook 1998 1999 Founders launch and "The End of Software" revolution begins First "Multi-Tenant" Saas Application This timeline gives you a broad overview of the age of the software company and their number of employees. Popularity and Other Important Decision Factors: Social Media Presence Does the solution meet your needs with the following Integration and API Flexibility Price Transparency Trust Guarantees Popularity High Medium Low Social Media Google Apps Salesforce Third Party Seals Price Transparency Highrise CRM Aplicor Online CRM Autotask Brightpearl Commence Integration API Trust Highrise CRM Aplicor Online CRM Autotask Get Satisfaction Less Annoying CRM Brightpearl Commence Infusionsoft Hosted CRM Get Satisfaction Infusionsoft Hosted CRM Maximizer CRM Dynamics CRM Online Netsuite CRM+ Oracle CRM OnDemand Less Annoying CRM Maximizer CRM Nimble Ms Dynamics CRM Netsuite CRM+ Marketing SAP CRM ổn demand Nimble Pipeline Deals SalesNexus Online CRM Oracle CRM PipelineDeals Sage CRM Saleforce Sage CRM Saleforce SalesNexus Shoutlet SproutSocial SugarCRM Workbooks WORKetc SAP CRM On demand Shoutlet SproutSocial SugarCRM Workbooks Zendesk Capsule Zoho CRM WORKetc Zendesk Capsule Zoho CRM This is an indication of the popularity for each application. We also take into account their social media presence. In addition, we measure popularity by the following indicators: Alexa rank, Compete rank and number of queries per month in Google. The social media presence indicators are the number of followers in Twitter, Facebook and Linkedln. For each solution, this table lists information about integration with major online applications, availability of an open API, price transparency on the website, and third party seals for security and transparency. Can you Access this Application with your Favorite Mobile Device? iOS Android 37Signals Autotask This diagram informs you about the availability of a dedicated app for iOS, Android or both. NetSuite Oracle O Some vendors not shown might offer a mobile accessible version of their software. Salesforce Shoutlet SproutSocial SugarCRM WORKetc Zendesk Zoho Still undecided? Need more information to make a shortlist? Go to to read reviews and discover CRM Apps or to for Social CRM Apps is a business software marketplace where businesses can discover, compare and review the best online business software for their needs. Android™M is a trademark of Google Inc. iPhone® and iPad® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. "The Most Important Online CRM and Social CRM Apps" is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Inc. > >> Intuit >> <« <« <« < <«<« « <<<<« <<<<<<<«« <<<<<

Top Online CRM and Social CRM Apps

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