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The State of the Tablet Takeover in the Enterprise

TABLET TAKEOVER The State of the Tablet PC in the Enterprise First introduced by Microsoft in 1999, many viewed the Tablet PC as a toy. a device that couldn't get any real work done. With the release of Apple's iPad in 2010, the mobile computing world has been consumed with tablets. A mobile device that is bigger than a smartphone, but smaller than a laptop, Tablet PCs are quickly becoming the device of choice for professionals who need the power of a computer, with the portability of a smartphone. Today's HE2sday looks at the state of the Tablet takeover in the enterprise. A Blossoming Market Total number of tablets shipped worldwide in 2011 (Q2): 15.1 million units 2010 (Q2) 35 million units This is almost FIVE times the amount of units sold last year during the same quarter. Why Do Most People Prefer Using a Tablet Over a Laptop? In a 2011 Nielsen report, most cite the tablet's ease and mobility as key advantages over owning a PC or laptop. Strting Easy to carry/ take with you 31% Simplicity of interface/OS Convenience Fast on/off 15% Size 21% 12% 12% (Percent of respondents) Face-Off Global Tablet OS Shipments The total global shipment figure for various tablet PC operating systems has seen notable growth over the course of just a year. with tech behemoth Apple still holding its reign on top. 1OS (Millions of units) 9.3 "Apple iPad did to the tablet PC market what the iPhone did to the Smartphone market re invented it. 4.6 3.3 Others Onx 0101 05 os 0.1 0.7 2010 20u Microsoft and QNX didn't deploy their tablet platforms until 2011. Market Share It's no surprise that Apple owns the majority of the tablet market share, but it's seen a considerable dip from last year and may be facing some stiff competition from developers like Android and Microsoft. Riding the success of the Samsung Galaxy. Android has captured more than 30 percent of the market - up a whopping 10 times from 2010. Apple iOS: 94.3% Apple 1OS. 61.3% 02:2010 Q2:2011 -Others. 0.7% QNX: 3.3% -Microsoft: 4.6% Others: 29% Androld: 30.1% Android. 29% How is it Being Used in the Office? How often do you use it for business? 72% 22% 14% Önce a week 2% Once or twice per day Önce a month or less 62% Multiple times per day of US enterprises are using tablets today. n (Percent of respondents) Most Use it to Check Email What are the primary business uses for your tablet? @ Checking email 37% Surfing the web Giving presentations 30% 13% Creating content Taking notes Tracking to-do list 9% (Percent ol respondents) Predictions for the Tablet In 2012, more tablets will sell per year than notebook laptops. One in five US consumers will own a tablet by 2014'. Forecasted Tablet Unit Sales Yearly US sales of tablet devices are expected to rise to 82.1 million units by 2015, and there are no signs of them stopping (Millions of units) 26 2011 76.1 82.1 50.7 7 67.7 2012 2013 2014 2015 Can the Tablet Replace the Laptop? A recent iPass survey asked mobile workers in the United States: Netbook/ Smartbook Another device Tablet Smartphone Do you think any device available today can replace the laptop for general business use? ? Although almost a third of respondents believe the tablet can be a successful alternative to the laptop for business use in the future, the majority still foresee other devices assuming that role. 27.4% 6.4% 3.4% 39% (Percent of respondents) O SOCIALCAST SOURCES: MODEL METRICS | IPASS | HARRIS INTERACTIVE I FORRESTER RESEARCH | GARTNER | STRATEGY ANALYTICS | NIELSEN | RINGCENTRAL 2011 SOCIALCAST INC. ALL OTHER TRADEMARKS HEREIN ARE RECOGNIZID 10 BE THE PROPERTY OF THER RESPECTIVE OWNERS

The State of the Tablet Takeover in the Enterprise

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First introduced by Microsoft in 1999, many viewed the Tablet PC as a toy, a device that couldn’t get any real work done. With the release of Apple’s iPad in 2010, the mobile computing world has b...


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