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The Spectrum of Networks

THE SPECTRUM OF NETWORKS WITH MORE THAN 81 MILLION MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS IN THE UK, MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS HAVE BECOME A UBIQUITOUS AND VITAL PART OF EVERYDAY LIFE. HOW MANY PEOPLE HAVE MOBILE PHONES, WHICH NETWORKS ARE PREFERRED AND WHAT MIGHT THE FUTURE HOLD? 39% UK ADULTS who use their mobile phones for Internet access 9 IN 10 UK ADULTS WITH MOBILE PHONES, up from just half in 2000 MOBILE PHONES 87% 95% of total HAVE outpaced landlines in call 52% voice 2000 2013 calls. volume. OVERALL SATISFACTION WITH MOBILE PHONE SERVICE, JUMPING FROM 87% IN 2000. Such a dramatic increase likely reflects both the variety of options in carriers and the networks' efforts to land new customers. IF YOU COULD 13% SWITCH TODAY... 3 (THREE) | 12% 02 and Vodafone are by far the winners in the mobile market, and they are among the most coveted networks for potential switchers. If everyone now locked into a network were able to switch, how would the landscape change? Hint: 02 would win by a landslide. 0% ASDA 1% |7% |7% 5% |9% EE O Minutes O Texts O Data GIFFGAFF |20% 02 Other 27% 10% ORANGE 6% 4% 8% OTHER 4% 6% TESCO MOBILE 5% WHAT IS 11% |7% MOST T-MOBILE 27% IMPORTANT 35% VIRGIN 6% TO YOU? MOBILE |7% |21% VODAFONE 15% I If everyone switched 30% I Current SHOULD YOU STAY OR SHOULD YOU GO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY ENOUGH TO WHAT'S STOPPING YOU STAY WITH YOUR CURRENT NETWORK? FROM SWITCHING? 58.54% 15.85% 32.93% 18.29% Same network as Price Customer Good 20.37% service reception family/friends %24 13.41% 4.88% 50% 11.11% Good offers Phone locked to network (tickets, etc.) 18.52% ll 8.54% ..... -... Other WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO SWITCH? Tied to contract Phone only accepts SIM cards from that network 45.61% 15.79% Cheaper 19.30% 15.79% Better Better Same network as family/friends Savings because family / friends are on same network customer reception service 10.53% 3.51% 24 17.54% Offers 4G speeds Other Other (tickets, etc.) ll WHAT ABOUT UNLOCKING? AS FAR AS YOU'RE AWARE, IS PHONE UNLOCKING ILLEGAL? 12% 59% 29% Yes No Not sure WHAT DO YOU THINK PHONE UNLOCKING IS? HOW DO YOU THINK PHONE UNLOCKING IS DONE? Changing software 2% on phone 37% 50% 1% other 001011 0011010 7% Entering PIN code to use the phone 8% 8% 90% Removing network lock so phone can Using software Networks do it themselves Code entered Other accept other SIM cards into phone WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD? K 4G FOR (ALMOST EVERYONE) AFTER EE BECAME THE FIRST MOBILE PROVIDER to offer 4G speeds last year, 95% about half of UK residents are covered by a 4G network. EE AND OTHER PROVIDERS WILL CONTINUE ROLLING OUT 4G, with 95% of the population being covered by 2017, according to Ofcom's expectations. RISING CONTRACT COSTS Many mobile networks have hiked their prices in recent months. 11- 3.6% 3.7% 3.34% 2.5% 3 IN 4 orange vodafone MOBILE USERS ARE IN CONTRACTS that don't Vodafone Three T-Mobile Orange provide the best service for what they need, according to a 2009 analysis % increase IT'S ALL ABOUT SMARTPHONES With almost all UK adults DAILY SOCIAL NETWORKING VISITS BY METHOD already owning mobile phones, experts predict the newest surge will be in smartphone adoption. By 2014, mobile Internet use is expected to surpass computer Internet browsing, driven by the rapid adoption of smartphones. Mobile phones already are the preferred way of accessing social networks. 57% Smartphone 50% Computer MobileUnlocked ADDITIONAL SOURCES: Ofcom / Google / Ipsos / Mobile Marketing Association / The Telegraph /

The Spectrum of Networks

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Which UK network is currently winning the network war? This infographic looks at why and the things that either get on customers nerves most, or keep them signing up.


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