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10 Exciting Ways to Use Mobile Phones Inside the Classroom

10 Exciting Ways to Use Mobile Phones Inside the Classroom 1. Smartphones as a research tool Instead of bringing those cumbersome laptop computers, wide screen phablets or iPad can be an innovative tool to accomplish research tasks. 11 + 14 = ? 9 +8-? 12 + 14 = ? 9 +8=? 11 + 14 = ? 2. Snap a photo 9 + 8 = ? Some fail to take down notes especially when the bell rings. With the use of the most advanced phone cameras, students can take pictures of the recent assignments written on the white board. 3. E-reader as an alternative To ease the burden of bringing bulky and heavy books, we now have the option to download a PDF version of books online. 4. SMS chat room Educators can use apps such as TextPlus, HurricaneParty, PingChat, GroupMe, & Yobongo to create a private chat room. 5. Share through PostHaven When on a field trip, its regular to see them taking out their devices to snap pictures. By having a PostHaven class blog, they can share these photos with everyone. SMS 6. Google SMS on the rescue Through texting questions to 466453, Google's number, students can prompt the search giant to search claptrap on the web. 7. Using smartphones as mobile diaries Students can set reminders, to-do list and organize their schedules directly from their handy device. 8. Track student's behaviour Apps like Teacher's Class BEHAVIOR PRO helps teachers organize students belonging to different classes through making categories for recurring behaviour. 9. Call a friend Teachers can invite guest speakers in their class through video calling on Skype. 10. Scanning codes Since most devices can support QR Code- scanning apps, educators can give out new lessons & assignments by generating QR scan codes. Do you have other tips to share? SPLASH MATH

10 Exciting Ways to Use Mobile Phones Inside the Classroom

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To complement the Four C’s of highly effective classrooms, here are 10 tips to create a conducive learning environment with the use of mobility. These can also be used while dealing with the latest ...


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