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Rise of the Hacktivist

silico n A N G L E RISE OF THE HACKTIVIST Wikibon JAN. 5 2011 JAN. 10 2011 JAN. 18 2011 OPERATION TUNISIA FINE GAEL IRISH POLITICAL PARTY OPERATION EGYPT 2,000 usernames and passwords Later this was recognized as the start of "Arab Spring" "Arab Spring" During the 2011 Egyptian revolution, Egyptian government websites, along with the website of the ruling National Democratic Party, were hacked into and taken offline by Anonymous. The sites remained offline until President Hosni Mubarak stepped down. #OpTunisia #OpEgypt FEB. 13 2011 FEB. 5 2011 JAN. 19 2011 OPERATION GOYA & ITALY OPERATION HBGARY OPERATION VENEZUELA HBGary Federal, announced that the firm had successfully infiltrated the Anonymous group. FEB. 16 2011 WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH THREAT In retaliation Anonymous hacks the HBGary Federal website and replaces the welcome page with a message stating that Anonymous should not be messed with. Anonymous also takes control of the company's e-mail, dumping 68,000 e-mails from the system, erasing files, and taking down their phone system. FEB. 17 2011 Sony suffers a massive data breach. It has more than 70 million subscribers at the time. OPERATION LIBYA It began coming back online in mid-May. The PlayStation Store did not reopen until June 2. The company estimated the cost of that attack will total $171 million. FEB. 27 2011 HBYGary WISCONSIN PROTESTS FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT DETECT DIAGNOSE RESPOND #anonops #ophbgary #operationpayback APR. 20 - MAY. 14 2011 MAR. 14 2011 SONY PLAYSTATION NETWORK OFFLINE BANK OF AMERICA EMAILS DUMPED APR. 17-19 2011 SONY FILES BREACHED APR. 4 2011 OPERATION SONY - DDOS 7 million users personal info is taken. - LulzSec Sony's PSN went down on April 20. ~ LulzSec MAY. 2011 JUN. 2011 1st OPERATION IRAN 2nd LulzSec hacks Sony again 1st OPERATION BLITZKRIEG LulzSec hacks Infragard Arab Spring dump Зrd LulzSec hacks Fox 50 days of Lulz LulzSec hacks UK Banks 7th 4th 15th 5th OPERATION YEMEN 23rd LulzSec hacks Sony 6th Anonymous hacks National Informatics Centre 30th LulzSec hacks PBS 8th OPERATION INDIA 10th LulzSec hacks Pron 11th OPERATION POLICIA 13th Turkey arrests 32 suspected Anonymous hackers Anonymous & LulzSec collaboration to hack 13th LulzSec hạcks US Senate and Bethesda Softworks the websites of pretty much every government 15th LulzSec DDOS attack against 15th OPERATION MALAYSIA hits 91 Malaysian Government sites and corporation, promising to release secreted information from them. 16th OPERATION MALAYSIA DDOS 17th LulzSec dumps 62k logins 19th Anti-Sec begins (Anonymous and LulzSec)* #TDT #LulzFinancial #LulzFin #AntiSec 20th OPERATION ORLANDO 21st Ryan Cleary suspected member of LulzSec arrested 23rd LulzSec dumps chinga la migra (part 1) "Our planned 50 day cruise has expired and 25th LulzSec dumps 750,000 usernames and passwords from various sources. we must now sail into the distance leaving 26th LulzSec officially disbands (end of 50 days of Lulz)* 27th Anonymous dumps details of Homeland Security's Cyberterrorism Defense Initiative "Sentinel program." behind, we hope, inspiration, fear, denial, happiness, approval, disapproval, mockery, 28th Anonymous dumps Chinga la Migra Communique Dos embarrassment, thoughtfulness, jealousy, hate, even love." ~ LulzSec 28th Anonymous dumps Zimbabwe Government files 28th OPERATION INTIFADA JUL. 2011 Зrd Anonymous hacks Democratic Party of Orange County, Florida AUG. 6 2011 AUG. 8 2011 4th Anonymous dumps usernames and passwords of 27 Apple lInc. tech support admins. OPERATION CHILE OPERATION SYRIA 5th Italy arrests 14 suspected hackers including "frey" OPERATION TURKEY – 'Turkish Takedown Thursday" IRC Federal Hacked 17k logins dumped (lulzsec) 7th 8th 11th Military Meltdown Monday" Anonymous hacks defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton AUG. 19 2011 AUG. 15 2011 17th Sabu of both Anonymous and LulzSec hacks into Sun/News of the World VANGUARD SECURITY HACKED 1 gig of info released. OPERATION BART 19th US arrests 16 suspected Anonymous hackers 19th Tflow suspected member of LulzSec arrested Anonymous dumped 2 pdfs taken from NATO Topiary aka Jake Davis suspected member of LulzSec arrested 21st 27th AUG. 23 2011 28th OPERATION INTIFADA GENERATE BUZZ FOR OCCUPY WALL STREET Anonymous campaigns against child pomography protected by proxy server seCurity. OCT. 6 2011 SEPT. 17 2011 SEPT. 1 2011 OPPOSITION TO LOS ZETAS < OCCUPY WALL STREET DAY OF RAGE ANONYMOUS DUMPS TEXAS POLICE CHIEF PRIVATE EMAIL They take down 40 child pom sites, publish the names of over 1500 people visiting those websites, and invite the FBI and Interpol to follow up. OCT. 15 2011 NOV. 5 2011 OPERATION DARKNET OPERATION JUSTICE EL SALVADOR & FACEBOOK Without Free Knewleder NOV. 7 2011 WIKIPEDIA OPERATION BLITZKRIEG FINLAND NEONAZI DUMP In response to the Stop Online Piracy Act bill, Anonymous calls for Emergency Action from the people as well as mass protests and spreading the word. & OPERATION BROTHERHOOD TAKEDOWN NOV. 18 2011 This operation is currently still ongoing. The latest activity oocurred on Wednesday, January 18, 2012, where Anonymous, convinced Google Inc. and Wkipedia itself (albeit indirectly) to participate. Wikipedia blacks out for 24 hours, Google shuts down every service but the search engine, while blacking out their own name, and other sites participate in less-extreme ways, OPERATION BLACKOUT ANNOUNCED & OPERATION MAYHEM NOV. 22 2011 OCCUPY LT. JÖHN PIKE exposed personal info DEC. 21 2011 OPERATION MAYHEM DEC. 25 2011 #LULZXMAS

Rise of the Hacktivist

shared by NowSourcing on Feb 21
An infographic timeline of the rise of Anonymous, Lulzsec and other interesting hacktivist developments in 2011.





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