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The Sony Online Soap Opera

SONY. O D silico n A N G L E facebook WANT A JOB? June 26, George "GeoHot" Hotz began working at facebook. ARE WE DONE YET? As of the release of this graphic - July, 2011 the attacks on Sony have subsided. 1.11 HEY! YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Sony sues Geohot and others for jailbreaking* the Playstation 3. *circumventing the security system SONY ADDRESSES PSN OUTAGE E3 KEYNOTE Sony's Jack Tretton addresses the PSN outage during his E3 Keynote. 6.26 6.8 You Tube aq eni para THE LIGHT IT UP CONTEST The Lidtapns ane bhot Hotz posts a rap video on his YouTube page explaining his |1.27 pestet dn a side of the case. 2.12 It now has 1.9 million views. Hotz for Blogs Hotz starts a blog about the lawsuit. 5.25 1.969,144 SONY. 2.19 VS ANONYM OUS DENIES IT TOOK PSN DOWN CeoHot Anonymous denies HE BROKE IT AND LEFT! Sony claims that Hotz has fled to South America and destroyed evidence. involvement in PSN outage 3.6 5.18 - That turns out not to be true, according to Hotz's attorney. 5.16 5.13- L 4.19 3.23 5.9 4.20 4.21 5.3- 5.2 4.22 HACKTIVIST GROUP ANONYMOUS LAUNCHES A CYBER ATTAČK against various Sony web sites in an operation called #OpSony in retaliation for Sony's pursuit of George "GEoHot" Hotz and Graf_Chokolo. 4.3 4.29 4.23 4.30 4.25 4.28 ANONY M OUS IT WASN'T ME. Hotz denies any involvement in PSN attack. 4.26 4.11 WE GOOD? HEY USERS, SORRY, BUT SOMEBODY GOT YOUR INFORMATION Sony settles the PS 3 jailbreaking case with Hotz. Sony provides public notice about the intrusion. It also notifies regulatory authorities in a variety of states about the criminal 5 days later, Anonymous says it will continue with boycott of Sony. 5.1 . intrusion. "WE ARE LEGION." Sony finds new evidence that hackers broke into the servers of Sony Online Entertainment, the PConline gaming division of the company which runs online games such as Free Realms and EverQuest. Sony discovers a file that says: "Anonymous," "We are legion." That's the slogan for the hacktivist group. 1.27 - I'm not a Crazy Ex! What are you doing? Sony Issued a temporary restraining order stopping Hotz from further distributing the jailbreak tools to users, who can download them and break the security on their machines so they can run unauthorized software. THANKS FOR LETTING, US KNOW SONY, HERE'S A LAWSUIT 4.27 3.6 - What is my IP? Court approves Sony request to access all the internet protocol addresses of the people who visited GeoHot's blog to download the jailbreaking tools. 4.19 - Unathorized Activity Detected... A lawsuit is filed at the US District 4:15 pm Pacific time. Members of the Sony Computer Entertainment network team detect unauthorized Court for the Northern District of activity in the PlayStation Network system in San Diego, Calif. Certain systems are rebooting when they California on behalf of a Kristopher Johns, 36, are not scheduled to do so. The network service team starts reviewing the logs from the system to see what is wrong. It takes four servers offline. of Birmingham, Alabama. USERS TO SONY - "I'LL JUST PUT THIS LAWSUIT OVER HERE..." A second class action lawsuit is filed, claiming damages in excess of $1 Bilion. -5.4 Johns accuses Sony of not taking "reasonable 4.20 - Even More Unathorized Activity Detected.... Servers Down. Early afternoon. Sony's team discovers evidence that an unauthorized intrusion has occurred and that care to protect, encrypt and secure the data of some kind has been transferred off the PSN servers without authorization. Six more servers are private and sensitive data of its users." found to have been possibly compromised. Sony hires a forensic investigation team that afternoon. That team begins to "mirror" Sony's systems, a meticulous process. The team can't determine what has been taken and so it shuts the network system down. At that point, the 77 million registered users of the network can't play online games, access their accounts, or purchase movies and other entertainment on the network. Sony's experts have to delve through 130 servers and 50 programs. PSN NETWORK COMES BACK ONLINE FOLLOWED CLOSELY BY MANY APOLOGIES 4.21 - Sony hires a second security team 5.12 In a letter sent to publishers publishing and development partners, Rob Dyer, SVP of Sony's Publisher Relations, admits "we deeply regret that this incident has occurred." Sony offers gamers welcome back packages as soon as the networks are restored, including free downloads of selected PlayStation entertainment, and 30 days of free service. and forensic consulting firm to provide more manpower. 4.22 - | think we're good now.. The forensics team completes the mirroring of nine of ten servers that are believed to be compromised. Sony Computer Entertainment's general counsel provided the FBI with information about the intrusion. Sony's forensics team has not reached any conclusions at this point. 4.23 - Well, maybe not, let's call team number 3 Sony's forensics teams confirm that very sophisticated and aggressive techniques were used to obtain access, hide their presence from system administrators, and steadily escalate their privileges inside the servers. The intruders deleted log files to hide their worlk. Sony now realizes it needs yet another forensic team to help. 4.25 - We know exactly what they got... almost. HACKED AGAIN AND THIS TIME, SONY'S SERVER IS PHISHING Sony hacked again, this time their Thailand server turned into a host for a phishing website. The forensics teams determine the scope of the personal data that has been stolen from all PSN 5.23 and Qriocity service accounts, but the team does not know if credit card numbers have been accessed. 4.29 The Government gets involved House of Representatives subcommittee asks for more information on the attack as it considers LULZSEC SHARES A BIG BAG OF SONY'S INFO. 6.2 legislation to requirecompanies to notify consumers in case of data theft. LulzSec releases results of several different attacks on Sony databases, including six 4.30 - Sony Apologizes, says PSN will be up shortly separate attacks on and two hacks on SonyBMG. They release a Sony's No. 2 executive, Kazuo Hirai, apologizes to Sony's customers and holds the first public press variety of user accounts, admin access, and coupon codes. conference about the attack. He says the PSN should be up within a week and that Sony has beefed up its security. 5.2 - Sony talks to congress Sony says it will explain what happened to Congress but won't testify yet. 5.3 - Sony Hacked Again! Sony hacked again, says this time SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) was breached. Sony offers to compensate users whose credit cards were used for fraudulent purchases. 5.4 - Dear Congress... Sony sends letter to Congress answering questions. 5.9 - I know you want PSN, but here's some Indentity-Theft Insurance instead brought to you by PSN still down, but Sony offers "ldentity Theft Insurance" to its users. 5.13 - Sales are up in april silico n A N G L E Sony announces sales of Sony Computer Entertainment America products have rised 13 percent for the month of April, which translates into 200,000 units sold, up from 180,800 in April 2010. PS3 software US sales were up 40 percent year-over-year at US retail. and 5.16 - Et tu Amazon? It was revealed that Amazon's EC2 was used in the hacking of the PlayStation Network. 5.18 - Forgot your password? Sorry. Sony hacked again, this time their password reset service, which allowed hackers to change passwords with only the knowledge of the users' email and date of birth. Sony takes down their password reset system for three days, preventing some beleaguered users from re-accessing their account after the Wikibon downtime. 5.23 - Sony has a netloss, despite profit predictions Sony changes is estimate on their net loss ahead of their earnings call to $3.2 billion, reversing earlier predictions of profit.

The Sony Online Soap Opera

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A visual timeline of the actions that unfolded during the Sony vs GeoHot battle.





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