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Picture Perfect - How Mobile Has Changed the Way We Capture Moments

PICTURE PERFECT HOW MOBILE HAS CHANGED THE WAY WE CAPTURE MOMENTS Unlike There are Of these phones, This means there is 5.283% 4.4 film cameras or digital cameras, cell phone cameras are with you 24/7, changing the way we as a society capture life's greatest and sometimes unexpected moments in use in the world today. are camera phones used across the world Digital cameras There are more photos taken with the iPhone than any other camera More than 82% VS. of people use their cell phone to take pictures Digital Camera sales declined by Smart Phones 10% in 2012 Smart phone cameras out sold regular cameras by 6:1 54% of moms use their phone at least once a day to take pictures Currently, the biggest library of photos is on Facebook, 10,000x more photos than the Library of Congress WE SNAP AS MANY TODAY PHOTOS EVERY 2 MINUTES AS HUMANITY facebook over AS A WHOLE DID IN THE he Ubary of Congres 1800s SOCIAL MEDIA HAS ALS O CHANGED THE WAY WE SHARE PHOTOS Active Monthly Users Over 350 Million photos are uploaded to Facebook everyday Common pictures on Instagram feature cats, dogs, dinners, shoes and trees 48.7 million 87 million 100 million 1.11 billion Pinterest flickr Instagram facebook 1.1 BILLION PHOTOS were uploaded in just 48 hours over New Year's Day and New Year's Eve 2013 40 MILLION PHOTOS are uploaded to Instagram each day which is of the number of uploads on Facebook 1/70 Uploaded Photos on O Snapchat on on flickr" 8 billion facebook 240 billion Instagram 150 million photos are uploaded a day however each photo disappears in less than 10 seconds 4 billion THINGS THAT WOULD SELDOM BE PHOTOGRAPHED BEFORE THE RISE OF CAMERA PHONES Feet Empty Plates Selfies The Sky W FAIRMOUNT Signs Ordinary Foods Shoes Your own hair ALLWE HAVE IS NOW GRIZY Nose Bleed Section of Concert Your Mirror Your Animals Note to Self Shots Duck Face Double Shots Accidents Clothes BEST CAMERA PHONES ON THE MARKET TODAY SAMSUNG 13mp SONY 13mp GALAXY S4 XPERIA Z NOKIA 808 41mp SONY PUREVIEW ONCEWVE 1245 10:35 SAMSUNG XPERIA CA AXY4 APPLE LG GOOD 8mp 8mp IPHONE 5 NEXUS 4 HTC 8mp ONE X Google hTC 12 nexus 48 minutes to work 1008 A Get trat directiors Showtimes today O LG ebectdo TIPS FOR BETTER CAMERA PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY HOLD YOUR PHONE KEEP YOUR OPTICAL PAY ATTENTION Steady Parts Clean To Lighting 9. USE MAXIMUM Resolution EXPERIMENT WITH USE OPTICAL Zoom EDIT Settings Images piJnz" sm Sources htp://,prevalence-of-seleded-fedtures-n-he-global-instaled-base-of-mobile-phones/ http:/,theannual-mobile-industry-numbers-and-stats-blog-vep-his-year-we- wil-hit-he mobile-momenthtml E/03/smartphone-camera-technologr-analysishtml'artanddesign/2012/nowI6/mobile-photography-ridhard-gray photos-than-the-library-of-congress-1283/ http:/photoinkorg/photography-rends-he rise-of-the-cellphone-camera http:/ camera-comparison uses/1845n/ htp:// use-he-top-social-media/ htp:// /4/26/apple-tv adevery-day -more-photos-are-taken-with-the-iphone.html wmoms-media20G-socia-meda-smartphone usage-stats-analysisámartphones-seizing-the-camera-market/ Dilion camera phones

Picture Perfect - How Mobile Has Changed the Way We Capture Moments

shared by VisualApogee on May 28
The types of moments we capture on camera have shifted dramatically with the increase in mobile technology and social media platforms. In fact, there are a lot of things seldom photographed before ...




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