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Are We Addicted to Our Smartphones?

ARE WE ADDICTED TO OUR 84 % Smartphone Users worldwide say they couldn't go one day without their device SMARTPHONES? A LOOK AT THE ATTITUDES AND CHARACTERISTICS OF PEOPLE WHO USE SMART-PHONES hTC OVER 75% of the US is coNnected to the internet in a mobile manner 37% OF ADULTS 60% OF TEENS Admit they are addicted to their Smartphones. SMART-PHONE SUBSCRIBERS WORLOWIDE in 2015 271 112 412 millions US Eastern Japan Europe Latin Western Asia America Europe 20% 22% ADULTS 47% TEENS of respondents check their phone every 10 minutes. Admit to using or answering to their Smariphone in the bathroom. OVER 45% of smartphone users say they experience great anxiety uwhen misplacing or losing their phone 37% OF ADULTS Use their phone during meal time 60% OF TEEN5 WE ARE ADDICTED TO CHECKING OUR PHONES Check me! of smartphone users CAN'T GO ONE HOUR WITHOUT CHECKING THEIR PHONES Age 18-34 69% Age 45-55 61% Age 55+ 36% Age 35-55 55% SMARTPHONES are ruining our social lives 1 in 3 smartphone owners would rather give up Sex than their phones - When work emails come to a person's smartphone, work invades personal time. -20% of job-related stress comes from juggling work and per- sonal life - 50% of smartphone users check Facebook at movies - Smartphone users check Facebook an average of 14 times a day, making it harder to focus on real-life socialization 85% of smortphoneusers admit that they actually would rather give up drinking water than delete all their apps or give up their phones. HOW CONSUMERS USE THEIR SMART DEVICES 12% 52% MAPS VIDEOS 64% IN RESTAURANT 84% EMAIL 90% SMS/TEXTS ....... 12% B8% WHILE TRAVELING 56% WEB BROWSING PRODUCT RESEARCH 63% 12% PLAY GAMES WHILE IN STORE Your smartphone may be an enabler but you are the mastermind Don't let your Smartphone control you! SOURCES 1. 2. 3 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Brought to you by Follow us on Twitter (@tenmanial) or Facebook Author: Sima loana 10MANA нее **...........:

Are We Addicted to Our Smartphones?

shared by SimaIoana on Aug 27
Could you go through a day without checking your smart-phone? Studies show that 84% of people can’t either. More and more people are becoming addicted to their smart-phones, and this means that they...


Sima Ioana


Sima Ioana


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