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Mobile Banking Revolution

THE MOBILE BANKING REVOLUTION By 2017, an estimated one billion people will use mobile banking , and it has already become a way of life for many of us. However, there is often a gap between what mobile services customers want and what their banks offer. Getting it right can drive big benefits for both bank and customer. DEMAND FOR MOBILE An estimated 20.4% of people 1 bank via their mobile too, compared to 9.7% in 2010 on) 20.4% 58% 1 IN 3 67% bank via mobile (uK) would like to use mobile banking (UK/Us) 16-35 year olds already bank using their mobile (UK/Us) of UK banks predict that all of their customers will be using some form of mobile banking by 2017 (UK) COMMUNICATION ISSUES 72% of mobile users believe mobile banking is insecure due to privacy and fraud concerns (UK) ... 45% 62% 38% experience banking communication problems (uK//us) believe the biggest comms problems are tech related (UK/us) of US banking executives see mobile banking as a priority (Us) CUSTOMER WISHLIST IN THE US ZIN THE UK 48% 46% 38% 52% 32% 31% would like mobile banking tailored to their shopping habits and location would like improved transaction and connection security would like faster connection speeds want a wider variety of online services want more mobile apps want more personalised services MOBILE BANKING SUCCESSES IMPROVED CUSTOMER SERVICE DECREASE IN FRAUD 8 58% reduction in misdirected inbound calls 30% of alerts confirmed as fraud within 10 min increase in customers reaching 39%0 collections case manager on first call Customer contacted within 30 sec of suspicious transaction 50% cut in bank losses from reaching customer faster 35% cut in overall bank fraud losses 75% can self-serve and make a payment 97% satisfied with the service they receive Data based on results achleved by compories using FICO solutions. Sources TNS Global | FICO Market Survey 2012 | Forrester Research | Metaforic Mobile Marketing Association & Sybase 365 | Avanade | © 2013 Fair Isaac Corporation. Al rights reserved. FICO

Mobile Banking Revolution

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Who’s leading the mobile banking revolution? Consumers. They’re pushing for banks to do more with the mobile channel — and they’re rewarding banks that answer the call by paying overdue debts ...




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