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Mobile Apps in the Enterprise Are the Future

MOBILE IN THE ENTERPRISE HOW AND WHY BUSINESSES ARE USING MOBILE Today, one in every five phones sold is a smartphone. Both employees and customers are using them, and businesses are tapping into the devices to connect with them. Businesses are adapting to the changing technological landscape and applying new uses to common platforms. CORPORATE PICKUP 38% of businesses polled in a Giga0m Pro survey on the new workplace report using mobile EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES IN THE WORKPLACE phones more than the previous year. (Companies using technologies more over last year) [email protected] 38% 35% 40% 30% 23% 43% of businesses report plans to incorporate mobile more in the future. SOCIAL NETWORKS INSTANT MESSAGING E-MAIL MOBILE PHONES TEXTING (SMS) GOING MOBILE Companies around the world are incorporating mobile technology and applications into their everyday operations. WIDENING NETWORKS CONNECTING EMPLOYEES CHANGING PRIORITIES 2010 2015 GROWING MARKETS Half of the devices on corporate networks will be mobile devices by 2015. 13% of information workers currently use smartphones for work at least weekly. That number is expected to hit 34% by 2012. 60% of mobile employees in the U.S. said data services are more important than voice plans when deploying mobile phones for business use The North American market for mobile office applications is expected to surge to $6.85 billion in 2015, up from $1.76 billion in 2010. Businesses that choose to incorporate mobile apps into their operations aim to accomplish several goals. A recent survey revealed three main metrics business decision makers would use to determine if mobile apps are successful in the workplace. WHY BUSINESSES USE APPS IDENTIFIED BUSINESS GOALS FOR USING MOBILE APPS 42% 39% 37% INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY REDUCED PAPERWORK INCREASED REVENUE SMALL BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Small businesses in particular are increasingly reliant on mobile apps for a variety of reasons. 72% of small businesses REASONS FOR USING MOBILE APPS use mobile apps in their operations. 62% 59% 29% INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY TIME SAVING COST SAVING BUSINESSES MAKING SENSE OF MOBILE Companies large and small are also developing their own mobile apps to target new customers or engage existing ones. IPHONE IS BEING DEPLOYED IPAD IS BEING DEPLOYED OR TESTED BY OR USED AT 80% OF FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES 65% OF FORTUNE 500 COMPANIES THE RISE OF THE APP The mobile app marketplace has grown tremendously in recent years and shows few signs of stopping. SMARTPHONES, TABLETS, E-READERS SALES OF WEB-ENABLED MOBILE DEVICES HAVE SOLD OUT SURPASSED SALES OF WEB-ENABLED LAPTOPS, NOTEBOOKS, AND DESKTOP COMPUTERS. 00:01 01.01.2016 DAILY NEWS UPDATE: MOBILE APPS DOWNLOADS REACH BY 2016, IT'S PROJECTED THAT CUMULATIVE MOBILE APPS DOWNLOADS WILL 44 BILLION REACH 44 BILLION. $25 THE WORLDWIDE ONLINE APP MARKET IS BİLLION EXPECTED TO GROW FROM ABOUT $6.8 BILLION IN 2010 TO $25 BILLION BY 2015. $6.8 BILLION SOURCES BUSINESSWEEK, FORRESTER, ABI RESEARCH, READ WRITE WEB, FROST & SULLIVAN, GIGAOM PRO 2010 zendesk 2015 LOVE YOUR HELP DESK

Mobile Apps in the Enterprise Are the Future

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Your laptop isn’t irrelevant yet, but it might be soon. Sales of web-enabled smartphones, tablets, and e-readers have surpassed web-enabled laptops, notebooks, and desktop computers. Mobile apps in ...




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