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Tuesday € O 22 |. tv х APPS, APPS, & MORÉ APPS They have become a filter for our world. Through them we can access information, games, entire virtual worlds. Not the internet, nor our computers, not tablets or laptops - just little programs on our phones. Millions of little programs. What are the real numbers behind these programs, and why are there so many of them? Stores: There are currently 6 major mobile application stores: App Store Apple iPhone Launched: Jul 10, 2008 App World Blackberry Launched: Apr 1, 2009 App Catalog Windows Marketplace Palm/HP Launched: Jun 6, 2009 Software Store Palm Android Market Google Android Launched: Oct 22, 2008 Windows Mobile Launched: Oct 5, 2009 Launched: Dec 16, 2008 palm 70,000 apps 5,000 apps 2,000 apps 225,000 1,083 2,779 apps apps apps On these six stores, more than 305,862 apps are available. More than 4 billion apps have been down- Application Market, Google, the second-largest The Market: loaded from the does not release Apps are sold to those who have smart phones - so which market has the most smartphones? The smartphone market is quickly changing, as new phones and systems are introduced every year. App Store alone. those numbers. I Symbian sold 24,069,000 phones In most app sales, the developer's cut is 70% of the purchase price, the exceptions being BlackBerry, giving developers 80% of the pur- chase price, and third-party stores, who average 60% remuneration. In the first quarter of 2010: I Blackberry sold 10,552,000 phones E 4% 6.8%¬ I Apple sold 8,359,000 phones I Android sold 5,214,000 phones 9.6% 44.3% 15.4% I Microsoft sold 3,706,000 phones Surveys show the average iPhone user spends $80 on apps. 19% 1 Other operating systems The average App price: $3.10 The average price for a game App: $1.36 The average App price, especially for best-selling apps, is constantly falling. In Apple's App store, developers have made more than $3 billion in revenues, serving up 5 billion app downloads. In 2009 alone, Apple accounted for 3.5 billion app downloads - bringing in 99.4% of app revenue, $2.4 billion dollars. As a comparison, Android Marketplace brings in about $60 million a year. More Apps are being added all the time. were added to the App Store. In May 2010: 1,334 game apps 8,369 non-game apps 9,703 total apps On August 3rd, 2009, the app store developer "Perfect Acumen" had their license revoked. In May 2010, there were 42,403 active publishers in the App store. An average of five apps per developer. Apple removed 943 of Perfect Acumen's apps for third party intellectual property complaints. At the time, Perfect Acumen was the App Store's 3rd largest developer. Three developers hold two places each on the top 20 paid apps list. I Pangea Software, 3rd and 13th Expenses are involved in developing mobile apps. Developers must pay developer fees. Freeverse, Inc. 6th and 8th $25 for Android Market Electronic Arts, 9th and 20th. After your app is developed, nothing guarantees it will be accepted by Apple. 37,466 apps are currently no longer available for download, and Apple reserves to right to pull your app without giving you a reason. $99/year for Apple $99/year + $99/app for Windows Marketplace Even now, 90% of app developers do not make a sustainable return on investment. What are the most profitable apps? Games, games and more games. In Apple's list of top 20 all time paid FART apps, 14 were games. Competitors did not stray far afield. Of the remaining 6, 4 were labeled "Entertainment" - including the "Best Fart App" and 2 were "Music. The most downloaded Apple app downloads account for some 14 petabytes of data, more data than has been indexed in global P2P networks, paid App ever? Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D. A million downloads of Nitro Cart 3D would be 7 million megabytes of data, 6.8 terabytes, million enough to fill 1500o DVD's! and 10 times the data in all of World of Warcraft. Design & Illustration by Ricky Linn UnlineSchools Sources: tech/blackberry/showArticle,jhtml?articlelD=211300217

Mobile App Marketplace

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The mobile industry has billions of customers; however, only a fraction are smart phone users—somewhere in the couple million range. It used to be that Apple was the dominate player, but now we have...


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