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A History of App Stores: Apple, Google, and Everyone Else

STORE WARS APP A Smartphone Application Infographic the Mobile App Store Timeline 7.11.08 4.1.09 6.6.09 4.3.1I Apple App Store for iPhone Blackberry App World Apple App Store for iPad Palm (palm) App Catalog Google Android 8 Market NOKIA Nokia Ovi Store Windows Phone 7 Marketplace 10.22.08 5.26.09 Holiday 2010 Top Mobile App Stores 400,000 350,000 300,000 the iPhone leads the pack at 375,566 available apps 250,000 200,000 150,000 100,000 followed by the Android at 224,808 available apps 50,000 826,200 TOTAL APPS Smartphone Distribution by Operating System Android OS: 36% o0e00 Doe00 o0e00 boe00 Apple ios: 26% araaaaaeŚ  Blackberry Os: 23% Windows Mobile/WP7: 10% OD00000000 [ [ Other: 5% ] Taking a look at the Heavy Hitters I Paid versus Free Apps in Store 29% D26% 41% 71% 60% 75% Apple App Store for iPhone Google Android Market Blackberry App World Store Growth: III% Store Growth: 544% Store Growth: 268% So how many apps are actually used! 1? Apple iOS: 48 per phone 8 Android OS: 35 per phone BE: Blackberry OS: 15 per phone Since Apple App Store's creation 14 apps have been over BILLION downloaded. only 2 paid Android Apps have 500,000+ downloads while 6 apps in the Apple App Store have 500,000+ downloads in just 2 months (March/April 2011) So we know they are popular, but how much do they cost? TWO DOLLAES TWO DOLLARS < 67% iPhone Paid Apps THIS NOTE IS NOT LEGAL TENDER FOR ANT DERTS, PUBIC DE PRIVATE < 61% Android Paid Apps I81882999 A > 0% Blackberry Paid Apps WANIHINOTON.D.C I 81882999 A Average Price of the > Top 100 Paid Apps AlUSuar UNITEDSTATES OFAMERICA TWOD OLLARS iPhone Android Blackberry $2.15 $4.57 $5.61 The 2010 Mobile App Revenue was $5.2 Billion and it doesn't seem to be slowing anytime soon. The estimated revenue in 2011 is $15.1 Billion. To put this in perspective... the World Bank estimated that $11.8 Billion annually would meet the needs of the world's undernourished. (this $5.2 Billion could buy enough iPhone 4s to stack as high as 6700 Empire State Buildings.) Webpage FX This infographic was brought to you by: IPhone Android Blackberry Windows Phone 7 | Palm

A History of App Stores: Apple, Google, and Everyone Else

shared by kcatoto on Dec 28
Ever wonder how the different App Stores stack up? Then take a look at our infographic. We compared the Apple App Store, Android Market, Blackberry App World, and the Nokia, Palm and Windows Phone ...




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