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Marketing Is Part Machine And Part Human

SOFTWARE IS NOT EATING. THE WORLD Oloid Silicon Valley believes that: "Software is eating the world" - Marc Andressen CC BY 2.0 OJOI Moioioi OI0,O101 THE MAN VS MACHINE ARGUMENT LET'S LOOK AT THE MACHINE IS COMPLEX THE ROLE OF SOFTWARE IN TODAY'S WORLD Software has disrupted almost every industry VALUATION | FUNDING $51 on-demand BILLION TRANSPORTATION UBER $10.21 BILLION $25.5 eCommerce/marketplace HOTEL ALTERNATIVE airbnb BILLION $2.39 BILLION OPalantir $20 BILLION BIG DATA Private network SOCIAL/VIDEO $16 BILLION Virtual reality / AUGMENTED REALITY magic(leap $4.5 BILLION LET'S LOOK AT THE MAN MAN - IS CREATIVE MARKETING MARKETING IS WHERE MAN AND MACHINE COLLIDE IS PART HUMAN AND PART MACHINE MAN MACHINE PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING(PPC) STRATEGY AND QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS ARE HUMAN STRENGTHS MAKES MARKETING OPTIMIZATION SCALABLE AND AUTOMATED COMBINES THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS What is PPC? BID MANAGEMENT - Bid management automation platforms work similar to the buy/sell of the stock market Advertiser driven auction to show up and pay for clicks from targeted prospects in the "I want it now" moment They can automate lowering and raising bids across large keyword portfolios based on historical performance According to research by SEMRUSH 56% OF PPC ADS SHOWN ON GOOGLE in the U.S. are managed by one of the top bid management platforms 31% OF US ADVERTISERS Clearly, many advertisers see THE VALUE OF LEVERAGING MACHINE TO OPTIMIZE THEIR ADVERTISING MACHINE MAN CAN HANDLE THE ROBUST APIS, BILLIONS OF MONTHLY IMPŘESSIONS, AND DOZENS OF DATA POINTS Progress is slow - the newest “beta features" take 6-9 months to get into the API Machines to get the "grunt work done" IS NEEDED TO GENERATE QUALITATIVE INSIGHTS, AND CREATE GAME CHANGING STRATEGIES YET THERE IS A SEVER SHORTAGE OF EXPERIENCED TALENT Good PPC experts (entry/mid-career) are in short supply and high demand (over $74,000/year) Sign up for our webinar with industry experts on how to balance human talent and machine automation to increase Combine man and machine to WIN THE DAY your PPC profits Visit GLOBAL SEM GLOBALSEMPARTNERS.COM PARTNERS semrusH COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE sources %29_Manager/Salary DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING SEM Rush Data, December 2016

Marketing Is Part Machine And Part Human

shared by NowSourcing on Mar 31
Machines aren't taking your marketing job away, they are only making it easier. Learn more from this infographic!


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