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iBeacon Proximity Services Infographic

The Visual Guide to іBeacon APPLE'S INDOOR PROXIMITY SYSTEM What are What is Beacons? iBeacon? iBeacon iBeacon is Apple's implementation of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology to create a different way of providing location-based informa- tion and services to iPhones and other iOS devices. Beacons are transmitters that broadcast signals at set intervals so that smart devices in its proximity are able to detect. The BLE specification is used to create BLE chipsets which are then installed into beacons. When these signals are picked up by smart devices, the SDK is triggered to awaken the device and prompt the execution of device or iBeacon arrived in ¡OS7, which means it works with iPhone 4s or later, iPad (third generation and onwards) iPad mini and iPod touch (fifth generation or later). It's worth noting the same BLE technology is also compatible with Android 4.3. and above. server side action. What is Bluetooth Low Energy Communication? 0001100 i1e [כנם 0011010 0001100 ,10110נ 0111010 BLE communication comprises of advertisements of small packets of data which are broadcast at regular intervals through radio waves. BLE broadcasting is a one-way communication method; it simply advertises its packets of data. These packets of data can then be picked up by smart devices nearby. Types of HARDWARE POS, Computers, smartphones, tablets, USB dongles, small coin-cell powered gadgets. Comparing GPS BLE GPS NFC BLE NFC Global Positioning System Near Field Communication Bluetooth Low Energy Macro Location Aware Close Range Interaction Customers must line up Constant Engagement GPS captures the Customers are greeted when macro-location but is and tap their device to an NFC imprecise and does not allow for pinpointing specific locations. they enter a store, can be terminal for a transaction guided through a store, and receive additional product to take place. information and offers. How It WORKS Emporium Rewards Welcome to the Emporium Mall! SMC HK 3G 5:31 Close Emporium Rewards Enjoy this exclusive offer with Guss, just for you! esday, 7 May Rewards 5the Emporium Malli exclusive offer with ENTICE far range or you! Close to tniock INFORM near range ОPEN SALE 20% NEW TRANSACT immediate range RETARGET *.. SMC HK 632 pm . SMC HK 532 pm Thanks for visiting us Purchase Confirmation The Samsung Smart TV finds the movies and TV shows you like - and more. Enjoy an exclusive offer on Tara Bags on your next visit Welcome Enjoy today's exclusive offer Please confirm your purchase. Naiate wthin the 5 Smart Huboortent ponels. Easty dikoover movies, thow nd socal posts with less seaching and more waching Disooarmore of the TV you ka $59 or less at Gussi Tundag July 1. 500PM 10% 20% Off Of SMART TV SMART TV Ony ot Ta, Bhop 200n. Foor2 Don't miss it! Saung MART TV Exclusioly a Guas Srop sbook To enjoy this offer Passbook Shop Now! Trann Add this coupontoPbook and recsive a 10% dacount! To enjoy this offer Passbook when you when you are when you are IN THE STORE LEAVE THE STORE when you are NEAR THE CHECKOUT NEAR THE STORE When customers leave the store, retarget users with content that increase repeat visits and loyalty. When a customer is less than 2 meters away from the beacon. Use this range for specific events or actions, such as confirming a transaction. When a customer has entered the When a customer is 10-30 meters away from the store. Deliver content store and is roughly 5-10 meters away from a beacon. Deliver a link to product information or have a sales associate approach a customer when they are viewing store items. Businesses can choose what time to that entices customers to a certain deliver this content and what type of location. For example, deliver a lock- content to deliver. screen message to customers. OFFLINE - ONLINE - OFFLINE You control the offline-online-offline experience for customers. Offline physical location Digital Online attraction Resulting action Offline iBeacon IMPLEMENTATION SCENARIOS SERVICE INDUSTRIES TRANSPORTATION RETAIL Restaurants, Cafes Airports, Train stations Malls, Outlets НOTEL EDUCATION HOSPITALITY HOME AUTOMATION Museums, Exhibits Hotels Lights, Locks GAMES THEME PARK ENTERTAINMENT Scavenger Hunt Navigation Sports Venues, Events PassKit

iBeacon Proximity Services Infographic

shared by PassKit on Jul 30
Learn all about iBeacon technology and how it works with this comprehensive, illustrative guide. See how it can be used in the real world and how businesses can use proximity services to create engag...




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