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Droid vs iOS: The Battle of the Ops

DROID OS Smartphone Operating System Market Share" in a2 2011 ANDROID 39% OTHER 4% WINDOWS MOBILE BATTLE OF THE OPS IPHONE 28% BLACKBERRY 20% * Source: Nielsen, 2011 The following is one of 2,000 "Teach Hunch About You" questions Hunch users can answer at their leisure as they use WHAT TYPE OF OPERATING SYSTEM DOES YOUR CELLPHONE USE? Among 15,818 Hunch users who answered WINDOWS E: OTHER OS this question, responses are as follows: 32% 21% 8% 23% 16% C APPLE 1OS ANDROID NOT SURE / DON'T HAVE A CELLPHONE Hunch crossed those responses with answers from dozens of other "Teach Hunch About You" questions, totaling 80 million+ responses. ANDROID IPHONE/ 1OS DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ANDROID AND IPHONE/iOS USERS: 10% more likely to be men 18% more likely to be women 17% more likely to live in the suburbs 86% more likely to live in the country 27% more likely to live in a city 29% more likely to be 35+ Skew 18-34 37% more likely to have a graduate degree CORE DEMOGRAPHICS HS 80% more likely to have only a high school diploma 17% more likely to be politically liberal 20% more likely to be conservative 67% more likely to have an annual household income of $200k or more 24% more likely to have an 60% more likely to be American Express cardholders annual household income betwe $50 d$100k AMEX Slightly more likely to be pessimists Slightly more likely to be optimists 12% more likely to be introverts 14% more likely to be extroverts 26% more likely to prefer spending their money 29% more likely saving their money prefer 39% more likely to say they're high-maintenance PERSONALITY 186 more likely have equally strong mathematical and verbal aptitude 11% more likely to have a stronger verbal aptitude 71% more likely to say they tend to follow 27% more likely to say they tend lead 71% more likely have never traveled 50% more likely to have visited more than five countries outside their native country 36 more likely to not remember 13% more likely to play a musical instrument their last vacation 15% more likely to have vacationed LIFE EXPERIENCES 12% more likely have pets in the last six months 11% more likely to shop at bulk/club stores 55% more likely to have taken several free flights this year using frequent flyer miles 31% more to be later adopters 50% more likely to be adop 57% more likely to prefer an 122% more likely to prefer a sleek device that does just a few things ugly device that's full-featured 35% more likely to have just one 22% more likely to have three or more email address email addresses 2000 50% more likely to have first used the Internet 47% more likely to have first used the Internet after 2000 before 1992 TECHNOLOGY 67% more likely to back up their computer constantly 33% more likely to never back up their computer More than 100% more likely to be PC users More than 100% more likely to be Mac users 50% more likely to use Yahoo! Mail 38% more likely to own an email domain associated with work, school, or their website Slightly more likely to briefly listen to the pitch when reached by a telemarketer Slightly more likely to immediately hang up on telemarketers 35% more likely to pass the time waiting in a long line by texting 50% more likely to text while driving 54% more likely to pass the time waiting SPEAKING OF THE PHONE 24% more likely (rather than beeps or tones) for a ringtone have a song in a long line by checking email 17% more likely to have digital tones or beeps (rather than songs) for a ringtone 33% more likely to answer an unknown phone call with "Hi, this is. TV SHOWS Louie | How I Met Your Mother | Planet Earth | Portlandia | The Killing The Walking Dead CABLE TV NETWORKS Comedy Central ESPN Discovery Channel Bravo | BBC | Hво Нво MOVIES X-Men: First Class | The Tree of Life | Midnight in Paris | Beginners | Another Earth Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 MEDIA BOOKS The Lord of the Rings | 1984 | A Visit from the Goon Squad Switch | Freedom The Gunslinger MUSIC Radiohead | Janelle Monàe | Girl Talk The Antlers | Belle and Sebastianl Best Coast BREAKFAST CEREAL Rice Crispies | Kashi GOLEAN Crunch!| Crispix Corn Pops | Honey Nut Cheerios| Cinnamon Toast Crunch SNACKS Mini-pizzas | Popcorn | Chocolate Mixed Nuts | Ginger Snaps | Yogurt MAIN COURSE Sirloin Steak | General Tso's Chicken | Cheesesteak Sushi | Pad Thai | Tapas FOOD & DRINK FRUIT Orange Pineapple Grape Strawberry | Clementine | Raspberry ICE CREAM Salted Caramel | Mint Chip| Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough | Vanilla | Cookies and Cream Lemon Sorbet ALCOHOL Shiraz | Moscato | Beck's Malbec | Chianti | Magic Hat FASHION DESIGNER Brooks Brothers | Salvatore Ferragamo| Tom Ford | Marc Jacobs | Proenza Schouler Ralph Lauren ART MOVEMENT Gothic | Street Art | Surrealism Minimalism | Abstract Expressionism | Bauhaus TREE FASHION, TASTE, & AESTHETICS Bamboo | Oak | Maple Walnut | Cherry | Fir LIVE THEATRE Shakespeare | Cirque du Soleil | Contemporary Play Broadway Musical | Classical Play | Dance People with other operating systems - (BlackBerry and Palm) tend to be: People with Windows-based operating systems tend to be: Women Equally likely to be men or women Suburbanites City-dwellers WHAT ABOUT OTHER OPS? Politically middle of the road Politically liberal Extroverted Introverted Not particularly well-traveled Well-traveled Stats are based on more than 80 million aggregated and anonymized responses to "Teach Hunch About You" questions answered hunch between March 2009 and July 2011 by about 700,000 users of The base cellphone operating system question was asked between March 2011 and July 2011.Yes, Poindexter, we know that correlation does not necessarily imply causation. Legalese: There are lots of brands listed above that belong to their respective owners, not to Hunch. Find more cool data stuff at C 2011 Hunch Inc.

Droid vs iOS: The Battle of the Ops

shared by Ariela on Aug 17
What are the differences between Android and iOS / iPhone users? This graphic evaluates the data.




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