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How Secure Is Your Personal Data in Light of PRISM?

IS YOUR DATA SECURE? Take an Inside Look at Top Data Center Security Google DATA CENTERS E Google has multiple data centers larger than 300,000 SQUARE FEET GOOGLE HAS DATA CENTERS AROUND THE WORLD RUNNING 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK IN: Jowa Oregon Georgia Oklahoma North Carolina South Carolina Chile Taiwan Finland Hong Kong Singapore Belgium & Ireland A Google data center is calculated to require about 103 megawatts of electricty enough to power GOOGLE'S DATA CENTERS ALLOW THE COMPANY TO INDEX 20 BILLION WEB PAGES A DAY. 82,000 HOMES GOOGLE DATA CENTER SECURITY Access to data centers is tightly controlled. It's in Google's policy not to allow public tours or site visits. Even Google employee access is restricted. Google data centers are watched by a comprehensive set of video monitoring cameras All vehicle access to the data centers are controlled by a restricted barrier checkpoint Security personnel are on duty 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Physical Barriers & Perimeter Fencing Security fencing the perimetel authorized ensure that al access occurs through the checkpoint TOP SECRET Once granted access to the facility, authorized personnel must check in at an access control desk ACCESS CONTROL WITH BADGING & BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION Access throughout the facility is controlled by badges that use a special lenticular printing méchanism that make it especially difticult to replicate Access logs are who entered an arenaticaly scanned to make sure that anyone Some of Google data centers utilize biometric devices, such as iris cameras to verify identity by scanning employees' eyeballs Some of Google centers are equipped with sophisticated thermal imaging cameras that can identify potential intruders of the perimeter or within the grounds of the facility using heat signatures. VIDEO MONITORING AND VIDEO ANALYSIS Google data centers are constantly monitored by personnel using sophisticated video equipment There is a monitoring station that allows a security team to view video teeds from many areas in the data center Google also utilizes video analytics that are designed to automatically detéct anomalies in the video and alert security staft to investigate further Mobility and rapid response in the data centers are enabled by the use of carts, jeeps and scooters DATA PROTECTION & HARD DRIVE LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT When a hard drive fails or begins to exhibit performance problems, it's brought to a special area where it's reformatted and retested One of the most important machines that Google builds are the hard drives, especially for Google Apps customers, as this is where their business data is stored Google's customer data is stored in multiple locations, to help ensure reliability If the hard drive does not pass these tests, it is removed from the rotation The files that store the data are not humanly readable. They are given CJX059ZZK random file names and are not stored in clear text For each hard drive that is received in one of the The data on the hard drive is then data centers, Google rigorously tracks its location overwritten to help ensure that there is no trace of customer data and status remaining on the hard drive THE DRIVES ARE DESTROYED IN A MULTI-STEP PROCESS т Google has a destruction process for hard drives that have reached the end of their life Another step in the process is the "drive shredder." This completely shreds the After this process, the remains are sent to recycling centers One device that is used to destroy old hard drives is known as "the crusher." A steel piston is pushed through the center of the hard drive and the platters are deformed, making them unreadable drives so that no one is able to read them Google maintains an extra backup of the data that is stored on special tapes. This provides a level of redundancy that helps protect its customers' data FIRE DETECTION & SUPPRESSION Google data centers are protected by vigorous fire detection and suppression capabilities In an event of a fire or any other destruction, data access for Google's customers is designed to automatically and seamlessly shift to another data center so that they can keep working and their businesses can continue uninterrupted RELIABILITY OF OPERATIONS Google data centers are equipped with emergency backup generators that are capable of powering the data center operation in the event of a power failure Google data centers are connected to the internet via high-speed fiber optic cable In each data center, there are multiple redundant connections to protect against the possibility of a failure from a single connection facebook. FACEBOOK HAS 2 DATA CENTERS IN PRINEVILLE, OREGON, EACH 330,000 SQUARE FEET IN SIZE DATA CENTERS ........................ ....................... The office space itself is fronted by a stone wall 4 feet high and thick, contained in a heavy wire mesh Two-story concrete slabs backed by heavy steel supports line the path to the front door More than 1,560 tons of steel, 14,254 cubic yards of concrete, and 950 miles of wire and cable went into each building The data centers have a remarkably open look from the outside NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY (NSA) THE COUNTRY'S BIGGEST SPY CENTER NSA'S $2 BILLION CENTER IN BLUFFDALE, UTAH WILL BE UP AND RUNNING IN SEPTEMBER 2013 Electricity will come from the center's own substation built by Rocky Mountain Power to satisfy the 65-megawatt power demand Private emails, cell phone calls, Google searches, parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, etc. are all stored in NSA's databases Energy costs will amount to approximately $40 MILLION A YEAR The entire site will be self-sustaining, with fuel tanks large enough to power the backup generators for 3 days in an emergency, water storage with the capability of pumping 1.7 million gallons of liquid per day, as well as about 60,000 tons of cooling equipment to keep servers from overheating EXTENSIVE SECURITY SYSTEM $10 million antiterrorism protection program including a fence designed to stop a 15,000-pound vehicle traveling 50 mph, closed-circuit cameras, a biometric identification system, a vehicle inspection facility, and a visitor-control center CRAZY FACTS In 2011 more than 2 billion of the world's 6.9 billion people were connected to the Internet. Four 25,000 square-foot halls filled with servers, complete with raised floor space for cables and storage By 2015, market research firm IDC estimates there will be 2.7 billion users. Thus, the NSA's More than 900,000 sq ft for technical support and administration need for a 1-million-square-foot data storehouse. Should the agency ever fill the Utah center with a yottabyte of information, it would be equal to about 500 quintillion (500,000,000,000,000,000,000) pages of text. PIONEN DATA CENTER SECURITY ONE OF THE WORLD'S COOLEST DATA CENTERS LOCATED IN THE WHITE MOUNTAINS IN STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN The data center is housed UNDERNEATH THE MOUNTAIN, in what was originally a military bunker and nuclear shelter during the Cold War era THE DATA CENTER CAN WITHSTAND A HIT FROM A HYDROGEN BOMB Entrance doors are almost 16 inches thick The facility has 11,950 sq fi of space and is located below 30 meters (almost 100f) of solid granite The network has tull redundancy with both fiber optics and extra copper lines with 3 different physical ways into the mountain. The data center has simulated daylight. greenhouses, waterfalls, and a huge 2600-liter salt water fish tank Pionen is one of the best-connected places in northern Europe Cooling is handled by Baltimore Aircoil fans producing a cooling effect of 1.5 megawatt Backup power is handled by 2 Mayback MTU diesel engines producing 1.5 Megawatt of power. The engines were originally designed for submarines BROUGHT TO YOU BY: CHostwinds Sources: CAVE WALLS !!! CAVE WALLS

How Secure Is Your Personal Data in Light of PRISM?

shared by StaceySD on Jun 13
In the limelight of the NSA PRISM program, it is vital to know if your personal data is truly secure. The following infographic unveils the security behind NSA’s secret data center, along with Googl...




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