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The History of Mobile Phones

THE HISTORY OF MOBILE PHONES THE FIRST EVER MOBILE PHONE WAS RELEASED OVER 40 YEARS AGO. THE SIMPLE ACT OF BEING ABLE TO MAKE A WIRELESS CALL WAS A HUGE TECHNOLOGICAL STEP FORWARD. TODAY, WITH THE ADVENT OF REVOLUTIONARY DEVICES SUCH AS THE IPHONE AND SUPERFAST 4G NETWORKS, DEVICES ARE POCKET COMPUTERS RUNNING ON FULLY-FLEDGED MOBILE PLATFORMS SUCH AS ANDROID, IOS AND WINDOWS, THAT HAVE BECOME A VITAL PART OF OUR DAILY EXISTENCE. BELOW WE EXPLORE JUST HOW WE GOT TO WHERE WE ARE TODAY. 1G - FIRST GENERATION 2.4KBPS DESIGNED FOR VOICE BASED PROTOCOLS ANALOGUE MOTOROLA DYNATAC - 1973 790g WEIGHT The first device used to conduct a phone call outside a vehicle. Made available to $3995 PRICE the public in 1983, it featured an LED 0.3 hrs BATTERY display and storage for 30 phone numbers. WEIGHT 349g MOTOROLA MICROTAC - 1989 Motorola continued their domination of the PRICE $2495 mobile market with the introduction of the MicroTAC, the world's first flip phone. 1.25 hrs BATTERY TAC stands for Total Area Coverage.. 2G - SECOND GENERATION 64KBPS REDUCED SIGNAL COMPLEXITY & IMPROVED CALL QUALITY DIGITAL IBM SIMON - 1993 510g WEIGHT An indication of the future of mobile devices. The Simon could send and receive $1099 PRICE faxes and e-mails and was equipped with BATTERY features such as an address book. hr WEIGHT 88g MOTOROLA STARTAC - 1996 The first clamshell phone, upon release PRICE $1000 the StartTAC was the smallest and lightest phone of its kind. The handset BATTERY hrs weighed in at a meagre 88g. 1998-2000 THIS PERIOD SAW A NUMBER OF FIRSTS INCLUDING THE INTRODUCTION OF WAP, THE FIRST PHONE EQUIPPED WITH GPS AND THE FIRST CAMERA PHONE. THE NOKIA 3210, RELEASED IN 2000, BECAME ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR PHONES OF ALL-TIME. NOKIA 3210 - 1999 The Nokia 3210 was a cultural icon. Introducing texting to the younger market, its size and affordability on PAYG contracts (£149.99) coupled with the offer of picture messages and games such as Snake saw it sell over 160m units worldwide. 3G - THIRD GENERATION 2000KBPS FIRST MOBILE BROADBAND SOLUTION DIGITAL 133g 142g 99g 1221 $500 $199 $299 00000 3.3 hrs 4 hrs hr BLACKBERRY 5810 - 2002 T-MOBILE SIDEKICK - 2002 MOTOROLA RAZR V3 - 2004 The first BlackBerry device to The Sidekick pioneered an The Motorola RAZR broke the carry GSM and GPRS, as well as innovative flip design and mould for mobile device offering phone service. QWERTY keyboard. It was also aesthetics. Slim with a sleek known as the Danger Hiptop. finish, it set a design precedent. APPLE IPHONE - 2007 The first gen. of Apple's revolutionary smartphone was released in 2007 and sold over 6m units. Described as a breakthrough device, 6/10 American had heard of the phone prior to its launch. A 3G version was introduced in 2008. HTC DREAM - 2008 The first Android smartphone, the HTC Dream marked the introduction of the first real competitor to Apple's market domination. Android now has over 1 billion users worldwide. 4G - FOURTH GENERATIONLONG TERM EVOLUTION 100,000KBPS DESIGNED PRIMARILY FOR DATA DIGITAL 10:08 9:41 LG FLEX HTC M8 IPHONE 5S SONY XPERIA Z 4G is the fourth generation of wireless communication technology. Designed to significantly increase mobile broadband speeds, it facilitates the high-speed transfer of data for multimedia, games, effective telecommuting via application suites such as Office 365 and many more potential uses. The HTC EVO, released in 2010, was the first publicly available 4G ready device, and since then, all other major manufacturers have followed suit with their own offerings. 2014 will see a host of new 4G enabled handsets designed specifically for this technology. Including the innovative HTC M8 and the LG flex, the world's first flexible, curved smartphone. active Од THE HISTORY OF MOBILE PHONES BY ACTIVE BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS, 2014 Winner O, Business Partner of the year 2013 Vector icons used under Creative Commons Attribution license. Icon Source - Camera Phone - - DESIGNER: Roy Milton Icon Source - NFC Phone - - DESIGNER Andrew Forrester («

The History of Mobile Phones

shared by dgerrard on Apr 07
An exploration of the history of the mobile from its humble beginnings as a heavy brick-like device to the sleek handheld computers we have today.


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