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Get6: Connect to the Whole Internet with IPv6

SE CONNECT FRE THE WHOLE INTERNET IPV6 #GET6 3 BILLION INTERNET USERS IN THE WORLD TODAY THEN WORLDWIDE GROWTH NOW 1995 OF THE INTERNET 2014 CONNECTED PEOPLE 8& 88 WORLD IN THE 88 88 0.4% VIA DEVICES 41% of the world WITH IP ADDRESSES SUCH AS.. of the world DESKTOPS PRINTERS CONSOLES SMART DEVICES МОBILE THE RISE OF MOBILE OVER 1/2 of all email is 2 HRS 21 MINUTES 4 OUT OF 5 use their opened on a mobile device a day spent on mobile web smartphones to shop in-store MOBILE INTERNET USE SURPASSES DESKTOP IN 2013 5 BILLION IPV6 CAPABLE MOBILE DEVICES & CONNECTIONS BY 2018 IPV4 & IPV6 BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE FUTURE TO AS MORE SITES ARE IPV6 ENABLED EXTEND TARGET EASIL ICHER UN SHARE REACH CONTENT Share across the Reach new user Enhanced user Produce better entire Internet experience with end-to-end targeted content with more communities without IPV4 connecting via IPV6 only restrictions connectivity accurate analytics HELP LAY THE FOUNDATION </> ALL WEBSITES SHOULD BE IPV6 ENABLED Switching to IPV6 may take time so it is important to start now. Work IP v6 into your infrastructure investment plan and build it into your system's end of life plan. DO YOU MANAGE YOUR OWN WEBSITE? YES X NO TALK TO YOUR IT TEAM ASK YOUR HOSTING PROVIDER Discuss IPV6 with your IT Team and position it as a core organizational mandate Your Content Network Provider can make your content available over IPV6 IPV6 STEP-BY-STEP CHECK YOUR EQUIPMENT & SOFTWARE Verify that all equipment in the network and the software will support IPV6. Make sure equipment purchases support IPV6 to ensure compatibility over IPV4 and IPV6 GET EDUCATED Understand how IP v6 Works FIND OUT IF YOUR PROVIDERS SUPPORT IPV6 Find out if your hosting provider supports native IPV6 and if your DNS provider understands and supports IPV6 connectivity MAKE AN ADDRESSING PLAN Do you have IPV6 addresses? Do you have an IPV6 connection? If not, contact your Internet Service Provider asking them to provide you with IPV6 Internet access EXPERIMENT Build a lab environment to test IPV6 MONITOR Monitor the reachability & performance of your service as you would IPV4 ADVERTISE IN DNS Update DNS with "AAAA" records pointing to your IPV6 address(es) VISIT TEAMARIN.NET/GET6 TO LEARN MORE ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers SOURCES: Internet World Stats Pew Research Internet Project eMarketer | Portio Research | Cisco Visual Networking Index

Get6: Connect to the Whole Internet with IPv6

shared by TeamARIN on Jun 10
As the volume of devices and web sites now in use throughout the world continues to grow, the current addressing scheme known as IPv4 has run out of room. What is IPv6? Internet Protocol version 6 (I...




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