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Is Your Website Ready for IPv6?

WHAT HAPPENS only YOUR WEBSITE CAN'T BE FOUND These potential and existing customers will turn to your competitors who are IR6 enabled. As IPV4 resources dry up, more new users are connecting to the Internet via IP6. If you don't make your website available over IRG, new Internet users may not be able to reach you. YOUR PROFIT 11111 Rich content like videos, images and audio may load at slower speeds or not at all. YOUR WEBSITE IS TOO SLOW When IR6-only users want to reach IPV4-only content, they are taken through various network tunnels that Customers don't want to wait for underperforming websites so they may abandon your website altogether for a competitor who offers a fast, direct IRG connection. YOUR WEBSITE can lead to slower processing times. LOADING...PLEASE WAIT YOUR WEBSITE PRODUCES INACCURATE ANALYTICS Analytics derived from IPV4-only websites will be unreliable and lead to incorrect Transition technologies that convert IR6 traffic to IPV4 could cause website traffic appear to be coming from the locations of the tunnels, rather than the actual location of the customer. measurements and reporting. Marketing and communications plans developed to target the wrong audiences can lead to poor campaign performances and loss of revenue. IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE... DEPLOY The Next Generation Internet Protocol Make your website available for all Internet TODAY users Improve the accuracy of your website analytics Speed up your content delivery ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers ARIN supports the operation of the Internet through the management of Internet number resources (including IPV4, IPV6, and ASNS) as the Regional Internet Registry for Canada, many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands, and the US.

Is Your Website Ready for IPv6?

shared by TeamARIN on Dec 15
What Happens If You Are IPv4 Only? There’s a lot of talk about the “impending doom” of being IPv4 only (i.e. running your public facing services such as your website and email only over IPv4)...




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