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Drones: Should we be Excited or Scared?

BRING ON THE DRONES THEY'RE INVADING OUR SKIES. THEY'RE THE FUTURE OF MULTIPLE INDUSTRIES. MILITARY A MIXED BAG CONSERVATION PROTECTING WILDLIFE THE PRIVATE SECTOR DRONE DELIVERY SHOULD WE BE EXCITED OR SCARED? MILITARY PROS CONS [ ]- LIMITED ABILITIES [ ]- SAVES MILITARY LIVES Greatly reduces putting military personnel in harm's way. Cannot communicate with civilians for more detailed intelligence. [ ]- LOW COST Significantly cheaper to purchase, fuel, and maintain than regular airplanes. Drones cannot capture surrendering military personnel, abandoned hardware, or military bases. [ ]- ACCURACY Drones have pinpoint accuracy from greater distances, [ ]- CIVILIAN LOSSES Drone warfare often causes collateral damages in civilian lives and property. [ ]- IS IT REAL LIFE? The ease with which an operator can become disconnected may diminish ethical decisions. CONSERVATION PROS Protecting wildlife Track endangered wildlife Flown over rough terrain in Malaysia where GPS-collared elephants are difficult to monitor from the ground. Used to count orangutan nests to survey orangutan populations Spotting poachers Using a Google grant, WWF launched a three-year project using drones to: Track animal movements Track poachers To generate a strategic deployment of rangers To form a shield between animais and poachers. CC BY 2.0 @ Jonas B Chart forest loss Real-time images showing where forests are being cleared and set ablaze. CONS 946 RHINOS WERE POACHED IN SOUTH AFRICA IN 2013 Disruption of legal hunting and fishing activities In April 2013, PETA announced plans to monitor farmers and hunters using aerial drones photos via RANGELS THE PRIVATE SECTOR amazon Prime Air PROS CONS The basic technology is already here Drones are becoming much cheaper Anyone who can afford one can now watch your every move. DRONE DELIVERY May be better for the environment A single, battery-powered drone traveling to bring Privacy your order versus a large emissions-spewing delivery The drone will use GPS to find your house and will truck is a vast improvement. Deliver packages into customers' hands in likely use a camera in order to safely land. Protecting this information will have The drone also wins out when comparing it to you to be paramount. 30 minutes or less driving your car to the store for the same items. Illegal surveillance Reduces overconsumption Overconsumption is more likely in store Senator Rand Paul thinks amazomeAir that government drone surveillance is a big issue. than when shopping online. Logistics "The domestic use of drones to spy on Americans clearly violates the Fourth Amendment and limits our rights to personal privacy. I do not want a drone hovering Drones would revolutionize over my house, taking photos of whether I separate my delivery services recyclables from my garbage." DELIVERING TO DIFFERENT TYPES OF ADDRESSES APARTMENT BUILDINGS COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES HOMES IN DIFFERENT TYPES OF CONDITIONS RURAL AREAS DEVELOPING COUNTRIES DENSE AREAS Flooded / impassable roads This could help provide support to hard to access areas. Places without roads High traffic congestion This could cut down on the amount of traffic on the roads. This could minimize need to build new roads. The FAA is developing regulations for the testing and licensing of commercial drones by 2015. AVIATION This could do for physical transportation what the Internet did for the flow AOMINIST of information. RATION Other big players in the field ups FedEx. are both researching delivery drones Express But other optlions Include: Could be useful Help move packages around their own warehouses for delivery Bring packages quickly and cheaply from a major airport or city to pick-up centers PRESENTED BY: Camcode offers logistics management solutions to help you stay ahead of the game. CACODE Sources environment.govza/mediaroloase/update_on_rhino_poaching DEVELOPED BY NOWSOURCING FEDERA ADN

Drones: Should we be Excited or Scared?

shared by NowSourcing on Feb 26
People are fascinated by these little unmanned flying wonders, but should we be scared out of our minds or embrace the technology? Time will tell.




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