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Do you know your Storage Options

DO YOU KNOW YOUR Storage architecture options with and without flash exist in a dizzying array of options. Make sure you're educated on the pros and cons of your architectural options before making a choice on what is best for your application environment. STORAGE OPTIONS? The infographic below was created to enumerate a selection of the key choices available on the market today. TRADITIONAL MONOLITHIC ARRAYS PROS CONS O Low cost hard disk drives Single/dual controller solution * Low performance * Network bottleneck O Proven traditional storage solutions * High cost per IOPS Not designed for flash ! Will you have to fork lift upgrade or can you add storage as your needs grow? PROS CONS HOST-SIDE FLASH O Delivers IOPS boost Flash is local to server Low Latency to local apps Uses host resources No built-in resiliency High cost per capacity Not good for random data access Will the architecture scale application performance as new capacity is added without bottlenecks? ALL-FLASH ARRAY PROS CONS O High IOPS/dollar O 100,000s of IOPS High cost per capacity Custom hardware * Doesn't scale-out for continued growth * Hard for most apps to make use of all the performance all the time FLASH SSD FLASH SSD FLASH SSD FLASH SSD FLASH SSD Do you need to deliver different service levels to varying applications? PROS CONS HYBRID FLASH ARRAY Great Price/Performance Limited scale ($/IOPS & $/GB) * Controller & network Flash is always available bottleneck to all hosts * Flash force-fit into traditional array form factor with SATA/SAS O Tiering of data between flash and disk tiers SSD Do you need to support both virtualized and non-virtualized applications? If so, do you want to manage multiple storage products or use one to support both? SOFTWARE-DEFINED SCALE-OUT PROS CONS OBJECT STORAGE Scale-out enables storage capacity to be grown easily from TBs to PBs * Older object storage solutions designed for capacity, not performance, so check that the architecture was designed for flash O No fork lift upgrades required to increase capacity * Some object storage O Hardware flexibility, leveraging implementations are not backwards compatible with existing apps, so verify support for physical and virtual apps desired ratios of flash and disk O Intelligent object/workload based tiering with direct application integration available * Traditional scale-out systems • Entire system from TBs to PBs is addressed as a single incur latency as the number of nodes increases, so check for how such bottlenecks are namespace overcome in the architecture To help you choose a storage architecture for your application environment, here are a few questions to keep in mind: I Is your data usage static or dynamic? If the latter, will the storage architecture support simple capacity scaling? Will the storage architecture be able to automate application performance management? I Aside from capacity growth, do you anticipate performance needs growing due to new projects, seasonal spikes, etc? Will the architecture scale application performance as new capacity is added without bottlenecks? Will you have to manually load balance the system as you scale? Keep in mind that storage architectures built in the pre-virtualization era were not designed for the random IO profiles associated with virtualized workloads and that bolting on flash as a cache is not an effective way to deliver more performance. The key questions above should help you have a good discussion with your storage vendor/partner about what product makes sense for your environment. It may be the right time to evaluate newer generation storage architectures that can handle both the IO profiles of virtualized and non-virtualized workloads. O O O O O

Do you know your Storage Options

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This infographic reviews all of the major storage architectures that are available to customers from a pros and cons perspective. Then proceeds to provide them with a list of questions they should ask...


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