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The Consequences of Digital Ad Bombardment

THE CONSEQUENCES OF DIGITAL AD BOMBARDMENT 1. CONSUMERS ARE SATURATED BY THE SHEER VOLUME OF DIGITAL MARKETING MESSAGES 6.000.000 TOTAL IMPRESSIONS (IN MILLIONS) 5 trillion -5.000.000 In 1996 oach person received 30 advertising messages impressions today This year they will receive at least 735 4.000.000 172 billion 66% -3.000.000 of adults in the US and the UK say they receive too many promotions and are exposed to too many adverts impressions in 1996 -2.000.000 -1000.000 1996 1997 1998 1999 2001 2002 2003 2004 200s 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 • impressions 2. WHAT DOES THIS CONSTANT BOMBARDMENT DO TO RESPONSE RATES? 0.% click-through rate in 1996 today 3. BUT WAIT! THERE'S EVEN MORE DAMAGE... USA UK 66% 66% 28% 37% 20% 27% of consumers would unsubscribe from a brand's promotions if they thought the messages they were receiving were too frequent of consumers would respond negatively to future messages from that brand of consumers would stop using their product or service of consumers would protest on social media sites 4. SO WHICH ONE DEVICE WOULD THEY LIKE TO RECEIVE ADS AND PROMOTIONS ON? 200% 39% 24% 4% 2% 5. AND WHICH DEVICE WOULD BE THE MOST UNACCEPTABLE? of consumers say they are turned off by unwanted 0 advertising on their mobile or smartphone 6. SO CONSUMERS HAVE DIFFERENT TOLERANCE LEVELS ON DIFFERENT DEVICES. WHAT ABOUT DIFFERENT DIGITAL CHANNELS? of consumers respond positively to Augmented Reality 2% 15% 34% respond positively to QR codes of consumers prefer a SHORT TEXT-ONLY MESSAGE, like a Tweet, a Facebook message, a Google Adwords message, an SMS etc of consumers prefer a detailed EMAIL 7. AND WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR THE MESSAGE TO CUT THROUGH? consumers more likely consumers more likely to respond to promotions that are specific to thein location consumers more consumers more consumers more to respond to messages tailored to personal interests likely to respond to promotions that are contextually relevant to what they were doing likely to respond to promotions that are specific to the time they are sent likely to respond to promotions with attention grabbing phrasing 26% 22 21 % 14% ANY GIVEN DAY, CONSUMERS ACCESS THEIR FAVOURITE COMMUNICATION CHANNELS THROUGH VARIOUS DEVICES. SO DEVICE-SPECIFIC MARKETING, (MOBILE MARKETING, WEB MARKETING ETC) IS BECOMING OBSOLETE 66% 64% 44% 40% 33% of consumers use more than one device to CHECK THEIR EMAIL of consumers use more than one device to BROWSE THE INTERNET of consumers use more than one device to ON SOCIAL I SITES like Facebook, Twitter, etc of consumers use more than one device to PLAY GAMES of consumers don't mind or know which platform they prefer to receive promotional messages over upstream We switch consumers on. YouGov Souroe: Youtiov Ple. | Total sample: 2,054 UK and 2,105 US adults aged 18. | Dates: Janunry 2012 | The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are represerntative of all UK sdults (aged 10) Note: due to identical or very alightly varying results between the US and UK samples, the single figures presented here are the average between the two resulta. LAPTOP LESS THAN INOHALHV WS SOTABLET

The Consequences of Digital Ad Bombardment

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This infographic reveals the 2012 Digital Advertising Attitudes Report from Upstream which commissioned YouGov to poll the online views of 2,054 UK adults aged 18+ in the UK and 2,105 in the USA on a ...




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